Central Florida 100: political upheaval in Virginia, freedom of Florida professors

Michael Zais, political blogger for thedrunkenrepublican.com

Last week: BRAVO, REP. MURPHY: I don’t often get the chance to congratulate a Democrat in today’s mindless, mind-boggling world of progressive awakening and destructive and divisive politics – but I will enthusiastically seize an opportunity so rare. As such, I have to commend Florida Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy for joining a small group of House “moderates” – a fairly relative term – in pushing back Joe Biden and the Progressive’s attempts to break through. way through a sprawling multi-billion dollar social network. spending bill that would make the entire economy, tax code and juice a big already bloated nanny state. I appreciate MP Murphy’s attempts to instill a minimum of sanity in the Washington Asylum.

Looking forward: SEISMIC CHANGE: It is often said that all politics are local. Not anymore. The election day crash and burning of Democrats across the country, including a Republican sweep in the blue state of Virginia of the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, reflected a loud rejection and repudiation of the far left, race-based and divisive socialist agenda of today’s ultra-progressive and radical Democratic Party, both locally and nationally. On the Richter political scale, November 2 was a 9.7 and will have far-reaching effects across the country, including Florida, in 2022 and 2024. Gov. DeSantis – and all Republican candidates – lick each other the lips.

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