Fresno Dog Show Celebrates 100 Years

FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) — The Fresno dog show is taking place this weekend and the Sun Maid Kennel Club says it’s a special year for them as they celebrate their 100th anniversary in Fresno.

Dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes came to the show on Saturday hoping to walk away with that first place finish.

Kiri an Irish Wolfhound is one of many dogs that competed at the 2022 Fresno Dog Show.

“I named her Kiri Aliazon, which means Lord, have mercy,” said Kiri’s manager, Trini Zavala.

“They were bred to hunt wolves, that’s why they were bred with long legs, they make phenomenal runners.”

Kim Brinker of the Sun Maid Kennel Club said this year’s dog show is unlike any other as the club celebrates its centenary.

“We’re celebrating 100 years of dog shows in Fresno, so this is a really special weekend for us.”

Brinker said they have annual dog shows here at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

“We are a non-profit club and we use our funds to donate towards the eventual purchase of police dogs for the Fresno Police Department or the Fresno Sheriff’s Office,” Brinker said.

The club was created in 1908 and during exhibitions, several categories of dogs are judged, including rallies and confirmations.

“Confirmation is when they run around the ring to see which dog best matches the breed standard.”

Judges examine the dog’s size, body shape, and even ears before deciding the winners of the show.

Although Kiri didn’t take the show’s No. 1 spot on Saturday morning, that won’t stop her from returning on Sunday to try again.

“She got second place, but she already got first place, Zavala said. “Today was a second place day, but that’s okay.”

Sunday is the last day of the Sun Maid Kennel Club dog show at the Fresno Fairgrounds. Everyone is invited to attend the show and watch dozens of dogs compete for first place.