FOTAS hosts host family event | Local news

This Wednesday, FOTAS and the Aiken County Animal Shelter are asking the community to participate in their “Foster for the Holidays” program.

The refuge will be closed at Christmas for four days. From Thursday to Sunday, dogs will have limited human interaction and time outside of their kennels.

“If you live in Aiken County and would like to help a homeless dog escape the stress of the shelter for four days, we would very much appreciate it,” said Kathy Jacobs, Director of FOTAS Programs. “These dogs just need a break from kennel life. We will provide food, a crate, blankets… whatever you need.

Community members can come to the shelter, located at 333 Wire Road in Aiken, pick up a lone dog from the shelter and return it on Monday, unless of course community members decide to adopt the dog. Interested parties must live in Aiken County and complete a short application available at the shelter.

“Our hope is to have as many pets as possible that have not been adopted into a home for the holidays, so that they are not alone during the four day period,” said the President of FOTAS, Jennifer Miller.

During the closing of the holidays, FOTAS volunteers will walk the animals left at the shelter in the morning, during cleaning and meal times. But Miller said being in a home would be much better for the animals at the shelter, giving them more attention, care and socialization.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 803-514-4313. It’s so easy to sign up and be paired with a four-legged friend.