Dozens of dogs and cats found in appalling conditions at Scottish farm will be relocated

The Scottish SPCA has won a legal battle against a dog safety company to relocate animals found in neglected and disease-infested conditions.

The organization has been given permission to move “or eliminate” dozens of dogs and cats found in appalling conditions at a breeding center on a Perthshire farm.

He was forced to take legal action with bills for the seizure and temporary housing of the animals rapidly approaching £ 100,000.

K9 Cube provided animals for safe working and sniffer dogs and had used South Cairnies Farm Cottage in Glenalmond as a breeding center.

But after public reports he was raided by police and Scottish SPCA officers.

The Perth Sheriff Court was told the animals suffered from “several dermatological, respiratory, ophthalmic and optic diseases” and “physical and psychological damage”.

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In a written judgment, Sheriff Linda Smith said: “One dog had to be asleep, six had hip dysplasia, seven puppies had dermatitis, four had inflamed ears, six had dental disease or fractures, and the cats suffered from conjunctivitis and ear mites infestation.

“Of 49 puppies born from the dogs seized, eight died shortly after birth, one was put to sleep with a neurological condition and seven were born with a birth defect and died or were put to sleep due to their condition.”

K9 Cube was also found liable for the costs of the legal proceedings.

No one from the company was available for comment.

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