Charlotte’s apartments remain staunchly hostile to pit bulls

In my search for a new apartment, I discovered that most “pet friendly” apartments do not accommodate races of any kind.

As the mother dog of an 80 pound pit bull, I have hit several dead ends due to weight requirements or breed restrictions while trying to find a welcoming apartment in Charlotte.

Why is this important: There could be long-term, even disastrous, consequences if a dog owner cannot find a home that welcomes their breed.

KC Thompson, community outreach manager for the Humane Society, said, “Pit bulls and mixed breeds are among the most commonly abandoned dogs.”

  • Other restricted breeds include Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Great Danes.

The big picture: Some dog owners face more hurdles as apartment prices rise.

  • Thompson says a lot of people had pets when the pandemic started and now inflation has also forced tough financial decisions.
  • 71% of dog parents say pet costs have increased due to inflation, with annual expenses rising from $480 to $3,470, according to Vagabond.

Enlarge: Some apartments I have called restrict commonly prohibited dogs by listing weight limits.

  • Locations that allow two dogs will usually have a limit that matches the combined weight.

The other side: Apartment managers I spoke to told me they had restrictions because insurers consider certain breeds a liability to the property or tenants. Restrictions vary by location, but in some cases may be at the owner’s discretion.

Solutions: The Humane Society offers Resources for dog owners who struggle to keep their furry friends for financial reasons. Resources include free pet food, vet vouchers, and low-cost vaccines.

  • Pet deposits may also be covered by The Humane Society depending on funding.
  • Pet talks can provide safety assurances to owners who view breeds as a threat to residents.
  • A resume or dog references could convince management that your pet is non-destructive.
  • Pet training is offered at The Humane Society to support owners.

The bottom line: There are apartment options available that accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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