Here are 11 puppies from the San Francisco SPCA

Pand adoptions hit record highs in the midst of isolationws of COVID-19. (People also frequented exotic pet stores to buy exotic reptiles [think small geckos and snakes and the odd tortoise] in large numbers.) While that initial flow has admittedly slowed down, leading to an unfortunate increase in the number of people abandoning their “pandemic puppies,” there are still plenty of adoptable animals around San Francisco and elsewhere.

Case in point: These eleven newborn puppies are almost ready to be adopted at the Mission District Adoption Center of the SF SPCA, the fourth oldest humanitarian society in the country.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram via @sfspca

“Go to the second breakfast, we serve you eleven!” The San Francisco SPCA captioned in an Instagram post ahead of the weekend. “A few weeks ago, we welcomed Bee Addison and her 11 puppies! Everyone is doing great and Addison has been an amazing dog mom. The whole family is almost ready for adoption so watch our future on our website!

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram via @sfspca

Now is a good time to remind you that SF’s no-kill shelter is waiving adoption fees for pets aged through September 30. The same will also apply to furry children of 30 pounds or more, regardless of their age. (Cats and dogs seven years of age and older are considered “senior” and would be free to adopt under the temporary incentive.)

And any dogs or cats adopted through the SF SPCA – from one of its two San Francisco shelters – are spayed, vaccinated, and socialized.

Hope you too find this stroller full of puppies a massive source of serotonin.

For more information on the SF SPCA, including Animals for Adoption, visit; appointments can be made in advance to meet the animals in the refuge; Behavioral lessons, veterinary care, and advocacy programs are all available through the SF SPCA.

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