Boise Restaurant Responds to Controversial Social Media Post

Unfortunately, many businesses in Treasure Valley have been affected in one way or another by the labor shortage. By now, you have surely noticed the signs posted in restaurants and drive-thru services indicating the time changes. One of those types of signs was recently posted outside Hyde House in Hyde Park the other night. Soon after, another sign was posted as well, which completely changed the narrative and caused the internet to talk.

“Unfortunately, we have had unforeseen labor shortages and we will not be open tonight. We will be open Wednesday!” the original sign read. As mentioned earlier, most people probably wouldn’t blink at a sign like this these days, given that they’re all over town. However, it was the second sign that threw things into a loop. He said, “We actually wrote bad paychecks and all the front desk staff quit.”

It appears the second handwritten sign was posted by former Hyde House employees. An image of these two signs quickly spread across social media, from Facebook to Twitter to Reddit, creating an online dialogue within the community.

Hyde House posted a statement on their Instagram Story after all the negative press on social media over the past two days. “From October 18-20, Hyde House Restaurant received negative Facebook press regarding the payment of our employees. We regret any actions that impacted these employees, and these employees were financially supported at the time. . “

Credit Jennifer Elder via Facebook

The statement went on to say that “disinformation social messages have taken a life of their own by spreading false rumors.” The restaurant says it hurt the remaining employees who were not involved with the rest of the company.

“The owners of Hyde House are your” friendly neighbors to the north and have been residents of Idaho for decades. “The declaration ended with Hyde House providing an open door of communication between her and her neighbors.

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