How long do dogs live? Small, medium and large breeds

Dogs live between eight and 15 years, depending on their breed, genetics, overall size, and living environment. Just like humans, there are a number of variables that influence each dog’s lifespan, so it’s important to consider these when determining your dog’s lifespan.

“A dog’s lifespan depends on factors such as size, breed and lifestyle, but although we can estimate based on previous studies, every animal is different and there is no way to know for sure how long he will live,” the PDSA vet said. Claire Roberts says country life.

When it comes to dog breeds with the longest lifespans, it’s usually the smallest breeds that survive the longest. Claire adds: “On average, small dogs live between 7 and 14 years, medium-sized dogs between eight and 13 years oldand large dogs between five and 13 years old. Some, however, can live well into their twenties.”

Stuart ConwayGetty Images

Along with giving them a nice home, a healthy lifestyle can extend the lifespan of our puppies. “Making sure your pet is healthy is key to living a long and happy life – this includes eating the right food, getting enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight and being up to date in their health. vaccinations and his checkups,” Claire explains.

Each animal is different, so these ages should only be taken as a guide. If your pet leads a healthy, active life that is uninterrupted by illness or trauma, it could live a very long time.

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