Burnaby’s Pacific Assistance Dogs Society issues urgent appeal for puppy raisers and guardians

Known as PADS, it uses 35 new volunteers to care for and train the young puppies.

In “urgent need” of volunteers.

It’s the public plea of ​​a Burnaby-based company in the search for 20 new volunteer puppy raisers and at least 15 new puppy sitters for its West Coast region.

While there are many types of certified assistance dogs, the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) breeds, breeds, and trains certified assistance dogs that help with mobility and PTSD.

In addition, he trains hearing dogs that help people with physical disabilities other than blindness.

“The arrival of several litters of puppies over the past few weeks, combined with the fact that many of our dedicated PADS volunteers have finally been able to go on their long-term trips, means that we need a lot of new people to join our mission to raise puppies and change lives,” reads a statement from PADS.

Puppy raisers are volunteers who take young puppies and turn them into capable service dog trainees ready to enter advanced training.

Subjects focus on three areas of training: skills (such as walking on a leash and sitting), manners (seating well, appropriate household behavior) and socialization (having confidence in the world around them).

PADS says puppy raising is a full-time volunteer opportunity with weekly instruction to help the raiser and puppy develop their skills.

The company notes its two-year commitment as PADS works to reduce its return age to between 15 and 18 months.

The puppy must also be able to go to work or school with the breeder.

During this time, sitters help provide continuity of training and socialization when the primary puppy raiser is unavailable.

PADS says a puppy sitter could be used because of travel plans that don’t include the pup, when the breeder needs a break, to give the pup a different experience, or for many other reasons.

Guardians must be able to sit for at least eight days per month and in blocks of at least three days at a time.

For more information, including how to become a volunteer, we encourage you to visit the PADS website.