For Carly Werle, running a rescue, kennel and sanctuary is a true labor of love

Carly Werle knows full well how difficult it can be to deal with a dog rescue. To start, veterinary care for rescued animals can be expensive, and not all dogs are adoptable. This is why Werle, who founded the rescue of Coveted Canines in 2016, proposed a unique solution: she brought in more and different animals.

Werle opened Coveted Kennels and Sanctuary (which offers cage-free accommodation) in 2018 to create a place for small pets, farm friends and even birds. The money she earns from housing puppies there is also used to direct the rescue.

For Werle, who divides his time between his home in Yonge and Lawrence and the farm, managing a dog rescue, a sanctuary farm and a kennel is a lot of work, especially in addition to his daily job as a production manager. from the design studio. But, she said, it’s worth it. “I have always loved animals and felt a deeper connection with them. I’m just trying to help as much as I can.

Sunderland Farm, about 100 kilometers northeast of Toronto, will be a permanent home for some unsuitable dogs for adoption, but for many Werle rescues, it’s the perfect environment before they move to town. “A lot of them can’t work with trams, cars and busy streets, and they need decompression time,” says Werle. “They need a place to relax.”

The farm is currently home to around 300 animals, including chickens, peacocks, turkeys, ducks, horses, donkeys, cows, goats, rabbits and a baby lamb. Werle and the 60 volunteers who help run the shrine take turns staying on the property, where visitors can visit and meet residents.

“People can pick up turkeys and kiss chickens,” Werle says. “Then they can hug the horse and rub the pig’s belly. It just becomes this amazing experience because all of these animals are so full of love.

One of the biggest stars of the farm is Finnegan, a young bull. “It’s the most loving calf on the planet,” says Werle. “His favorite thing about the world is doing these hikes that we take people on tours. He’s just running and jumping – he’s so happy.

Werle, who sees farm tours as a gentle, non-judgmental opportunity to educate visitors about animal farming, cites Finnegan as an example. In the dairy industry, Werle explains, “Jersey calves are of no value, and they’re wiped out pretty quickly because farmers only use females for breeding and milk production. “

Carly Werle, founder of the Coveted Kennels Sanctuary, holds a lamb at the sanctuary property Friday, September 24, 2021, in Sunderland, Ontario.

The sanctuary is trying to relocate most of its animals. Today, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Coveted is hosting a Harvest Market, featuring food trucks, a live band and over 30 vendors in hopes of placing many of its own rabbits in homes forever. so that he can take more from shelters across the Province.

In addition to the influx of rabbits, Werle crosses what she calls “the big dump”. Dog and cat adoptions have skyrocketed during the lockdown, but now, as people return to work, those same pets are being turned over to shelters and rescues. Werle wants people to see pets as a long-term commitment. “These animals have feelings,” she says. “They have emotions and they also deserve to have a good life.

“We just want everyone to be happy,” Werle continues. “We want the animal to be happy and the human to be happy.”

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