Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota Seeking Mentors

ST. CLOUD — January was National Mentoring Month and a local organization is urgently looking for volunteers interested in mentoring youth in the St. Cloud area.

Last month, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota launched their “Be Big in 22” recruitment campaign to fill a need for volunteers. The organization says there is a great need for Big Brothers, as boys generally have to wait longer than girls to be matched with a mentor.

Nationally, 66% of children on Big Brothers Big Sisters waitlists are boys, while only 36% of participating mentors are men. The campaign includes asking for referrals from current and former volunteers, hosting various recruitment events, raising awareness in the community, and adding new mentorship initiatives to change these statistics locally.

BBBS partners with SCHEELS for Sports Buddies, a program for little ones ages 8-16 that meets once or twice a month for sports-related activities. The organization also works with St. Cloud State University for the Bigs on Campus program which meets twice a month to introduce mentees to campus life and post-secondary education. The “Be Big in 22” campaign runs until March 31.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota currently has over 100 children waiting for a mentor.

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