How much do purebred pet cats and dogs cost in Singapore?


Despite growing demand, not everyone can go home with a pet. Responsible businesses screen potential customers to ensure pets only go to the best homes.

“In screening, we require prospective owners to know what they want in their furry friend. They shouldn’t adopt a puppy just because they think a puppy is cute and cuddly. We’ll be asking owners questions about their lifestyle and their needs. In a way, owners need to know what they want, Wag A Tail said.

“We have, in our own prejudice, prevented many sales from occurring or continuing if we feel certain owners are not ready or suitable to be pet owners.”

“One of the first things we ask is if the client already has cats in the house, because we want to know if they are experienced in handling cats. We will then ask them if their house is impervious cats,” Genetique’s Choo said.

“We’ll also subtly ask them what they make us work for. Cats are a long-term commitment, and they need to be financially able to support themselves. It’s not like buying a Louis Vuitton bag, where if you don’t like it anymore, you just throw it aside or put it away,” he warned.

Owners should know that a pet is not a toy,” advised Wag A Tail. “They are a commitment for a minimum of 10 years or more. Puppies chew, bite, bark and can be destructive. They need to eat and will defile the house. As they get older, they will get sick, just like human beings. But they are part of the family.”