Crown Point Passes Order Against Puppy Mills | Northwest Indiana Business Titles

Join the cape. Jerry Patrick, as he patrols the halls of Lake Central and Kahler Middle School.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, “Responsible breeders don’t sell their puppies to pet stores because they want to meet their puppy buyers in person. The majority of national breed club codes of ethics prohibit or discourage their members from selling their dogs to pet stores.

The Humane Society defines puppy mills as “commercial facilities that mass produce puppies for sale.”

The Humane Society estimates that 10,000 puppy mills produce more than 2.4 million puppies per year. According to the organization, documented abuses among puppy and kitten factories include excessive breeding, inbreeding, little or no veterinary care, malnutrition, lack of socialization and inadequate space and exercise.

The national organization further states: “The pipeline of puppy sales to pet stores exposes puppies to stress and disease. When shipped to pet stores, very young puppies typically spend days in cramped cages on a truck, exposed to puppies from a variety of other sources, some of which may be sick. During this time, their immune system is not fully developed and they can be exposed to a variety of illnesses. “

The order from Crown Point notes that banning the retail sale of puppies and kittens may decrease the demand for animals raised in these factories and may increase the demand for animals from shelters and rescue organizations.

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