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Pet Anxiety Problems: Is Your Dog / Cat Feeling Anxiety

Anxiety Problems in Pets: Humans suffer from anxiety, animals too! Anxiety affects a dog’s mental and physical health and well-being and can have a serious impact on their lifestyle. Stress, fear or trauma in pets are the possible culprits. Anxiety in pets can lead to many reactions such as excessive barking, whining, restlessness, lack of […]

New Puppy 101: How to Raise Your New Four-Legged Friend

Raising a puppy is a challenge for new and experienced dog owners, but it can also be an exciting, life-changing experience. The goal is to provide your puppy with a safe environment, but the line between safety and overprotection is thin. To help your puppy grow into a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted adult dog, the […]

The settlement of the class action requires time out of cells, common meals and leisure for those condemned to death

A settlement agreement was finalized this week in a class action lawsuit brought in 2017 by death row prisoners in Louisiana who accused of being held in solitary confinement – limited to one cell for 23 hours per day, without significant social interaction – for years or decades violated their constitutional and civil rights. The […]

Sarnia Humanitarian Society Resumes Fundraising Activities

Content of the article The Sarnia and District Humane Society hasn’t had much time to fundraise in the past 18 months. Content of the article “Because the demand on humanitarian society during the pandemic doubled and they just had no one,” said fund development manager Adelle Richards. Under-staffed and keen to meet a growing demand […]

Abused, abandoned dog dumped in Marshall County expected to make a full recovery

BOURBON, Ind. (WNDU) – A Marshall County dog ​​is taking action to recover after being abused and then left by the side of the road last week. Marshall County Humane Society Executive Director Nancy Cox believes Mango, a puppy just a few months old, was used as a bait dog to train fighting dogs. “He […]

Guide to Dog Friendly Terrace Restaurants in the St. Cloud Area

Looking for the perfect place to grab a bite to eat with your four-legged friend this fall? Saint Cloud’s dog-friendly patio guide can help. Here is a list of dog friendly patios in central Minnesota where they would like to see you. and your puppy while you enjoy a beer or a bite to eat […]

East Greenwich man abandons his dogs to RISPCA following animal cruelty investigation

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) – Several dogs removed from an East Greenwich home earlier this summer are now looking for a forever home. The RI Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA) rescued the dogs from the Downing Street house after utility workers reported two of them were left in the backyard without food […]

Apparently everyone needs H3RO3S – TechBullion

To share Tweeter To share To share E-mail The blockchain connection platform H3RO3S has proven once and for all that its ecosystem of connections between real people in the gaming industry to win is the wave of the future. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the recent round of fundraising is […]

Beware of the snakes emerging from their hiding places in the big country and Abilene

As we still have hot days here in West Texas, it appears that the snake population in Abilene and the Big Country is on the increase. I have spoken with many home and business owners and with Paul Washburn of the Abilene Animal Shelter and Rescue the Animals. Paul says “it seems the rattlesnake population […]

Tales of a Puppy Kindergarten Dorm Volunteer

In season two, episode two of the North Irish comedy “Derry Girls”, the character of Ms. De Brún is introduced. A spirited and passionate English teacher, she inspires her students to new creative heights through a healthy program of hitting objects with bats, cigarettes and wine parties. In one of her first scenes, Ms. De […]