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Complaints about dog breeder raise questions about kennel rules

Animal advocate claims breeder ‘illegally runs kennel in township’, but owner denies allegations and says kennel has been shut down What started as a review of Bradford West Gwillimbury’s regulations for licensed kennels took a much darker turn when Donna Power, an animal advocate who runs a group called Ontario Puppy Mills – Stop This […]

Rescue fears dog import ban will mean no more puppy mills

Animal rescue groups are racing to get as many dogs into Canada as possible before a ban on dogs from countries considered to be at high risk for rabies takes effect. In late June, the federal government announced it was banning the importation of commercial dogs from more than 100 countries, including Afghanistan, Egypt, Ukraine […]

Lessons from Charlie, the independent dog who inspired a movie

Still from the movie 777 Charlie starring Rakshit Shetty and Labrador Charlie. Photo credit: Harini Raghavan The recent Kannada blockbuster 777 Charlie attempts to tell a story that can change hearts and perceptions about dogs; Independent dogs in particular. The film, directed by Kiranraj K is the story of Dharma, a man who suffers from […]

Pilots to the Rescue airlifts animals at risk of certain death to a second chance in New York

By Vanessa Murdock Click here for updates on this story Farmingdale, New York (WCBS) — Local pilots took to the skies to save the lives of our four-legged friends and raise awareness of an issue that continues to plague the country: euthanasia. CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock witnessed the joy of mission when she flew with “Pilots […]

Beagle rescued from research puppy mill in Virginia finds home without fur

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – One of 4,000 beagles rescued from abusive conditions at a research puppy facility in Virginia found her fur forever home on Saturday. Peanut Butter is one of six beagles at the facility who have been transferred to Dane4Dogs, a local organization dedicated to ending the breeding, sale and use of dogs […]

More beagles rescued from Virginia compound arrive in Delaware

The Brandywine Valley SPCA is welcoming 15 more dogs to its Georgetown campus this week, rescued last month from a Virginia breeding complex that sold the dogs for experimentation. And they’re just in time for this weekend’s Clear the Shelters National Adoption Campaign. Earlier this month, 23 beagles were brought to the BVSPCA West Chester […]

MSPCA calls for strict breeding regulations and urges public to adopt dogs

MSPCA The Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (MSPCA) has again called for strict breeding regulations as it urges the public to adopt dogs instead of buying puppies from puppy mills. The statement comes after a report concluded that abandoned dogs in need of shelter and care are not rescued unless they […]

After leaving the research center, 50 beagles arrived in Midland

50 male beagles arrived at the Humane Society of Midland County last week after being released from a research center in Virginia. Last month, a federal judge ordered the release of 4,000 beagles from the Envigo Breeding and Research Center. The New York Times reported Envigo violated dozens of federal regulations. When federal officials applied […]

Animal advocate Holmes applauds IDOA action on pet stores circumventing new puppy mill regulations

AURORA – THE Illinois Department of Agriculture sent license revocation petitions to three Illinois pet stores operating in violation of the Animal Welfare Act, and State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora), sponsor of Bill 1711, commends this effort and issued the following statement: “This new state law prohibits the sale of pets from unscrupulous breeders and […]

Spoodles who escaped Christchurch Puppy Mill are ‘obviously malnourished’, say couple who came to their rescue

A couple who came to the rescue of puppies that escaped from a Christchurch property – where 21 spoodles were rescued from a ‘serious’ and ‘dangerous’ environment on Wednesday – said the animals were ‘obviously malnourished, filthy and putrid”. The woman behind the apparent puppy mill on Roydvale Ave, Burnside, is Rebecca MacPherson, who previously […]

Appeal filed against $825,000 dog breeding project north of Calgary – Calgary

An appeal date will be set in Mountain View County after citizens raised concerns about an $825,000 dog breeding project north of Calgary. The development proposal was submitted in late May, with the developer writing that it wanted to build a “commercial kennel, specifically specializing in the ethical breeding of dogs under 20 pounds, with […]

Fayetteville bans the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores

Justine Lentz, superintendent of animal services for the city, speaks during the city council’s agenda-setting session on July 12, 2022. (Fayetteville Government Channel) A new Fayetteville law aims to ensure that the city does not facilitate the sale of animals raised in large-scale commercial breeding facilities. City council members voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve […]

What is Ohio hiding about its puppy mill enforcement?

Each year, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) publishes the Horrible Hundred Report (, which highlights 100 terrible puppy mills and their appalling conditions. Many dogs in puppy mills spend their lives in outdoor cages, in bad weather, with insufficient food, water, and shelter. Some of them suffer from injuries and ailments for […]

Letters of July 15, 2022

Christian Patriots In response to Reverend Paul Grave’s column (“Pastor Eyes Christian Nation,” June 27): History is full of various so-called Christian groups that do not reflect Christianity. Throughout history, Christianity has been tainted with cult-like names, whether it be the “Jesus movement”, Christian Science, Gnosticism, etc. who try to embellish Christianity. White Christian nationalism […]

4,000 Beagles Have Been Rescued From a ‘Prison-Like’ US Facility and You Can Adopt One Now

Would you give a good home to a beagle intended for use in laboratory experiments? Thousands of dogs have been rescued from a commercial farm in Virginia, where activists say the animals were living in “prison-like” conditions until authorities intervened. Now a judge has order that the approximately 4,000 beagles will be adopted into new […]

For Our Furry Friends – The Shillong Times

By Esha Chaudhuri Rescue of Shelly, Tabby and Cory. Saved from under a teasformer. Even though our four-legged friends hold a sacred place in our hearts, especially for all animal lovers, reported incidents of animal cruelty have been monumental and are seeing an unprecedented increase over the years. In this week’s story, Shillong Sunday features […]

Judge approves plan to put about 4,000 Envigo beagles up for adoption | Government and politics

A Lynchburg federal judge has sign on a plan for the Humane Society to transfer approximately 4,000 beagles from Envigo’s breeding facility in Cumberland to shelters so they can be placed for adoption. Envigo, the Humane Society and the U.S. government introduced the joint plan after U.S. District Judge Norman Moon turned down Envigo’s offers […]

Tulsa SPCA asks for volunteers and donations after ‘puppy mill’ surrender – 102.3 KRMG

TULSA, Okla. – The Tulsa SPCA and Oklahoma Alliance for Animals are asking for volunteers and donations after helping with a mass surrender of breeders earlier this week. The Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance after investigating a case in Ada where 75 large live dogs were found on property, the Tulsa SPCA said. Carcasses […]

Sex crime report leads police to Wise puppy mill – The Morning Sun

An Isabella County sheriff’s deputy investigating a reported attempted rape at a property in Wise Township on Wednesday afternoon instead discovered a puppy mill from which 31 animals were rescued. The 48-year-old owner was due to be formally charged on Thursday afternoon, including in connection with the allegation that he restrained a 28-year-old woman and […]

Opinion/Letter: Shut Down All Puppy Mills | Opinion

Shut down all puppy mills I am responding to the recent article in the Daily Progress (6/16/22) by Andrew Cain of the Richmond Times Dispatch, “Beagle factory closing, puppies up for adoption”. As noted in the article, Inotiv (in Indiana) is the “mother” company (unhealthy choice of words) of the Virginia beagle factory, Envigo, (in […]

Pet stores and animal rescue advocates debate sales of popular pets in Clark County

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — Many pet store owners and animal welfare advocates have spoken to the Clark County Commission on a proposal to ban sales of popular pets at local stores. After FOX5 told you about Commissioner Michael Naft’s proposal for pet stores in Clark County, the stores told FOX5 that they mounted a […]

Judge Upholds Orange County Puppy Sales Ban – Orlando Sentinel

Orange County’s ban on the retail sale of puppies and kittens, set to go into effect Wednesday, survived a legal challenge by three pet store owners who argued the new order would put them in jeopardy. bankruptcy. In a six-page decision, Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu said attorneys for two Orlando franchises Petland and Breeders Pick […]

Bill will prevent pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits

Photo: PHOTOJAGODKA/Depositphotos Puppy mills are notorious for being mass breeding grounds for dogs where animal health is neglected for human profit. Rabbits and kittens can also be raised in inhumane conditions similar to puppy mills. Many of these animals go to pet stores where unsuspecting consumers may be unaware of the cruel practices and hidden […]

CN2 Digital Dashboard – Board Completes Certificate, Puppy Yoga & Career Fair

ROCK HILL, SC (CN2 NEWS) – in our digital dashboard, Lancaster County Council has completed the Government Institute, Job Fair in Indian Land and Puppy Yoga with the Humane Society. Lancaster County Council – as a group – claim to have achieved the feat of every member graduating from the Institute of Government for County […]

Musical memorabilia from Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Oasis and more will be auctioned off in Newcastle

Memorabilia from world famous musicians will be sold at a massive music auction in Newcastle this month. Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Tom Jones, Oasis, Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney are among the artists who will see some of their tour memorabilia under the hammer of auctioneers Anderson & Garland on June 15. Touring jackets, passes […]

New York passes bill banning sale of pets supplied by ‘puppy mills’

This action could bring barking of joy. In the final hours of the 2022 legislative session, state lawmakers passed a bill that would ban pet stores from selling animals supplied by abusive breeders or “puppy mills” — and instead encourage the adoption of dogs and cats in rescue shelters. The measure, sponsored by Sen. Michael […]

19 dogs rescued from ‘horrendous conditions’ in ramshackle NJ mansion, group says

Sixteen German Shepherds and three Dobermans were rescued this week from “horrendous conditions” in the basement of a dilapidated Paterson mansion that was apparently used as a puppy mill, an animal welfare group said on Wednesday. Paterson animal control officers found the dogs malnourished and kept in cages by a squatter who was staying on […]

Here’s how you can help shut down Missouri’s cruel puppy mills

OPINION AND COMMENT Editorials and other opinion content provide insights into issues important to our community and are independent of the work of our newsroom reporters. You can help remove the state from the Humane Society’s “Horrible Hundred” list. Jose Luis Magana Associated Press file photo Missouri has long maintained its embarrassing reputation as the […]

Springfield bans commercial pet sales at pet stores starting Wednesday, halting sales of puppies, kittens and rabbits

On Wednesday, a ban will be put in place that prohibits the sale of pets in Springfield pet stores. The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Advocacy director Kara Holmquist has been working on the project to end the sale of rabbits, puppies and kittens from commercial breeders, but will allow pet […]

Brockport Dog Rescue Pushes For Bill To Put Wrench In NYS Puppy Mill Industry

BROCKPORT, NY (WROC) – Puppy Mills in New York State is currently legal, but advocates argue that the basic requirements for these breeders are inhumane. Now New York relief organizations are fighting for the passage of a bill that would put a stop to this process. If passed, NY’s Puppy Mill Bill (S1130/A4283) would prevent […]

PEDIGREE FOUNDATION® Releases Latest Impact Report

Three puppies on their way to forever homes arrive at the Nashville Humane Association as part of a Tulsa Humane Hub transportation program funded by the PEDIGREE Foundation. 119,000 dogs helped in 2021 FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE, USA, May 12, 2022 / — The PEDIGREE Foundation has published its 2021 Impact Report, highlighting how his $750,000 in […]

Voters return Leon Valley mayor and Place 2 councilman to office

Leon Valley voters returned Mayor Chris Riley for a 10th term, while Place 2 Councilor Josh Stevens retained two challengers in Saturday’s election. Riley garnered 820 votes, or 71%, winning over Evan Bohl, who garnered 330 votes, or 29%. In place 2, Stevens was re-elected with 53% of the vote, beating Elaine Valdez, who got […]

Adopt a Doodle Puppy from the Epicenter of Dog Breeding in Amish Country

Many people recognize Old Order Amish for their horse-drawn carriages and 17th-century appearance which includes mostly dark-colored clothing, beards for men, head coverings for women in public, and a ban on zippers. slide. Buttons? These are fine. “Will Alisha react to the internet, cell phones and computers in your house,” our friend Gerry from Long […]

Iowa Puppy Mill Update: USDA Keeps It In The Family

Last fall, one of more than 500 dogs removed from Iowa’s horrendous USDA-licensed puppy mill. Six months ago this week, the ASPCA, in conjunction with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, removed more than 500 dogs from a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) licensed dog breeding facility owned to Daniel Gingerich. We are happy […]

New ASPCA research shows large bipartisan majority of Americans support federal legislation to end puppy mills

PR Newswire WASHINGTON, April 27, 2022 In honor of National Animal Advocacy Day (April 30), actors Eric McCormack and Edie Falco join the ASPCA in supporting the Goldie’s Act, a federal law that will protect dogs in puppy mills WASHINGTON, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of […]

Two El Dorado County women plead guilty in animal cruelty case

Several dogs had their mouths shut to silence them.Provided SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Two El Dorado County women, Jennifer Cowles, 48, and her mother Adele Painter, 71, of El Dorado, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges, in a case where several animals were exposed to inhumane conditions and gross neglect. The guilty pleas were […]

Letters to the Editor – Teacher standards, pet ordinance, begging, vaccines

Also improve teaching conditions Re: “Don’t Lower Teacher Standards, Raise Them – Preparing Educators Helps Ensure Their and Their Students’ Success,” by Rob DeHaas, Opinion Wednesday. As a retired public school educator, I agree with DeHaas. However, I would add that to staff the classrooms with excellent teachers, we must attract excellent students to the […]

Rescuing, Investigating and Prosecuting Animal Abuse: Behind the Scenes

Three dogs and a cat. Horse. Doves and turtles. All barely alive in their Mason County home. The animals were extremely malnourished and emaciated from hunger, covered in open sores as they lived among garbage, excrement and urine. In critical condition, pit bull Fred couldn’t open his eyes and had to be carried on a […]

Volunteer-run dog rescue seeks to partner with local businesses

Free Dem Dogs was founded to make finances easier so rescue organizations can focus on what really matters: rescuing more dogs Maddie Tyssen and Tylar-Grace Masnaghi know that not every house should have a dog, but they believe with their whole bodies that every dog ​​should have a house. Although they know it’s a tall […]

Potter Finds Trumps With A Ceramic Bowl For The Kernow Guide Dog Puppy

Following a call for a custom ceramic dog bowl to be made for Guide Dog Puppy Kernow, Michael Miller of Trezaise Pottery, Nr Roche found assets and made three custom ceramic food bowls for free. Dave Saunby, organizer of the Martin Jennings Memorial Motorcycle Run for the past 34 years, and raised nearly £11,500 to […]

Vancouver man and Longview woman in court facing animal cruelty and drug charges

Riley Walters appears in Clark County Superior Court Friday on charges of three counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and one count of second-degree animal cruelty. Detectives searching his car during a drug investigation said they found a puppy tied in a bag in the trunk. (Becca Robbins/The Colombian) Photo […]

GUEST APPEARANCE: Reflections on Freedom Village and Abuse of Power | Opinion

I commend Finger Lakes Times reporter Mike Hibbard for his compelling, in-depth, and captivating three-part series detailing allegations of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse, as well as negligent care ranging from rotten food to shoddy medical services. , at Freedom Village USA. While this facility, which opened in Yates County in 1981, closed in 2019, […]

Governor signs bills to protect research dogs and cats

Governor Glenn Youngkin (seated) signs animal welfare bills, with Del. Buddy Fowler (R-55e), Del. Rob Bell (R-58th), Senator Bill Stanley (R-20th) and Senator Jennifer Boysko (D-33rd) Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed five animal welfare bills into law on Monday, declaring them a bipartisan success story. Addressing lawmakers, animal advocates and dogs at the signing ceremony, he […]

Mineral County Sheriff’s Office Logs

03/23/22 Information, River Street, Superior, Dispatch has taken information about a vehicle being towed by the registered owner. Road Hazard, I-90 WB MM 36, call transferred to MHP. Property damage, Cold Creek Road, St. Regis, the deputy answered. Vin Inspection, Garcia Loop, superior, deputy responded. Wellness check, I-90 EB MM 44, call transferred to MHP. […]

Around Town: Palo Alto Humane Society Seeks Entries for Storytelling Contest | News

Cash prizes will be awarded to this year’s winners: the first place student will receive $500 and the other two will receive $200 each. The winning works will be published on the company’s website. The deadline to participate is May 31 at midnight. Additional contest details can be found at 650-424-1901 or A healing […]

Envigo: USDA fails with Beagles: US senators take action

A factory farm for breeding beagles providing a laboratory – this was the PETA undercover investigation heard around the world. The senses. Americans Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine (both D-Va.) speak on behalf of thousands of suffering beagles at the massive Envigo-operated facility in Cumberland, Va., which breeds dogs for experimentation. In their letter […]

Shelter Shiver Fundraiser Hits Saturday at Turtle Lake in Delevan for Salem No-Kill Animal Shelter | Local News

Local animal lovers are urged to “take the plunge” in favor of a new animal sanctuary in Salem. On Saturday, ALIVE Rescue will host Shelter Shiver, a fundraiser in which participants jump into Turtle Lake The event will take place at 11 a.m. at the Turtle Lake Tap & Grill, N6513 Anderson Drive, Delevan. Organizers […]

Infamous puppy mill owner gets off easy despite being abused by thousands of animals

Not so long ago we shared the horrifying story of a 26-year-old former puppy mill owner Daniel Gingerichwho has played a role in the abuse, mistreatment and neglect of hundreds of dogs at his multiple Midwest properties. But despite the seizure of 514 dogs, many of them sick, dying or emaciated, he kind of negotiated […]

FEEDBACK | It’s time to ‘let them go’ for Alonzo to go | Opinion

Subject: BIDLACK | Alamosa should not recall DA at taxpayer expense, March 18 While I agree with Hal Bidlack that most recall campaigns are unwarranted, unnecessary and a waste of money, there are exceptions – as with everything in life. You have heard an opinion on the use of taxpayers’ money in a recall effort. […]

Indoor lab where you can clone your pet for $50,000

A US company that clones cats and dogs has a ‘huge waiting list’ after a spike in interest during Covid. ViaGen has been “extremely successful” in cloning cats and dogs since 2015, said Lauren Aston, who works in the company’s marketing department. 5 The ViaGen lab is the only place in the United States where […]

PAWS rehoms puppy mill rescue dogs in February

On February 11, 2022, PAWS traveled to Pickens, SC to provide assistance at a large-scale 166-dog puppy mill. PAWS Executive Director Beth Cline-Stroud brought 10 of these dogs back to the PAWS Animal Shelter. Since then, PAWS has been working to find homes for all of the dogs brought back, all of which were puppies. […]

Unexpected growth to be seen for the companion animal breeding market with detailed competitor analysis, forecast to 2028: Pedigree, Puppy Mill, Purebred

The latest version of WMR titled Pet Breeding Market Research Report 2022-2028 (by Product Type, End-User/Application and Regions/Countries) provides an in-depth assessment of Companion Animal Breeding including key market trends, upcoming technologies, industry drivers, challenges, regulatory policies, company profiles of key players and the strategies. Global Pet Breeding Market Research with Over 100 market data […]

I Paid $25,000 To Clone My Cat, But My New Pet Is Completely Different

A woman’s beloved cat, Chai, was sick and died young, so she spent $25,000 to clone her companion “out of pure love” for her pet. Kelly Anderson told The Sun she “couldn’t be happier with her decision”, despite the daily influx of hate mail on social media and a scathing letter from PETA. Chai was […]

Sports ‘n Stuff 3/10/22 – News-Talk 1480 WHBC

JT with the lighter side of sports and entertainment news. follow JT on Instagram: @thejtturk A batch of 37 new emojis are coming to iPhones next week, including the “Pregnant Man” emoji that made waves when it was announced last year. Other new features include a melting face emoji, puppy eyes, and a low battery […]

Hampton 2022 Town, School Board Election Results

HAMPTON, NH – Here are the unofficial municipal and school board election results for March 8, 2022 in Hampton. City races Board of Selectmen, one seat for three years. Amy Hansen: 2,534 Regina Barnes: 1,221 Clerk, a three-year post. Find out what’s happening in Hampton-North Hamptonwith free real-time Patch updates. Planning Council, a two-year seat. […]

Watch out, New York: 5 days and 5 ways YOU can help shut down the puppy mill pipeline

Take me to the daily action list! New York State has the chance to make history by passing the NY Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill (A.4283/S.1130). This important legislation will strike a blow to the cruel and deceptive puppy mill industry by banning the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in New York pet stores. […]

Riverhead pet dealers law remains on hold as lawsuits challenging it continue

Riverhead Town remains barred from enforcing the Pet Dealers Act passed by City Council last fall under temporary restraining orders signed by a judge in November. The law, which would ban the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits by pet dealers in Riverhead, is said to have come into force on January 1. […]

31 Severely Neglected Dogs in Southern Illinois

Going through Facebook can be fun but sometimes it also shows the ugliest side of humanity. One such example is when local rescues take in abused or neglected animals and need to ask the community for help in caring for the animals. When I was looking for a rescue dog, I scoured Petfinder to find […]

Puppy mill ban is a start, but the problem isn’t solved

A new state law that took effect last week prohibits pet stores in Illinois from selling dogs and cats from commercial breeders. It was the culmination of a long effort by animal welfare advocates. They say the new law shuts down a “puppy mill pipeline” that had supplied Illinois pet stores with dogs from large-scale […]

Bellevue students step out of the classroom for hands-on learning

BELLEVUE, Iowa (AP) — On a recent afternoon, Bellevue High School junior Delaney Dunne carefully used a pair of scissors to remove the leafy green tops from several kale stalks. She and her classmates, Alivia Wagner and Ryanne Dunn, had grown the plants using a self-contained aquaponics system in high school. Now they were ready […]

Coming Soon in Arts and Entertainment

UMass Dance Students to Present Graduation Thesis Projects AMHERST – On Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 4, dance majors from the Department of Music and Dance at the University of Massachusetts Amherst will present their thesis projects in a program called “When We Close Our Eyes.” . The concerts, which will take place at […]

Woman charged in UP puppy mill case breached bond by getting another dog

ROCK, MI – A woman accused of running a “horrendous” puppy mill in the Upper Peninsula was in court this week after authorities were told she breached her bond by getting a dog she owned. intention to raise. Rebecca Johnson, of Rock, was sentenced to one month in jail after being found guilty of violating […]

Barrett found guilty of human trafficking, sentenced to life in prison | Local News

Jeffery Barrett was found guilty on Friday in a human trafficking case involving four children. A jury in the 354th District Court convicted Barrett, a Hunt County resident, of continuous child trafficking. A sentencing hearing was held immediately after the verdict. The jury then handed down a life sentence. Barrett will need to spend at […]

‘Foxy Roxy’ lives on charity and a global fan base | Living in Washington County

When Jason Dunkle couldn’t make it out of a pet store in Erie in 2009, he had no idea how his life would change when he bought an adorable Italian Greyhound. Dunkle, a Washington resident, said he “couldn’t leave the store” without buying the dog. “He was a brave little pup; his personality was larger […]

Gardiner Passes Kennel Law Banning Commercial Dog Breeding

A A year after imposing a moratorium on reviewing permit applications to establish kennels, the city of Gardiner has finally passed its new kennel law. At its February 8 meeting, the city council voted unanimously to close the public hearing on the new local law, issue a negative statement on its environmental assessment form, and […]

More than 150 dogs seized from alleged puppy mill in ‘poor conditions’ in South Carolina

Authorities have seized more than 150 dogs from an alleged “puppy mill” in Pickens County, South Carolina. The seizure comes following an investigation opened Feb. 7 after the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Animal Enforcement Unit received a complaint of animal neglect, according to a statement. Animal Enforcement deputies attended the scene – a home in […]

Trial scheduled in human trafficking case | Local News

The trial is set to begin this week for a Hunt County man facing a felony charge of human trafficking. Some of the alleged victims had previously indicated that Jeffery Barrett was not responsible for the allegations. Jury selection is scheduled for Monday morning at the 354th District Court. Barrett faces an indictment of continuing […]

Protesters want to end monkey research at UMass

AMHERST — Inside a building at the University of Massachusetts, laboratory experiments on marmoset monkeys continue, despite occasional protests from animal rights organizations who have targeted the work. While the use of primates has been a focus of discussion, a newly formed group of students are promoting the welfare of all animals, such as those […]