CDC will not allow Temple Woman to return home with service dog

A central Texas dog trainer struggles to get home after a trip to Honduras with her service dog, Dante.

Isabella Carruth works as a service dog trainer in central Texas and is asking the public for their help in bringing Dante back to the United States after new CDC guidelines banned Dante from returning without a permit.

Carruth’s trip was to deliver another service dog, Maya, whom she trained to help a disabled woman in Honduras. Carruth booked a flight from Austin to Honduras for the two service animals, as well as herself and her boyfriend, so they could safely deliver Maya. Flights have been booked on June 20, 2021 for July 9-18, 2021.

Unfortunately the CDC launched temporary suspension of dogs arriving in the United States from countries at high risk for canine rabies as of July 14, just 4 days before Isabella’s planned return.

Carruth was not aware of the temporary suspension announced by the CDC on June 14, 2021. Carruth says she booked her flight by phone with United Airlines to ensure that all documents relating to the departure and return of the dogs assistance were taken care of. It also specifies that the new suspension was not mentioned anywhere on the website of the airline.

According to the CDC, Carruth should have acquired a prior written approval, AKA a dog import permit from the CDC. To request prior written approval, Isabella must submit a request at least 30 business days (6 weeks) before intending to enter the United States. If the request for pre-approval to import a dog is denied, the CDC’s written denial will be the agency’s final action. No appeal will be allowed.

While Isabella herself is free to return home, Dante is not. Dante is absolutely essential to Carruth and helps him with daily chores. A GoFundMe was created to aid Isabella in her quest to bring them both home. Isabella has already applied for a permit, but no longer has access to essential medicines for herself and Dante. She hopes public attention and donations will put pressure on the CDC and help #bringdantehome.

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