Carolyn Hax: They refused to take in a sick dog; stepmother is “livid”

My husband immediately questioned the health of the dog, and he was agitated. I said then that I was not comfortable with a dog, still so young, who was so recently so ill – vomiting just two weeks ago – being around both my dog ​​and my very young children. Not to mention the fact that he is not clean, chews, bites like all puppies, and we have a dog that goes completely crazy with other dogs, becoming very rough. My twins are 1 year old and can’t walk, spending all their time on the floor.

My mother-in-law is livid and says it’s because I don’t like Sally – which is true, we have a long and controversial history – and if the dog can’t come, neither can Sally. She also said that the new dog was “part of the family” and that I had better get used to it.

Am I being unreasonable here? We have never allowed guests with dogs. The idea of ​​a hotel has been dropped and the dog is too young/sick to board.

Not comfortable: Oh for the love of the fox.

No overly sick puppies on board, pooping inside, fussing adult dogs and needle-tooth around young children! Period.

It’s not even a question.

Your no-dog policy with guests is also not up for debate. Your house, your rules.

That they yell about it doesn’t strengthen their case; it just adds massive border issues to their side of the toll, in addition to child-endangering recklessness.

There may be a lot to own in this “long controversial affair” with Sally – your description blurts out a bit of contempt – so watch that. But even if that’s the case, you’ll have to start the repair process some other time and some other way that won’t endanger the crawly little people.

Re: Puppy: To draw the line and say no to the pup is a chore for the husband, isn’t it? It’s his family. It seems like they agree on this, but Uncomfortable needs to take the lead in solving this problem.

Anonymous: Why the husband didn’t completely shut them would be a mystery, except he’s a product of their (presumably) borderline house.

Re: Puppy: I would like to hear, here or in the comments, from people who really think it’s good. Why do you think it’s okay to impose your pet on people who have said no? It’s so common.


I DO NOT UNDERSTAND : I don’t understand either and I’m very attached to my dogs. Which, by the way, are looking better and better as I type this.

I keep hearing about people refusing not to take dogs for an answer – but I don’t really hear from their. Does anyone want to confess? Assistance dogs excepted, of course.