Does my cat love me? 10 signs that prove they really care

If your cat could talk, he would tell you how much he loves and appreciates you. But since they can’t, here are 10 ways cats show their love:

  1. They like to be close to you.
  2. They purr when they are around you.
  3. They bring you “gifts”.
  4. They give you bumps on your head or rubbing on your cheeks.
  5. They blink slowly at you.
  6. They hit you.
  7. They drool.
  8. They share their belly with you.
  9. They lick you or try to groom you.
  10. They give you bites of love.

Here’s a closer look at how cats express love to their hooman companions.

1. Bless you with their presence

If your cat likes being in the same room as you, but won’t come near you, don’t worry. It just means that being in the same space as you is enough to fill them with love. So don’t be sad if your cat doesn’t like being on your lap 24/7.

2. Purr

A classic sign of contentment and happiness in cats is purring. When your cat gives you a perfect vocal performance, it’s a sign that he trusts you. It also means they feel relaxed and happy in their surroundings.

Purring Public Service Announcement: Cats don’t just purr when they’re happy. Some cats also purr when they feel stressed, lonely, or hungry. Be sure to pay attention and pick up other cues to understand what your cat is trying to tell you.

3. Give gifts

Nothing says “I love you” like a dead rat on your doorstep, does it? Although rodents and murdered birds aren’t high on your wish list, there’s a reason your cat keeps bringing you these awful goodies. Cats are natural hunters. Many kittens flex their killing skills as an offering of love to their human family.

As for indoor cats, your kitty might bring you one of his favorite toys. But there is also a chance that they will present you some garbage. Like, literal trash. Remember that they mean well and this is usually not a sign of passive aggression.

4. Head bangs and cheek rubs

Smells are super important to cats. They have scent glands on the sides of their mouths that secrete pheromones that help them mark their territory. These chemicals are also how cats certify that someone is safe and trustworthy.

So when your cat gives you head bumps and cheek rubs, he’s probably trying to share his chemicals with you. Cute, right?

5. Soft Blink

Also known as cat kisses, the gentle blink is one of the most adorable examples of feline affection.

Studies show that this behavior helps your cat communicate. When a cat blinks slowly, it keeps its eyes closed longer than normal. This signals their trust in you to protect them while they are most vulnerable.

6. Leg and claw

You know that old expression love is pain? Well, when your cat scratches (i.e. kneads) your knees, your face, or your arms, he might be telling you how much he cares. Some call it “baking cookies”.

As painful as it is, kneading is an instinctive sign of comfort and happiness for your cat. This behavior stems from when their mothers nursed them as kittens and it can continue into adulthood.

So the next time your cat digs its claws into your thighs, don’t get angry too quickly. Try clipping your cat’s claws or putting a blanket between you.

7. Drooling

Cats dominate but also drool. When cats are relaxed AF, they may drool on or near you. This is a sign that they are 10/10 comfortable with you and feel safe letting their guard down.

Remember that drooling can also be a sign of a potential health problem. Take your cat to the vet if he starts drooling excessively, has trouble chewing his food, or if the drool is discolored or foamy.

8. Tummy time

Does your cat like to lie on its back and show you its belly? Congratulations! This is the goat of all kitty compliments.

A cat’s belly is one of its most sensitive and vulnerable places. So when a feline shows you his, it’s the ultimate sign of trust. For some cats, it also means they want to play and will even let you tickle their belly.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: If their claws stick out when you try to touch their belly, your cat might be giving you a “look but don’t touch” warning.

9. Licking and grooming

Cats groom themselves to reinforce a social bond and as a sign of affection, so why should it be any different with their human?

Part of this behavior comes from the kitten state when your cat’s mother licked and groomed them. Hand licking can also be a sign that they are curious about the snack you just nibbled on.

10. Love Bites

The Hoomans aren’t the only ones handing out love bites. Playful love bites are an affectionate gesture that usually occurs when your cat is being petted. This toothy behavior means they want love and attention.

Unlike aggressive bites, love bites usually don’t hurt or leave a mark. But if your cat shows signs of aggression, respect their space and back away.