Freshpet: our favorite pet TikTok accounts to follow

Whether you’re here for the adorable videos or to get involved in the latest viral pet-related challenge, there’s no denying that TikTok is a great source of entertainment for pet parents. Freshpet has rounded up our favorite pet TikTok accounts that we’re sure you’ll love as much as we do!


Mackenzie, a grumpy adventure cat, and her mother, Angela Rafuse, have earned a following of fans who enjoy watching their adventures. Despite being 16, Mackenzie regularly joins Angela for kayaking, playing in the snow, hiking or hitting the beach. But what makes this tale even more special is the story of Mackenzie’s adoption. Angela adopted Mackenzie after her grandfather passed away in 2019 when no other family members wanted her due to her “fiery spirit”. After sharing her experience online, she heard from people around the world who had also wanted to foster their late parents’ pets, but were unable to do so for various reasons. This inspired Angela to start a non-profit organization called My Grandfather’s Cat, which helps seniors or anyone with a terminal illness find a new home for their beloved cat or dog as they enter long-term care, can no longer care for the animal, or die.


You may have seen videos on the internet of people interviewing animals with tiny microphones – well, Cara started that trend! Her most popular video series is a compilation of “talks” she has with her clients during their stay at the clinic. They may not have much to say, but they are definitely interested in this little microphone! She also shares videos that give us a behind-the-scenes look at a vet tech’s day and the type of cases that come up in clinics, which is especially exciting for those interested in the medical side of veterinary care.


It’s no secret that service dogs do an amazing job, but seeing “first hand” how Lily supports her parent, Bridget, and her doggy sister, Kinley, is why we can’t say enough. have enough of his account. Bridget, who uses a wheelchair, takes us behind the scenes to show how she trained Lily to perform tasks such as turning lights on and off and opening doors, as well as what a day in their life looks like. If that wasn’t cool enough, she also shows how Lily supports her hearing-impaired sister by telling her when it’s time to go for a walk or come in.


Self-proclaimed CEO of croque-nez, Luna the cat has made a name for herself thanks to the adorable face she makes every time she eats. Every time Luna gets a crunchy treat, no matter how small, she dramatically wrinkles her nose and squints as she chews. Along with these adorable videos, you can expect humorous clips of her showing off her fancy accessories or hanging out with her just like her cute furry siblings.


As the name suggests, this account is dedicated to showcasing all of the animals that UPS drivers encounter during their deliveries. Filmed from the driver’s perspective, you quickly see that the myth of animals that don’t like postmen is just a myth. Whether it’s a dog jumping into the van to check on deliveries or a pack of alpacas watching from afar, this account will have you contemplating a career change.


The premise of this story is simple: the animal’s parent, Chris Klemens, gives Booger a dental chew every day and records his reaction. You might think it would get boring quickly, but you’d be wrong. Booger enjoys his dental chews so much that each reaction is more important than the last. She regularly sprints in circles, jumps up and down and does playful arcs before finally getting her beloved dental chew. She then takes off at lightning speed – or at least as fast as she can move on those slippery wooden floors – to dig.

We hope these accounts bring you many hours of fun and laughter. Got a pet-related video or TikTok account we need to see? Share them in the comments!