Beware of the snakes emerging from their hiding places in the big country and Abilene

As we still have hot days here in West Texas, it appears that the snake population in Abilene and the Big Country is on the increase. I have spoken with many home and business owners and with Paul Washburn of the Abilene Animal Shelter and Rescue the Animals. Paul says “it seems the rattlesnake population is exploding in Abilene.”

Does the rattlesnake vaccine work on pets?

So my advice to anyone who has outdoor pets, especially dogs that reside outdoors, is to get them vaccinated with the rattlesnake vaccine. My vet says give your furry babies at least a fighting chance, and yes the rattlesnake vaccine works on most pets, even cats.

I went to buy some glue traps from Jackson Brothers to put around my property to see how to catch these rattlesnakes. This is where I learned that snakes are popping up all over the place. Some snakes have been reported to enter homes through plumbing, cracks in walls and through the dryer vent.

To keep snakes out of my house, I place these real, inexpensive glue traps near all the obvious entry points, and guess what they work. I warn you, however, be very careful if you try it and if you don’t feel safe or comfortable getting rid of these low-life rippling creatures, call a professional exterminator to remove them for you.

The only thing I highly recommend is that if you have children, cats or dogs, please keep them all away from glue traps. If you are working around your tool shed or lawn mowing equipment, please “stop, watch and listen” for common signs of deadly snakes in the area.

Again, there are exterminators who can help eradicate snakes from your home. And don’t forget to vaccinate your pets with the rattlesnake vaccine you can find at your vet.

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