Animal rights group calls for justice for Monterey breeder’s cats

MONTEREY, CA – A San Rafael-based animal rights organization is seeking justice for dozens of purebred cats who fell victim to a kitten mill in southern Monterey County, where 43 Scottish Fold cats were found last month.

The organization, In Defense of Animals, said in a press release that a deadline on Saturday was quickly looming for the owner of the breeding department to collect the cats after they were taken into the care of the Society. to prevent cruelty to animals at the end of September.

The group is calling for stricter legal provisions to be imposed on the breeder, who, according to the press release, had 31 cats and dogs removed from his establishment last month by SPCA officials. But the group said local residents around the facility claimed there were 43 animals located in the breeding center.

A concerned resident and a Monterey County Sheriff’s Deputy found three dead kittens in litter boxes and 40 live cats, many of them hungry and emaciated, living in cages full of feces, the organization said in the statement. Press. Many cats appeared to be unsocialized and scared. There were at least two litters of kittens and a few older cats living in cages with matted fur and infected eyes. A mother was separated from her little kittens, and she rushed to be with her kittens as soon as she was released.

According to the organization, the owner of the farm had recently been hospitalized. However, the breeder had been cited in the past for failing to provide proper care to the animals in his care.

With a deadline set for Saturday for the collection of cats collected by SPCA officials, the local organization is pushing so that the owner of the kennel cannot take back the cats and that the breeder is forced to respect certain rules. stricter guidelines for the race. ease. The group is also working to get the cats to an appropriate care facility where they can regain health or be adopted into loving homes, the group said.

“After this tragic case of neglect and cruelty, we hope everyone starts rescuing and stops buying animals,” Lisa Levinson, campaign manager for In Defense of Animals, said in the press release. “Even when breeders are registered with trade associations, it offers no protection or proof of a compassionate or humane life for animals that suffer in silence behind closed doors. Buying animals promotes the proliferation of factories. kittens and puppies, where farm animals are forced to live solitary lives in cages and pens, often without proper care. “

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