Horrible proposal for the ducks (letter) | Letters to the Editor

I beg the officials of the canton of Colerain not to authorize the construction of the proposed duck barn (“Duck Farm Costume in Court,” Oct. 20 LNP | LancasterOnline).

First of all, in my opinion, this is not a barn; it is an industrial farm. A barn would allow ducks to be outside, where they can breathe clean air, walk and have room to roam. I think that a factory farm of 40,000 ducks is pure torture for these animals. Think about those poor helpless animals. I’m afraid they peck each other a little bit of space. They can breathe fumes from their own bodily wastes, and they likely won’t have daylight, fresh air, or space to roam freely.

In my opinion, it’s like a puppy mill. Will Lancaster County become the factory farm capital of the United States, while apparently already the puppy mill capital of the United States?

A lot of people are against what they see as this business horror, for very good reasons. But, sadly, not many people mention the suffering and pain that I believe these ducks will experience absolutely every day of their lives. Ducks face pain, fear, hunger, injury, and disease just like all other creatures on Earth.

What about this treatment of innocent ducks? Please Colerain Township, don’t allow this

to arrive.

Ann L. Carter

Township of East Hempfield

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