Finn Learns a New Language of Love: Send Us Your Animal Rescue Stories

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio — About a year ago our wonderful dog Finn came to us from China. I am the founder of Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescueand we worked with China Rescue Dogs to bring Finn here.

Unsurprisingly, there was a language barrier. Finn speaks Chinese and I don’t! It took about a month to teach him to “sit”.

When he sits down before I put his food down, I still don’t know how to tell him he can eat now. He sits patiently until I walk out of the room.

I’m convinced it was someone’s dog that was sold to the meat trade. He knows too many good behaviors. He expects me to come out first (he knows I’m the alpha of the pack), but I didn’t teach him that.

He does not know how to play with toys. I felt guilty because he didn’t have another dog to play with, so I signed him up for dog daycare for a few hours a week.

All he did was stay next to the guy who was watching the dogs. He prefers to be with people than with other dogs. It was the end of daycare.

The one thing he learned quickly was, “Go for a ride?” That’s Finn in the photo, waiting to pop into Dairy Queen for his puppy cup. No language barrier there!

Our rescue continues to save dogs; however, due to the CDC’s ban on importing dogs from 113 countries that they believe are prone to rabies, they have closed US borders. China Rescue Dogs now brings dogs like Finn to Canada and finds them homes there.

Canada’s gain, our loss. Most of our dogs at Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue now come from the Amish puppy mill trade.

April Hakaim,


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