Complaints about dogs on off-leash trails on the rise

“The more people in parks who use them, the more incidents we get complaints about,” said Colin Heyens, Acting Enforcement Supervisor for the City of Medicine Hat. “We’re just trying to focus this month and hopefully try to curb some of this negative behavior so that everyone can use and enjoy all of the parks for free.”

Rules officers will enforce a variety of issues, including keeping dogs on a leash on designated trails and ensuring owners clean up after their pets.

Where there is no sign indicating whether a trail is on a leash or off leash, Heyens says “if you don’t see a sign that this is an off leash area you better keep your Dog on leash”.

But if dog owners decide to leave their furry friends off leash, Loveseth says they should be well trained.

“You should be 100% confident that your dog is going to come back to you and if you don’t have that certainty with your dog then your dog shouldn’t be off leash and you should do more training with your dog,” he said. said Loveseth.

Com. Phil Turnball says he’s also received quite a few complaints and they come from people who have been gotten out of hand by dogs off leash.

“In summary, we have rules and regulations, whether you agree with the rules and regulations, the trail has to be available for all citizens to enjoy,” Turnbull said. “Those with dogs and those without dogs. “

Turnbull hopes people understand that off-leash dogs affect everyone around you and that it is important that they are properly trained.

Heyens says city officials will increase the patrol level.

“We also have an ATV that we use to specifically patrol the trails and check on users to make sure everyone is having a safe and good time,” Heyens said.

For those who break the rules, fines start at $ 75.

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