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Springfield bans commercial pet sales at pet stores starting Wednesday, halting sales of puppies, kittens and rabbits

On Wednesday, a ban will be put in place that prohibits the sale of pets in Springfield pet stores. The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Advocacy director Kara Holmquist has been working on the project to end the sale of rabbits, puppies and kittens from commercial breeders, but will allow pet […]

Brockport Dog Rescue Pushes For Bill To Put Wrench In NYS Puppy Mill Industry

BROCKPORT, NY (WROC) – Puppy Mills in New York State is currently legal, but advocates argue that the basic requirements for these breeders are inhumane. Now New York relief organizations are fighting for the passage of a bill that would put a stop to this process. If passed, NY’s Puppy Mill Bill (S1130/A4283) would prevent […]

PEDIGREE FOUNDATION® Releases Latest Impact Report

Three puppies on their way to forever homes arrive at the Nashville Humane Association as part of a Tulsa Humane Hub transportation program funded by the PEDIGREE Foundation. 119,000 dogs helped in 2021 FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE, USA, May 12, 2022 / — The PEDIGREE Foundation has published its 2021 Impact Report, highlighting how his $750,000 in […]

Voters return Leon Valley mayor and Place 2 councilman to office

Leon Valley voters returned Mayor Chris Riley for a 10th term, while Place 2 Councilor Josh Stevens retained two challengers in Saturday’s election. Riley garnered 820 votes, or 71%, winning over Evan Bohl, who garnered 330 votes, or 29%. In place 2, Stevens was re-elected with 53% of the vote, beating Elaine Valdez, who got […]

Adopt a Doodle Puppy from the Epicenter of Dog Breeding in Amish Country

Many people recognize Old Order Amish for their horse-drawn carriages and 17th-century appearance which includes mostly dark-colored clothing, beards for men, head coverings for women in public, and a ban on zippers. slide. Buttons? These are fine. “Will Alisha react to the internet, cell phones and computers in your house,” our friend Gerry from Long […]

Iowa Puppy Mill Update: USDA Keeps It In The Family

Last fall, one of more than 500 dogs removed from Iowa’s horrendous USDA-licensed puppy mill. Six months ago this week, the ASPCA, in conjunction with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, removed more than 500 dogs from a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) licensed dog breeding facility owned to Daniel Gingerich. We are happy […]

New ASPCA research shows large bipartisan majority of Americans support federal legislation to end puppy mills

PR Newswire WASHINGTON, April 27, 2022 In honor of National Animal Advocacy Day (April 30), actors Eric McCormack and Edie Falco join the ASPCA in supporting the Goldie’s Act, a federal law that will protect dogs in puppy mills WASHINGTON, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of […]

Two El Dorado County women plead guilty in animal cruelty case

Several dogs had their mouths shut to silence them.Provided SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Two El Dorado County women, Jennifer Cowles, 48, and her mother Adele Painter, 71, of El Dorado, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges, in a case where several animals were exposed to inhumane conditions and gross neglect. The guilty pleas were […]

Letters to the Editor – Teacher standards, pet ordinance, begging, vaccines

Also improve teaching conditions Re: “Don’t Lower Teacher Standards, Raise Them – Preparing Educators Helps Ensure Their and Their Students’ Success,” by Rob DeHaas, Opinion Wednesday. As a retired public school educator, I agree with DeHaas. However, I would add that to staff the classrooms with excellent teachers, we must attract excellent students to the […]

Rescuing, Investigating and Prosecuting Animal Abuse: Behind the Scenes

Three dogs and a cat. Horse. Doves and turtles. All barely alive in their Mason County home. The animals were extremely malnourished and emaciated from hunger, covered in open sores as they lived among garbage, excrement and urine. In critical condition, pit bull Fred couldn’t open his eyes and had to be carried on a […]

Volunteer-run dog rescue seeks to partner with local businesses

Free Dem Dogs was founded to make finances easier so rescue organizations can focus on what really matters: rescuing more dogs Maddie Tyssen and Tylar-Grace Masnaghi know that not every house should have a dog, but they believe with their whole bodies that every dog ​​should have a house. Although they know it’s a tall […]

Potter Finds Trumps With A Ceramic Bowl For The Kernow Guide Dog Puppy

Following a call for a custom ceramic dog bowl to be made for Guide Dog Puppy Kernow, Michael Miller of Trezaise Pottery, Nr Roche found assets and made three custom ceramic food bowls for free. Dave Saunby, organizer of the Martin Jennings Memorial Motorcycle Run for the past 34 years, and raised nearly £11,500 to […]

Vancouver man and Longview woman in court facing animal cruelty and drug charges

Riley Walters appears in Clark County Superior Court Friday on charges of three counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and one count of second-degree animal cruelty. Detectives searching his car during a drug investigation said they found a puppy tied in a bag in the trunk. (Becca Robbins/The Colombian) Photo […]

GUEST APPEARANCE: Reflections on Freedom Village and Abuse of Power | Opinion

I commend Finger Lakes Times reporter Mike Hibbard for his compelling, in-depth, and captivating three-part series detailing allegations of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse, as well as negligent care ranging from rotten food to shoddy medical services. , at Freedom Village USA. While this facility, which opened in Yates County in 1981, closed in 2019, […]

Governor signs bills to protect research dogs and cats

Governor Glenn Youngkin (seated) signs animal welfare bills, with Del. Buddy Fowler (R-55e), Del. Rob Bell (R-58th), Senator Bill Stanley (R-20th) and Senator Jennifer Boysko (D-33rd) Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed five animal welfare bills into law on Monday, declaring them a bipartisan success story. Addressing lawmakers, animal advocates and dogs at the signing ceremony, he […]

Mineral County Sheriff’s Office Logs

03/23/22 Information, River Street, Superior, Dispatch has taken information about a vehicle being towed by the registered owner. Road Hazard, I-90 WB MM 36, call transferred to MHP. Property damage, Cold Creek Road, St. Regis, the deputy answered. Vin Inspection, Garcia Loop, superior, deputy responded. Wellness check, I-90 EB MM 44, call transferred to MHP. […]

Around Town: Palo Alto Humane Society Seeks Entries for Storytelling Contest | News

Cash prizes will be awarded to this year’s winners: the first place student will receive $500 and the other two will receive $200 each. The winning works will be published on the company’s website. The deadline to participate is May 31 at midnight. Additional contest details can be found at 650-424-1901 or A healing […]

Envigo: USDA fails with Beagles: US senators take action

A factory farm for breeding beagles providing a laboratory – this was the PETA undercover investigation heard around the world. The senses. Americans Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine (both D-Va.) speak on behalf of thousands of suffering beagles at the massive Envigo-operated facility in Cumberland, Va., which breeds dogs for experimentation. In their letter […]

Shelter Shiver Fundraiser Hits Saturday at Turtle Lake in Delevan for Salem No-Kill Animal Shelter | Local News

Local animal lovers are urged to “take the plunge” in favor of a new animal sanctuary in Salem. On Saturday, ALIVE Rescue will host Shelter Shiver, a fundraiser in which participants jump into Turtle Lake The event will take place at 11 a.m. at the Turtle Lake Tap & Grill, N6513 Anderson Drive, Delevan. Organizers […]

Infamous puppy mill owner gets off easy despite being abused by thousands of animals

Not so long ago we shared the horrifying story of a 26-year-old former puppy mill owner Daniel Gingerichwho has played a role in the abuse, mistreatment and neglect of hundreds of dogs at his multiple Midwest properties. But despite the seizure of 514 dogs, many of them sick, dying or emaciated, he kind of negotiated […]

FEEDBACK | It’s time to ‘let them go’ for Alonzo to go | Opinion

Subject: BIDLACK | Alamosa should not recall DA at taxpayer expense, March 18 While I agree with Hal Bidlack that most recall campaigns are unwarranted, unnecessary and a waste of money, there are exceptions – as with everything in life. You have heard an opinion on the use of taxpayers’ money in a recall effort. […]

Indoor lab where you can clone your pet for $50,000

A US company that clones cats and dogs has a ‘huge waiting list’ after a spike in interest during Covid. ViaGen has been “extremely successful” in cloning cats and dogs since 2015, said Lauren Aston, who works in the company’s marketing department. 5 The ViaGen lab is the only place in the United States where […]

PAWS rehoms puppy mill rescue dogs in February

On February 11, 2022, PAWS traveled to Pickens, SC to provide assistance at a large-scale 166-dog puppy mill. PAWS Executive Director Beth Cline-Stroud brought 10 of these dogs back to the PAWS Animal Shelter. Since then, PAWS has been working to find homes for all of the dogs brought back, all of which were puppies. […]

Unexpected growth to be seen for the companion animal breeding market with detailed competitor analysis, forecast to 2028: Pedigree, Puppy Mill, Purebred

The latest version of WMR titled Pet Breeding Market Research Report 2022-2028 (by Product Type, End-User/Application and Regions/Countries) provides an in-depth assessment of Companion Animal Breeding including key market trends, upcoming technologies, industry drivers, challenges, regulatory policies, company profiles of key players and the strategies. Global Pet Breeding Market Research with Over 100 market data […]

I Paid $25,000 To Clone My Cat, But My New Pet Is Completely Different

A woman’s beloved cat, Chai, was sick and died young, so she spent $25,000 to clone her companion “out of pure love” for her pet. Kelly Anderson told The Sun she “couldn’t be happier with her decision”, despite the daily influx of hate mail on social media and a scathing letter from PETA. Chai was […]

Sports ‘n Stuff 3/10/22 – News-Talk 1480 WHBC

JT with the lighter side of sports and entertainment news. follow JT on Instagram: @thejtturk A batch of 37 new emojis are coming to iPhones next week, including the “Pregnant Man” emoji that made waves when it was announced last year. Other new features include a melting face emoji, puppy eyes, and a low battery […]

Hampton 2022 Town, School Board Election Results

HAMPTON, NH – Here are the unofficial municipal and school board election results for March 8, 2022 in Hampton. City races Board of Selectmen, one seat for three years. Amy Hansen: 2,534 Regina Barnes: 1,221 Clerk, a three-year post. Find out what’s happening in Hampton-North Hamptonwith free real-time Patch updates. Planning Council, a two-year seat. […]

Watch out, New York: 5 days and 5 ways YOU can help shut down the puppy mill pipeline

Take me to the daily action list! New York State has the chance to make history by passing the NY Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill (A.4283/S.1130). This important legislation will strike a blow to the cruel and deceptive puppy mill industry by banning the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in New York pet stores. […]

Riverhead pet dealers law remains on hold as lawsuits challenging it continue

Riverhead Town remains barred from enforcing the Pet Dealers Act passed by City Council last fall under temporary restraining orders signed by a judge in November. The law, which would ban the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits by pet dealers in Riverhead, is said to have come into force on January 1. […]

31 Severely Neglected Dogs in Southern Illinois

Going through Facebook can be fun but sometimes it also shows the ugliest side of humanity. One such example is when local rescues take in abused or neglected animals and need to ask the community for help in caring for the animals. When I was looking for a rescue dog, I scoured Petfinder to find […]

Puppy mill ban is a start, but the problem isn’t solved

A new state law that took effect last week prohibits pet stores in Illinois from selling dogs and cats from commercial breeders. It was the culmination of a long effort by animal welfare advocates. They say the new law shuts down a “puppy mill pipeline” that had supplied Illinois pet stores with dogs from large-scale […]

Bellevue students step out of the classroom for hands-on learning

BELLEVUE, Iowa (AP) — On a recent afternoon, Bellevue High School junior Delaney Dunne carefully used a pair of scissors to remove the leafy green tops from several kale stalks. She and her classmates, Alivia Wagner and Ryanne Dunn, had grown the plants using a self-contained aquaponics system in high school. Now they were ready […]

Coming Soon in Arts and Entertainment

UMass Dance Students to Present Graduation Thesis Projects AMHERST – On Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 4, dance majors from the Department of Music and Dance at the University of Massachusetts Amherst will present their thesis projects in a program called “When We Close Our Eyes.” . The concerts, which will take place at […]

Woman charged in UP puppy mill case breached bond by getting another dog

ROCK, MI – A woman accused of running a “horrendous” puppy mill in the Upper Peninsula was in court this week after authorities were told she breached her bond by getting a dog she owned. intention to raise. Rebecca Johnson, of Rock, was sentenced to one month in jail after being found guilty of violating […]

Barrett found guilty of human trafficking, sentenced to life in prison | Local News

Jeffery Barrett was found guilty on Friday in a human trafficking case involving four children. A jury in the 354th District Court convicted Barrett, a Hunt County resident, of continuous child trafficking. A sentencing hearing was held immediately after the verdict. The jury then handed down a life sentence. Barrett will need to spend at […]

‘Foxy Roxy’ lives on charity and a global fan base | Living in Washington County

When Jason Dunkle couldn’t make it out of a pet store in Erie in 2009, he had no idea how his life would change when he bought an adorable Italian Greyhound. Dunkle, a Washington resident, said he “couldn’t leave the store” without buying the dog. “He was a brave little pup; his personality was larger […]

Gardiner Passes Kennel Law Banning Commercial Dog Breeding

A A year after imposing a moratorium on reviewing permit applications to establish kennels, the city of Gardiner has finally passed its new kennel law. At its February 8 meeting, the city council voted unanimously to close the public hearing on the new local law, issue a negative statement on its environmental assessment form, and […]

More than 150 dogs seized from alleged puppy mill in ‘poor conditions’ in South Carolina

Authorities have seized more than 150 dogs from an alleged “puppy mill” in Pickens County, South Carolina. The seizure comes following an investigation opened Feb. 7 after the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Animal Enforcement Unit received a complaint of animal neglect, according to a statement. Animal Enforcement deputies attended the scene – a home in […]

Trial scheduled in human trafficking case | Local News

The trial is set to begin this week for a Hunt County man facing a felony charge of human trafficking. Some of the alleged victims had previously indicated that Jeffery Barrett was not responsible for the allegations. Jury selection is scheduled for Monday morning at the 354th District Court. Barrett faces an indictment of continuing […]

Protesters want to end monkey research at UMass

AMHERST — Inside a building at the University of Massachusetts, laboratory experiments on marmoset monkeys continue, despite occasional protests from animal rights organizations who have targeted the work. While the use of primates has been a focus of discussion, a newly formed group of students are promoting the welfare of all animals, such as those […]

“My guardian angel”: a pregnant woman saved by a firefighter on leave

FAIRFIELD, CT – Panic set in for Melissa Miller on Friday as she struggled 30 feet from shore in the freezing waters of Perry’s Mill Pond, trying in vain to lift her dog, Misty May, onto its partially frozen surface . The water filled her lungs and the 35-year-old mum-to-be feared for her and her […]

Earlier The Survivor – The Durango Herald

Earlier, with its owner Carl Darnell. (Courtesy of Carl Darnell) Blind dog survives 45ft fall from cliff “You don’t throw away a whole life just because it’s a little messed up.” – Tom Smith (played by Chris Cooper) in the movie “Seabiscuit” On August 12, 2021 my 10 year old blind Golden Retriever, Sooner, fell […]

The Humane Society of the United States explains why it’s hard to investigate irresponsible puppy breeders

The removal of more than 160 dogs from a Grand Traverse County home comes just three weeks after a Missaukee County puppy breeder was investigated with allegations of neglect and abuse. Forty dogs were removed from this home, but it was not the first time the breeder had been investigated. So what happens in these […]

The Outer Banks Voice – For dogs rescued from Moyock, a second chance

For dogs rescued from Moyock, a second chance By Michelle Wagner | Outer Banks Voice on February 2, 2022 Breeder faces February 4 deadline to appeal seizure Two of the 61 rescued dogs who needed medical attention. (Currituck Animal Shelter) Tim Warren, the Moyock dog breeder who faces dozens of misdemeanor charges stemming from the […]

Iowa puppy mill operator has yet to pay $60,000 in state fines

Owner returned more than 500 dogs in enforcement action By Clark Kauffman – Iowa Capital Dispatch January 30, 2022 12:49 p.m., update: January 30, 2022 2:18 p.m. Detectives filed this photo taken during a visit to a Wayne County dog ​​breeder – Daniel Gingerich – as he faced state and federal penalties for dozens of […]

Puppy mill operator yet to pay $60,000 in state fines

The former Wayne County puppy mill operator, who was forced to turn over more than 500 dogs last year, has yet to pay $60,000 in fines. Last September, federal authorities sued Daniel Gingerich, owner of Maple Hill Puppies, in civil court in an attempt to shut down his rural dog operation in Iowa. This effort […]

Heritage Humane Society Releases 2021 Impact Report

(Courtesy of the Heritage Humane Society) WILLIAMSBURG — Heritage Protection Society (HHS) released its 2021 Impact Report. The report details data on how HHS was able to serve the community throughout the year. The open visitor center, located at 430 Waller Mill Road., is open 365 days a year and is dedicated to transitioning stray […]

Shelter dog plays with all the squeaky toys

through: Courtney Murphy, Nexstar Multimedia Cable Job : January 25, 2022 / 11:30 a.m. EST / Update: January 25, 2022 / 11:30 a.m. EST BEDFORD COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – “Who let the dogs out?” took on new meaning for a Pennsylvania shelter dog who was able to break free from his kennel overnight. Bedford County […]

Letter to the Editor: Support Goldie’s Act | Winchester star

The Goldie Law was introduced in Congress to help protect dogs from puppy mills. He was named after a dog known as Golden Retriever #142 who was raised in a USDA licensed puppy mill in Iowa, where she died after months of extreme neglect. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible for enforcing […]

Daily 3 Daily 4 Evening Drawing January 21, 2022 – Fox 59

Indiana COVID Update 1/21 FOX59 News / 11 hours ago Video US to distribute 400 mill. free face masks, infectious disease expert helps clear up mask confusion FOX59 News / 1 day ago Video Indiana COVID update: 3,506 hospitalizations, 137 additional deaths, 16,539 new cases FOX59 News / 2 days ago Video Entire state now […]

Cauliflowers, Banksy and a puppy named Alfie: Thursday’s news in pictures

Cauliflowers, Banksy and a puppy named Alfie: Thursday’s news in pictures Calendar An icon of a desktop calendar. to cancel An icon of a circle with a diagonal line across it. Caret A right-pointing solid arrow icon. E-mail An icon of a paper envelope. Facebook An icon of Facebook’s “f” mark. google An icon of […]

The Schuylkill Center is hosting “Winterfest For Wildlife” on February 5

ROXBOROUGH, PHILADELPHIA – The Schuylkill Center in Roxborough is preparing to host its annual Winterfest for Wildlife festival in early February. From noon to 3 p.m. on Saturday, February 5, the center – 8480 Hagys Mill Road – will host guided nature hikes, talks from clinic director Chris Strub, a wildlife-themed activity, vendor tables and […]

Puppy mill owner cursed by judge after state seizes 24 dogs and ordered to pay $84,000 fine

A Michigan puppy mill owner was found in contempt of court and ordered to pay a steep fine after cursing a judge during a Zoom court hearing, just 10 months after authorities seized 24 dogs from his residence. The civil trial and forfeiture hearing regarding the complaints filed against Joe L. Horne Jr., 38, took […]

The Ruston Cultural District is calling on all local artists for their new “Puppy Project” arts initiative – KTVE –

Grambling State Tigerettes Dance Team News / 10 hours ago Video Roundball Roundup Tuesday Sports / 1 day ago Video NBC 10 News Today: LSU athlete signs licensing deal with attorney Gordon McKernan News / 2 days ago Video Willis Reed honored Sports / 2 days ago Video Epps St Freds Sports / 2 days […]

World’s Most Interesting Dog Has Died Due To Health Problems

Jedi, affectionately known as “The World’s Most Interesting Dog”, has died at the age of 12. Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who are transforming into The Force. – Yoda WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 / – An Alaskan Malamute named Jedi, lovingly dubbed “The World’s […]

Moment of emotion A stolen dog reunites with his family 8 years later

A dog that was stolen from its owner’s yard in the south of England in 2013 has finally been reunited with its family. Cassie the cocker spaniel wagged her tail while being hugged by her original owners in a video that Sussex Police shared online this week. And she had three of what are believed […]

Ellis Park announces the return of Weiner dog racing in 2022

Ellis Park Horse Racing Track celebrates its 100th season in 2022 with the return of a fan favorite event. Live racing at Ellis Park in Henderson kicks off its 100th season in July 2022. The park has so much to offer visitors, including races, games and dining. Throughout the season, they organize several special events. […]

Puppy mill dog becomes therapy animal for Delta Regional Child Advocacy Center

DELTA COUNTY, Michigan (WJMN) – At the end of August 2020, more than 100 dogs were rescued from a suspected puppy mill in Maple Ridge Township; and now one of those dogs is helping the community that saved her. The story of Blue, the one-and-a-half-year-old Australian Shepherd, is one of true resilience. From being rescued […]

Marilyn Janet Lewis

January 3, 2022 11:29 AM Posted: January 3, 2022 11:29 AM JANESVILLE – Marilyn Janet (Ewing) Lewis, 88, of Janesville, passed away peacefully at her home surrounded by the deep love of her family on Wednesday, December 29, 2021. Remarkably, in Marilyn’s mind, she died very slowly, a few minutes after being surrounded by her […]

Available for adoption | News, Sports, Jobs

“Sebastian” “Hank” “Harmony” Sebastian is a brown / black kitten with a large white waistcoat. Born about seven months ago, this boy would love to have a new home for the New Year. Those interested can make an appointment to see him or to see one of the Lakeshore Humane Society pets by calling 716-366-1991. […]

Holiday bounty, Kansas City litter, Missouri puppy mills

OPINION AND COMMENT Editorials and other Opinion content offer perspectives on issues important to our community and are independent of the work of our newsroom journalists. Sweet surprise I thought this kind gesture was worth mentioning: I was at the Hy-Vee in Gladstone and the gentleman across from me paid for my groceries (last minute […]

PETA accuses NIH of buying puppies from ‘hideous’ breeding factory

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has accused the National Institutes of Health of paying $ 1.2 million over the past decade to purchase beagles from a Virginia kennel where puppies and their mothers are kept in ” horrible conditions ”. Daphna Nachminovich, Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations at PETA, told Fox News […]

Animal rescue in Cincinnati to help out-of-state puppy mill case

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – Cincinnati animal rescuers are preparing to help with an out-of-state puppy mill case they say will involve hundreds of animals in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. In the next weeks, HART Cincinnati will send rescuers to another state to help with the case after the “Rescue Guardians” request their help. HART admissions coordinator […]

Comment: This Sanction Would Help Stop SC Animal Abusers From Repeat Cruelty | Remark

How often do we run into a serious statewide problem that has a common sense, uncontroversial solution that saves lives and money? I don’t think this happens very often. “To be fair, Republicans haven’t been leading animal rights issues, and here’s a chance to do so,” US Representative Nancy Mace said Dec. 16 during a […]

Pet store battle intensifies in Florida Capitol

TALLAHASSEE, Florida – The battle for pet stores intensifies in the State Capitol with two competing bills to consider, but as the Humane Society warns, one is a Trojan horse. If you are considering buying a cat or dog for a loved one this Christmas, the Humane Society recommends adoption or purchase from a trusted […]

The Bidens join their family with a new first puppy

Presidential animals throughout history Commander is the new German Shepherd of the Biden family. Presidential animals throughout history President Theodore Roosevelt’s eldest son Teddy Jr. holds a macaw named Eli circa 1902. The Roosevelts had all kinds of animals, including lizards, snakes, and a one-legged chicken. Presidential animals throughout history Pauline, one of William Howard […]

Children to read to shelter animals | Local news

Children will read to animals on Sunday December 19 at the Susquehanna Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals According to a press release from the SQSPCA, the shelter will work with Oneonta Reading Is Fundamental to present the program. Kindergarten to grade five students will read dog and cat holiday-themed books at the […]

New York Attorney General Letitia James sues Long Island Shake a Paw pet store for allegedly selling sick and injured puppies

HICKSVILLE, Long Island (WABC) – New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a complaint Thursday against a pet store for allegedly selling numerous sick or injured puppies to unconscious consumers at two locations on Long Island. James said an investigation found Shake A Paw, located in Hicksville and Lynbrook and serving the wider tri-state area, […]

Hello, Buffalo: WNY Selected as Finalist in Federal Tech Pole Bid |

COMPILED BY SHAWN CAMPBELL Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer, a Democrat from New York, pushed for the region to be included among the finalists in the competition for a federally-funded tech hub. Sharon Cantillon / File photo WNY takes ‘giant leap’ in bid for federal tech hub Western New York State could receive up […]

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association hopes to change Biden’s mind on retroactive cuts to biofuels mandate

Posted: Dec 12 2021 / 8:00 p.m. CST / Update: Dec 12 2021 / 8:00 p.m. CST FILE – In this file photo from July 20, 2013, an ethanol plant stands next to a cornfield near Nevada, Iowa. (AP Photo / Charlie Riedel, file) Part 1: Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Hopes to Change Biden’s Mind […]

Royal Canin Employees Help Rescue |

The mission of the Animal Rescue Corps, based in Lebanon, to provide emergency relief to communities that lack the resources to tackle animal abuse sometimes requires the help of outside volunteers. After the CRA rescued 17 dogs from a breeding operation in Lake County, which is a community about 80 miles northeast of Memphis, employees […]

Axne introduces new legislation inspired by Iowans

Representative Cindy Axne represents the Third Congressional District of Iowa in the United States House of Representatives. She can be reached at 202-225-5476. I recently introduced three bills inspired by issues that residents of Iowa’s Third Congressional District have brought to my attention. For years, independent livestock producers in Iowa have demanded fairness and a […]

City Council discusses changes with classifications of cycling facilities

The San Marcos City Council discussed the traffic plan and the plan for bicycles in the city’s transportation master plan, which would change road alignments and classifications of cycling facilities. Deputy Director of Planning and Development Services Amanda Hernandez made a presentation to council at Tuesday’s regular city plan meeting, highlighting changes to various road […]

St. Louis Police Search Pickup Truck That May Be Linked To Homicide – FOX 2

TKO: NHL Covid-19 Rules Don’t Help Blues Sports / 7 hours ago Video Isaac Bruce in town for the Jack Buck Awards Sports / 8 hours ago Video Affected group of fans outside Arrowhead still have concerns New / 21 hours ago Video No injuries in Arrowhead parking lot after Sunday Night Football New / […]

Bloomington bans the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores

At Wednesday, Bloomington City Council has adopted Order 21-45 prohibiting the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores. From January 2023, it will be illegal for pet stores to sell dogs and cats and can be fined up to $ 500 if they continue to do so. The decision was taken in the hope […]

Bloomington City Council bans sale of cats and dogs in pet stores | new

Indiana Public Media News {“banners”: {“tv”: [ {“url” : “”, “img” : “”, “startingDate” : “1637470800000”, “endingDate” : “1637557140000”} , {“url” : “”, “img” : “”, “startingDate” : “1637643600000”, “endingDate” : “1637729940000”} , {“url” : “”, “img” : “”, “startingDate” : “1637816400000”, “endingDate” : “1637902740000”} , {“url” : “”, “img” : “”, “startingDate” : “1637989200000”, […]

Shop and Celebrate with Compassion this Holiday Season

WASHINGTON, November 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – This holiday season, the humanitarian society of United States invites people to celebrate in a human way – with gifts and festivities that make a difference for animals and the environment. Kitten block, President and CEO of the Humane Society of United Statessaid, “The holiday season is […]

Animal laws would protect the ‘voiceless’ | News, Sports, Jobs

As another National Pet Adoption Week ended earlier this month, I think it’s important to remind my colleagues in the House and Senate of our duty to serve. all our voters, human or not. On June 15, I stood in front of the Capitol to support the legislation [H.B. 526] which would end the financial […]

More than 300 Samoyeds were seized from an Iowa puppy mill in 2018. Where are they now? | Local News

Izzy Now at his home in California, adopted by the Samoyed Rescue of Southern California. Izzy’s adopter was a volunteer for SRSC when she instantly bonded with a newly arrived puppy rescued from the White Fire Kennel in Iowa, one of a batch of Samoyeds sent to the California group to find homes magnets. “When […]

Dogs Rescued From Seymour Puppy Mill Find Home Forever | SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA

DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) – End of October more than 500 dogs and puppies have been taken from Iowa breeder due to horrible conditions. Since then, around 200 dogs have remained in the area in shelters and the remaining puppies have been transferred to other shelters in neighboring states. Animal Rescue League director of animal […]

MPD seeks to identify the vehicle involved in the assault – WDVM25 & DCW50

Final preparations underway at Snowshoe Mountain Resort New / 3 days ago Video Two West Virginia congressmen clash in pre-election disagreement New / 3 days ago Video Inflationary pressures impact consumers, but wise investment can beat rising costs New / 2 days ago Video Hunters battle ammunition shortage days ahead of WV buck gun season […]

Muncie Animal Rescue helps rehabilitate backyard breeding dogs

MUNCIE, Ind. – A Muncie organization works to rehabilitate a pack of dogs rescued from a backyard farm. Grateful Rescue is an organization that welcomes unwanted domestic cats and dogs to rehabilitate them and place them in homes. Recently, they learned that a backyard rancher in northern Indiana was about to be evicted. The breeder […]

Rescued puppy mill dogs move closer to being available for adoption

DESOTO COUNTY A group of dogs wait patiently for homes forever after being rescued from a puppy mill. Almost 70 are treated at DeSoto County Animal Services. Their owners who left them to live in horrific conditions are in jail and may face new charges as the investigation continues. The 69 dogs got off to […]

Puppies rescued from Florida puppy mill need supplies

DESTOTO COUNTY, FL – Two people are behind bars following the discovery of a puppy mill in DeSoto County. Rose Romano, the owner of “Strawberry farms … a husky paradise was arrested in Salem, Va. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office said Romano was awaiting his extradition to Florida to appear before a judge. Romano’s husband […]

USDA Cites International Breeding Plant Under Contract With NIH Over Dozens Of Animal Welfare Law Violations

Federal investigation into Envigo underway after PETA exposed systemic food deprivation, dead and dying Beagle puppies reared for experiments For immediate release:November 15, 2021 Contact:Tasgola Bruner 202-483-7382 Cumberland, Virginia. – Today, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released three damning inspection reports citing Envigo, a Virginia-based international dog breeder and laboratory supplier, for 26 […]

Central Florida 100: political upheaval in Virginia, freedom of Florida professors

Michael Zais, political blogger for Last week: BRAVO, REP. MURPHY: I don’t often get the chance to congratulate a Democrat in today’s mindless, mind-boggling world of progressive awakening and destructive and divisive politics – but I will enthusiastically seize an opportunity so rare. As such, I have to commend Florida Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy […]

Please Say No To Puppy Mills | Letters to the Editor

From: Gayle B. Goetzman-Stolpa Winona Dear Winona County Commissioners, I am voting to stop the permits authorizing the construction of several breeding facilities, known publicly as Puppy Mills. Once these huge breeding areas are approved or even monitored, whether they are chickens, pigs or dairy cattle with many non-compliances, they are rarely closed. As a […]

Crown Point Passes Order Against Puppy Mills | Northwest Indiana Business Titles

Join the cape. Jerry Patrick, as he patrols the halls of Lake Central and Kahler Middle School. According to the Humane Society of the United States, “Responsible breeders don’t sell their puppies to pet stores because they want to meet their puppy buyers in person. The majority of national breed club codes of ethics prohibit […]