Burrnationk9s Introduces Dog Lovers to America’s Purest Dog Breeds

Burrnationk9s is an American pit bull breeder offering healthy and family-friendly puppies and specializing in the production of XXL Tri Merle Bully puppies.

Pitbull puppies are among the most sought after pets. Known for their loyalty, strength, and love of children, Pitbulls are in high demand, but the quality of supply varies widely from kennel to kennel.

Burrnationk9s is North America’s most respected and trusted pit bull breeder with over seven years of experience and a myriad of satisfied customers. The brand was founded and is run by Alandise Harris. This prominent professional basketball player ensures that each pup receives the care and support they need before joining their new family.

What separates Burrnationk9s from other US dog and puppy kennels is a unique approach to dog training and socialization. Using a rewards-based program, the professionals at Burrnationk9s are committed to training each dog to be as friendly and obedient as possible:

“Our pitbull puppies are trained to be obedient. When a puppy is old enough, we socialize it with older dogs and children. We raise our bully puppies in a loving home environment. Frequent interaction with humans and other dogs develops good behavior and temperament in our dogs.

While proper training provides a solid foundation for Burrnationk9s puppies, the company also ensures that all puppies grow into healthy dogs through personalized nutrition and feeding plans. Until puppies reach weaning age, they are fed mother’s milk, absorbing the antibodies essential for a strong and functioning immune system. Additionally, the company’s puppies are also bred with Muscle Bully supplements for additional growth and immunity benefits.

Alandise Harris, the owner of Burrnationk9s Pitbull Kennel is a full-time professional basketball player who runs tBurrnationk9s breeding and training programs. Dedicated and professional in her work, Alandise “saves no expense in care, no time in genetic research of these dogs”, and most importantly, he treats each pup as his own.

Alandise showcased her pit bull feeding techniques and what a typical training session looks like on her YouTube channel. Popular videos, such as “How to Feed Raw Dogs and Puppies” and “How to Train Your Puppies,” have been uploaded to help pit bull owners better support their pets, while learning more about Burrnationk9s and what the company has to offer.

Burrnationk9s customers buy the purest puppies that have been fed, trained and raised to be strong, healthy and social. Burrnationk9s hand-delivers pitbull puppies to all 50 states in the United States, while international shipping is also available.

Burrnationk9s professionals are committed to perfection, working tirelessly to improve their knowledge of dog breeds and training methods. With Alandise at its helm, the brand has proven why it is America’s premier pit bull breeder.

More information about Burrnationk9s can be found on the company’s official website.

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