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Summer House’s Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Married: Photo

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cook. Melissa Marshall They do! Summer house stars Kyle cooke and Amanda batula married! The couple, who originally planned to tie the knot in September 2020, had to delay their nuptials due to the coronavirus pandemic. The reality stars, who shared their first exclusive wedding photo with Us weekly, got married […]

The clock is ticking for Illinois puppy mill suppliers

Puppy factory pet suppliers have lost their minds. They’re in freak-out mode, furious at Illinois’ new pet rescue policy. Many in our area may have seen their ridiculous propaganda fill their mailboxes as they launched a Chicago machine-made smear campaign against me for the simple act of bankrupting puppy mills. That’s right. I’ll admit it. […]

Local animal rescues see increase in dog surrenders

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – After seeing an initial increase in pet abandonments, followed by adoptions, a local animal rescue group says the current state of the pandemic has caused a recent increase in animal abandonment of local puppy mills. Lisa Kime runs Golden Retrievers in Need, a nonprofit foster care rescue known as GRIN. “This has […]

Billionaire Jared Isaacman made a video for his kids in case the SpaceX mission didn’t go as planned

jared isaacman PATRICK T. FALLON / Getty Images Jared isaacman NASA called the SpaceX Dragon “probably the the safest vehicle astronauts have ever launched on“, but spaceflight continues to pose risks. This is why the billionaire Jared isaacman made some preparations before leaving the planet last week. In Inspiration4’s first interview after returning to Earth […]

City council will likely vote on “puppy mill” law at October 5 meeting

The owner of Puppy Experience spoke at a public hearing in September and said his business is already subject to frequent inspections and does not deal with puppy mills. (Credit: Joe Werkmeister) The Riverhead Town board plans to vote on a proposal to ban the sale of commercially farmed dogs, cats and rabbits by pet […]

Barrett convicted of human trafficking | New

A Hunt County woman has been convicted of using her adopted children as slaves in a puppy mill. Jurors at the 354th District Court convicted Barbara Barrett of Greenville on Tuesday afternoon on an indictment of continuous human trafficking. The sentencing phase of the trial was reportedly underway in court on Wednesday morning. Barrett’s husband […]

NH Humane Society Hires MVER to Provide Medical Services and Ensure Continuity of Care | Local News

LACONIA – Following the recent departure of the Medical Director of the New Hampshire Humane Society, Meredith Place Veterinary Emergency was hired to provide veterinary services to care for animals currently in the care of the Humane Society. “At NH Humane, we thank all current and past staff and volunteers for their selfless commitment to […]

“Growing threat to public health” caused by disease found in puppies in pet stores · A human world

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson One of many HSUS investigations into Petland found a purchased blue merle goldendoodle that was infected with Giardia and Campylobacter, two bacteria that cause infections that can be passed to humans. HSUS By selling puppy mill dogs, some pet stores spread serious illnesses that are dangerous to the public. […]

Rally in support of the Puppy Mill Pipeline bill scheduled for Saturday, September 18 at Colonie Center

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Justicepourlescent, a local group that tries to raise awareness about animal abuse, according to its Facebook page, is organizing a peaceful protest on Saturday, September 18 at the Colony Center. The rally is intended to show support for the Puppy Mill Pipeline Closure Bill. Pittsfield to vote on puppy mill ban […]