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How this adorable Vancouver dog found a forever home

“I didn’t want a puppy,” says its owner. Whether he’s wearing a rainbow bow tie, sticking out his pink tongue, or covering his eyes with his tiny paws, a local miniature schnauzer steals hearts with his adorable antics and teddy bear appearance. Owner Suzen Lülf recounts Vancouver is awesome that she feels lucky to have […]

Victory! These American states have just made great strides for animalsA humane world

Red foxes became safer in Maryland after the state banned wild animal slaughter contests. Stock photo One of the ways we are making a difference for animals is by working nationally and locally to ensure laws are passed that prevent the cruel and inhumane practices that threaten animals – puppies born en masse. puppy […]

Puppy in need of surgery highlights cruelty of puppy mills

Animal Rescue is raising money for upcoming puppy surgeries in Northumberland County. NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, PA – At first glance, seven-month-old Victor looks like an average Cocker Spaniel. But when he starts to walk, it’s hard to miss his birth defect. “He has no hips. His right knee is basically back and his left leg is […]

UPDATE: Barricade incident on Emerald Court ends peacefully

Update, 9:35 am: Officers have negotiated a peaceful surrender and the subject is in custody. No one was injured during the accident. The roads should be open soon. “The CPD appreciates the cooperation of the residents,” said Gill. Previously: CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – For the third time this week, Clarksville Police are attempting to […]

First responders shouldn’t have to tackle tigers

The award-winning documentary film, “The Conservation Game,” for which our work served as the subjects, shows how people were able to buy tigers and other big cats, as well as other exotic animals, at auction. It also shows how some “conservative” celebrities – characters seen regularly on television and therefore trustworthy to tell us about […]

Renton pet store criticized for payment systems and puppy mills

Renton Puppyland receives complaints Puppyland charged with pushing confusing financial terms, deceptive payment systems, and obtaining puppies from out-of-state puppy mills. RENTON, Wash. – More community members are raising concerns after Q13 News published an article on Puppyland in Renton in 2019, where a couple accused the company of an expensive and confusing puppy rental […]

Lobby Blaine to ban pet stores from selling puppy mill puppies

BLAINE, Minnesota (FOX 9) – Community members and aid organizations are calling on the town of Blaine to stop selling puppy mill puppies in pet stores. In a shelter to kill, Maverick just needed a chance, and he got it with the Backes family – just like his sidekick, Kona. Advocates push Blaine to ban […]

Lower Bucks County hit by ‘century-old flood’ in heavy rains

The rain came and didn’t stop for hours. Neither did Casey South and first responders as heavy rains from the summer storm drowned his neighborhood of Croydon Acres. South spent most of Monday night helping rescue people further down the block of Spencer Drive who were stuck at home in what the National Weather Service […]

Protect the dogs, the taxpayers | |

Until the state legislature finally passed tough law in 2008 to regulate dog breeding and kennels, Pennsylvania was known as “the puppy mill capital of the east coast.” Unscrupulous breeders kept dogs in squalid and inhumane conditions, endangering animal health and often ripping off people who didn’t know they were buying sick animals. The law […]