Holiday bounty, Kansas City litter, Missouri puppy mills


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Sweet surprise

I thought this kind gesture was worth mentioning: I was at the Hy-Vee in Gladstone and the gentleman across from me paid for my groceries (last minute Christmas dinner shopping), which, I guess, were about $ 15 or $ 20.

I appreciated his generosity. It was so caring. There are still some nice people.

-Pauletta Gipson, Kansas City

Not the management

I am thankful that politicians opposed to proven methods to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its variants were not around when children of my generation were threatened by the devastating effects of polio. They should be ashamed of themselves.

– Donald Brown, Freedom

Such a mess

It is very sad when our out of town guests notice our trashy town. Every highway – departmental, state and federal – is full of garbage in the middle strip and at the side of the road. Who is responsible for cleaning it? Obviously, fines don’t work and posting signs that say families or groups will clean up doesn’t work. What?

There will always be some trashy people, so Kansas City needs to do something different. We traveled across the country, and Missouri was absolutely the trashiest state. If you don’t agree, take Interstate 70 or US 50 and try to count the garbage.

– Joanne Sutherland, Lonely jack

Here to find out more

Kudos to the Kansas City Star for Wednesday’s front page article “Mr. Fix It.” It was so refreshing to read the inspiring story of Robert Flores and how he was able to turn a personal tragedy into a positive event, a life changing for many.

Much of what we read deals with violence and shows human beings in their worst condition. Here we find an uplifting story about a man’s selflessness and the impact a single man can have in the community. There are good people who do good things. We don’t usually read about them.

Thank you for the inspiration. May we see many ripple effects. We can all use a handyman like Mr. Flores.

– Rosemary Pappert, Roeland Park

Reverse that

It’s odd that the Republican-controlled Missouri legislature is considering a bill that would force restaurants and concert halls to serve the unvaccinated. (Dec. 28, 1A, “Bills to Watch As Missouri Legislature Session Begins”) However, it has been a Republican cause for years to allow bakeries to refuse to bake wedding cakes for them. LGBTQ people.

– Wili McKinney, Lenexa

Trump is right

I saw on the news that Donald Trump had announced that he had received the recall. This smart and sensible move (which seems like a rarity to him) has been hailed with boos from his audience at a recent rally. That says a lot about the recognition by some of its supporters of sensitivity and intelligent behavior.

– R. Lorraine Destrier, Kansas City

For the well-being of dogs

Kansas City’s Wayside Waifs took in 73 puppies and dogs last month after a USDA licensed dog breeder in Iowa was forced to return more than 500 animals kept in horrific conditions. Many were sick and injured, received no veterinary care, and were forced to live in their own waste. Their only job was to produce puppies for pet stores.

Even more blatantly, the United States Department of Agriculture was aware of these conditions and has the authority and responsibility to ensure that commercially-bred dogs receive “humane care.” Rather than protecting these dogs, the agency’s policy is to ignore violations of the law, even when the dogs die. Locally, the Humane Society of the United States’ “Horrible Hundred” list notes that Missouri was the state with the most puppy mills for nine consecutive years.

Our lawmakers must do more for these vulnerable animals. A new federal bill, the Goldie’s Act, is named after a golden retriever who died in this puppy mill in Iowa because the agency responsible for protecting it failed to do so. The Goldie Law would help protect these animals by requiring more frequent and meaningful inspections, confiscation of suffering animals, monetary penalties for violations and the sharing of information with local law enforcement.

I urge Rep. Emanuel Cleaver to co-sponsor the Goldie Law, which would ensure USDA enforces the law and end the unspeakable cruelty that takes place in puppy mills.

-Robert Blanc, Lonely jack