Best Places in Tri-City to Let Your Dog Run, Not a Dog Park

Attention dog owners! Where do YOU ​​take your dogs to run?

I saw a post on Reddit recently asking for the best places in Tri-Cities to run their dog. The dog’s owner is careful not to encroach on anyone’s property or stress the dog. The owner of the dog wants to find a place,

it’s not in town, but close enough that it’s not a long drive to get there.

Many people have recommended so many places.

A leash is always good, even if we want our dogs to run.

And, tick preventative medications are recommended, especially at this time of year.

Many people replied that there is an app called SniffSpot. Have you heard of this?

Some people recommend baseball diamonds, even though DO NOT in Richmond. Someone recommended Columbia Point in Richland, behind the bridge is a great place to run your pooch.

And, if you really want to get your dogs running:

I guess Horn Rapids is THE AREA to let your dogs roam.

If you have a great place to share where you walk your dog, feel free to share it on our

As dog owners, we are all in this together! I’ll share mine if you share yours, right? Hope to see you on a dog track soon!

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