Clear Path for Veterans Turning Puppies into Service Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can also be a vital lifeline. Clear Path for Veterans makes it easier for vets to get a service dog.

Having a dog as a companion is certainly comforting, and for many people, when they return home after serving our country, they come back with trauma.

The Clear Path for Veterans Canine Program trains dogs to become service dogs. They went through an 18-month training program beginning at eight weeks old.

The puppies live in a foster family thanks to their education and socialization courses. They are bred and trained from the start to be able to handle any situation. Upon completion of the training program, the dog graduates and is placed with a veteran to act as a service dog.

“My dad is an army veteran so that’s something I think he would benefit from, just having a dog in your life makes you happier, makes you healthier,” said Casey Eberhardt, Puppy Development Coordinator.

All costs necessary to complete the program are covered by Clear Path. So when it comes time for the dog to graduate and the veteran adopts the service dog, there is no cost to the veteran.

The canine program has been training and placing dogs with veterans for over a decade.