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The anonymous owner of Impala Park writes:

Game changer, the very thought reminds us if our current ways of caring for our animals are in and of themselves effective.

If not, is it time for further new changes or are we improving the current methods? If the latter is needed, then who is responsible?

The Covid-19 pandemic highlights the need for everyone to stand united, maintain self-discipline, and ensure that everyone follows safe and hygienic practices at all times. The situation allows people to step back and reflect on their lives, as well as forcing individuals to meet their needs in relation to their demands.

Humans have basic needs to meet and families to support. In addition, our animals have also been affected to some extent, and in some cases worse than others. These animals depend on us for their basic needs and survival.

As a responsible animal owner, I reflect on the past and present ways humans have cared for animals. Was animal care worse before the pandemic, or has animal neglect, abuse and abandonment increased?

As a concerned citizen and pet lover, I am aware that there is only a limit to what one can blame on the pandemic. My responsibility for the care of my pets has never been lifted, no matter what the situation.

But it’s me. It is my responsibility to make sure that I continue to take care of them always. I also know many people who continue to love and care for their animals as well.

However, there are still many animals that are not properly cared for by their owners. Why? Meeting everyone’s needs and demands means that this also applies to our four-legged babies.


keep your pets safe

Animals are part of the family once taken care of. It is depressing that this heartbreaking question continues to linger with some pressing common issues knocking on our doors daily.

We must take into account the number of dogs reported “lost” via social networks. A responsible pet owner should always know the whereabouts of their pet.

In addition to ensuring daily food and fresh water, the pet owner should ensure that the yard is properly closed and that there are no loopholes in the fence so that the animal can escape or jump over it.

Additionally, opening and closing front doors remains the responsibility of pet owners to ensure their pet is safe in the yard. Cats, regardless of the care and attention they receive, tend to wander away from their homes at some point before returning home. Cats will be cats. It’s in their nature.

A second pressing problem is that of some dogs barking relentlessly at night. This is seen to be disruptive and irritates many residents.

The dog barks for a variety of reasons – maybe the dog sees a cat, maybe he smells an unfamiliar individual in the yard or on the street, or he is trying to get his owner’s attention to a reason.

Whatever the reason, I believe dogs shouldn’t be silenced, dogs should bark. However, that being said, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to check and see what the problem is that may be causing the dog to bark continuously.

In this case, the owner should be responsible enough to wake up and check in. It is easy to lay the blame on dogs as it deflects neglect or failure on our part as humans reflecting on our inability to deal with the matter.

Reminds me of how many pet owners talk to their pets? How many neighbors are looking for or offering help or advice? This in turn raises another concern: “Are we accessible and if so, to what extent? ”
Trust and respect are also huge factors impacting neighborly relations.

As humans, we focus on survival and therefore look at different ways to get income. One lucrative business that seems to have no end is raising animals in his backyard, where puppies are sold for a fee.

The mother of the animal, in some cases, is in poor health due to continued reproduction and lack of care. Let’s not forget our felines which are allowed to reproduce continuously, because it is considered “cute”.

Have you heard the following: “My cat just had kittens again. I am looking for a house for some of them. They are free.

A human’s intelligence is said to be superior to that of all other creatures, but humans fail in their inability to see the big picture of where it is leading and what it encompasses.

Animal shelters are chock-full of abandoned animals. Some animals stay there all their lives.

Many animals are also euthanized if shelters cannot be found. As human beings we tend to get angry with such situations and the blame passes from one to the other. We get angry with each other, we chase each other that the situation could perhaps have been avoided.

Amid the anger, we make accusations and stop continuing to support animal welfare organizations.

Again, as humans we are quick to blame, but this raises a familiar concern. As a responsible pet lover and concerned citizen, what would you have done differently and how would you have gone about dealing with this particular situation.

To sterilize or sterilize the animal or not to sterilize or sterilize, continues to remain a debate among humans. I suggest to you, my neighbor, to take into consideration the number of homeless animals.

The facts are the facts, it cannot be denied that thousands of animals are euthanized each year.

Criticizing euthanasia is understandable, however, what efforts have you made to help reduce the numbers. Do you allow your animal to continue to breed because it allows you to have more pocket money?

Remaining silent encourages continued breeding and increases an animal’s suffering.

Focusing on your anger only separates from a great cause, a separation that only makes the situation worse, stepping away from the original topic. Online petitions calling for support in tackling various animal abuse issues highlight the untold number of animal abuse cases and highlight the desperate need for change.

In addition, financial strains continue to weigh on everyone, adding to the human woes.

Plus, just as we rush to post a photo of a dog or cat in need of a home, have we thought about it and asked, “Why? “

Why are there so many homeless animals? Wearing love and compassion on our sleeves is awesome. As humans, we have more than enough to share, so much so that it has become a ‘tradition’ of sorts, that when we are faced with finding homes for animals in need, we automatically send a photo of this animal. with ease.

Finding homes for animals is great, but it doesn’t solve the many outstanding issues.

Irritability and frustration at having stranger cats pooping in your yard or the dog next door constantly barking. As social creatures we tend to project our feelings of annoyance while the thought of the question tends to turn some of us off.

The very air we breathe, the fire that warms us, the water that sustains us, the wind that blows through our hair and the space we occupy are there for everyone, humans and animals alike, since we all play a role in it. life, and as blessed by Mother Nature.

Who are we to chat with Mother Nature.

At a time when we are currently faced with disease, droughts, floods, fires, earthquakes and high living costs, including not knowing what tomorrow may hold in store for us, we wonder if all the irritability and frustration are worth it.

The world is influenced by good and evil. It remains our responsibility as animal lovers and concerned citizens to increase good deeds and continue to ensure that animal welfare improves. There is no time like the present to remind us that life is too short for blame games and fingering. On the contrary, let’s support each other and be on the lookout for each other regarding all animals. The solutions are essential.

To make the necessary improvements, the focus must be on the “big picture”. There is no excuse to stop continuing to provide support and help improve the welfare and care of all animals, no matter how serious the situation.

Many animals suffer at the hands of humans. Unfortunately, the matter cannot be settled overnight. But this can be resolved over time. And to reach this period, the problem must be dealt with one day at a time.

To ensure that the lives of all animals continue to improve and be supported in a positive way, it starts with you.

Are you ready to be a game changer?


Kingsway contest finalist determined to make change

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