Complaints about dog breeder raise questions about kennel rules

Animal advocate claims breeder ‘illegally runs kennel in township’, but owner denies allegations and says kennel has been shut down

What started as a review of Bradford West Gwillimbury’s regulations for licensed kennels took a much darker turn when Donna Power, an animal advocate who runs a group called Ontario Puppy Mills – Stop This Now, found out what she had considered an “infamous” local breeder. .

The purpose of the group is to examine municipal bylaws related to kennels because it is, as Power says, the only line of protection available to animals.

“The provincial PAWS (Provincial Animal Welfare Services) are not very effective at all,” she says. “At the municipal level, under bylaws are the rules and regulations governing the operation of a kennel in their jurisdiction.”

After someone contacted a suspected puppy mill in Bradford, Power began investigating the town’s bylaws. Online, there was nothing about kennels – standards, rules, conditions – on the animal control portion of the city’s website.

“There’s no pattern from one municipality to another as to whether they should have bylaws, what they look like or how specific they are,” she said. “It’s entirely up to the board and the chief executive.”

After contacting the mayor, councilors and the chief executive, there was confusion surrounding the situation. This was cleared up by Brent Lee, Bradford’s Bylaws Manager.

“He sent me their kennel statutes, and I asked why they’re not online,” she explained, “and he’s hoping they’ll come up, but right now there’s no there are no public regulations regarding kennels. It’s a problem, but I trust Brent and we’re working together to fix this. He knows it’s important and he’s incredibly focused on the animals.

In the process of resolving local kennel settlement issues, Power began discussing a local breeder known as Goliath Kennels with Lee. Goliath is a Saint Berdoodle breeder on Canal Road in Bradford run by “Deborah”.

“Goliath has been on my radar for a while,” she says. “I have a long list of about 175 puppy mills that my group has identified. I got a call from someone saying there had been a lot of complaints about the health of the puppies there.

While Power was already focusing on the Bradford area, she and her group decided to continue researching the local breeder.

“Their Better Business Bureau ratings are horrible, she said. “So I reached out to Brent again, but this time about Goliath. He explained to me that their license hadn’t (been renewed) and they were no longer allowed to sell ( in Bradford).

The city would not comment on specific details surrounding the reasoning behind not renewing the kennel’s license, but did confirm that there have been complaints about the breeder.

“Goliath Kennels was previously licensed by the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury,” Lee said. “Animal Control has received a number of complaints and they have been investigated. I can state that the kennel is no longer licensed by the City of BWG.”

From there Power went to the Goliath website where a number is listed in the text if he is interested in buying a dog. After texting the number, posing as an interested buyer, she uncovered some shocking information.

“She told me they have litters right now and he has a litter where she mixes four different types of doodles together,” Power said. “Four different breeds and she sells them for $7,500. This kind of unethical breeding is so brutal, it’s a cocktail of birth defects. This confirms why the Better Business Bureau has these ratings and reviews on sick puppies. Not just sick with malformations, but sick with disease – coccidia and severe giardia.

After contacting animal rescue colleagues, Power discovered that they had filed complaints against Goliath with animal control. This led to animal control visiting the factory and not renewing their license, she explained.

“She had nearly 200 dogs on her property when they visited,” Power said. “She has what looks like cellphones all over the property and in February this year there was a massive seizure of dogs at her house, and rescues picked up the dogs from her mill. And even when they seized the dogs, she wouldn’t let anyone into those buildings.

Through phone conversations and text messages, Power was able to confirm that despite seizing puppies and not renewing Goliath’s license, they are still breeding and selling puppies.

“One of the biggest issues here is overcrowding, and it’s important to note that at this time BWG doesn’t have a rulebook stating the maximum number,” Power said. “Many municipalities have a ceiling, so if you are an approved kennel, you cannot have more than 35 dogs for example. There is no limit in BWG. What shut her down in the first place was not the numbers, but the conditions. It’s very dangerous because when you don’t have those standards and rules, it’s a red carpet for people who want to abuse the system.

When BradfordToday rapproached Goliath Kennels for a telephone interview, Deborah said, via email, that her license had not been renewed as she had not sought to renew it.

“I have had a kennel license with the City of Bradford for the past five years until now. I have not renewed my license with the City because I no longer need it,” he said. she declared.

Asked about the conditions of the kennel, the number of dogs they normally keep at a time, negative online reviews of the kennel and reports of sick dogs, Deborah confirmed that the Bradford kennel was closed, but said denied the allegations.

“When we got the kennel, it was a very clean kennel and our dogs were well cared for. We were an inspected kennel with the provincial government as well as the city, which we always passed inspections,” she said. written in an email. answer.

“Considering that we were a well-known kennel, doesn’t it make sense to you that if our dogs weren’t taken care of, that the city, as well as the OSPCA (which is now run by the provincial government, both of which, without notice, would randomly show up to inspect us), that both would have allowed us to continue to operate our kennel all these years, as well as the city which continued to renew our license to kennel every year? In order to receive our kennel license we had to pass these random inspections.”

She maintains that her staff were “amazing” and did a “good job”.

“I can’t help but say what people say but it bothers me a lot especially when we employ and we had great staff working for us, reliable staff and always working hard to keep the kennel spotless and taking care of our dogs,” she wrote.

She says the kennel was heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.

“We had an amazing ventilation system so our kennel never smelled of urine and feces. Our dogs were cleaned and exercised regularly, they had food and water 24/7. 7. There was never a day when their food and water ran out They were wormed, and on a monthly flea and tick prevention program in the summer and fall for ticks they were vaccinated , groomed, etc. Our dogs were well cared for!” she wrote.

Last month, animal control officials visited Goliath’s property and learned that Goliath was moving its operations from 641 Canal Rd. to Bradford but were not given any details of where it would be north from the city.

“She declined to say it because she knows we would notify the other municipality then,” Power said. “At the moment she only has a handful of dogs but when I called her as an interested buyer she said there was another litter coming next month. She has a dog pregnant and a live litter right now. There’s no way she’s in operation. It’s a sick business.