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AUBURN, Ky., August 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The pet lovers behind ACANA® pet food have announced a collaboration with acclaimed Peloton Instructor and an enthusiastic “dog mom”. Jess sims for his Forever Project, an initiative created to support pet parents and the launch of the new food, ACANA Rescue Care for Adopted Dogs.

Jess sims provide expert personalized advice and help families integrate activity into their own lives and into the lives of their newly adopted dogs, reinforcing the critical role physical and mental activity plays as pets adapt at times of significant change. This is just one part of the brand’s Forever Project designed to give new adoptive pet parents the best possible start with top-quality pet food, and a suite of behavioral counseling and training resources – all created because the animal lovers behind ACANA pet foods saw a need for a truly comprehensive program to ensure successful pet adoption.

A recent survey conducted by the ACANA team found that three-quarters of dog owners (77%) say they have a stronger bond with their pets now than before the pandemic. The formation of this bond is especially important when placing a dog. While the pandemic has likely contributed to spending more time together overall, establishing an exercise routine between parent and dog is a great way to bond. Indeed, nearly three in four dog owners (72%) agree that they have been more physically active since adopting a dog.

“Regular exercise and routine play an important role in a dog’s acclimatization to his new home, by addressing potential behavioral issues and can also have enormous health benefits for their owner,” said Jess sims. “I am excited to work with the ACANA Pet Food Pet Lovers to help new pet parents establish a fun and regular exercise routine with their dog so they can adapt, create bond and stay fit together. “

On 25 august, Jess will host a live class focusing on how pet owners can bond with their dog a strong one and share key tips on how to create a solid routine, ways to get active, and answer questions in direct from the public. She will be joined by pet trainer Marissa Sunny, dog behavior specialist, Dr. Darcia kostiuk, the in-house veterinarian who helped formulate ACANA Rescue Care for Adopted Dogs, and Jen Beechen, vice president of marketing for ACANA feed.

The course is open to the public – registration is available here and at

Animal behavior

As part of Project Forever, ACANA Pet Food Pet Lovers engage Marissa Sunny, CPDT-KA, Canine Behavior Specialist at Best Friends Animal Society®, which focuses on working with aggressive dogs, from rehabilitation and rescue to provide training support and transition counseling for parents of foster dogs to help them create and maintain a strong bond, especially during times of transition such as joining their new home or adjusting to new family schedules.

The survey also found that pet behavior issues are one of the top three challenges new adopters face when bringing a new dog home. Some of the top challenges dog owners faced after first adopting their dog included separation anxiety (32%), toilet training (32%), barking (30%) and their energy. (28%). Additionally, 38% of dog owners say they would like to know how to properly train a dog before adopting one.

Establishing a favorite routine with regular fitness and taking steps to reward good behaviors and redirect anxious behaviors will help pets adjust to their new surroundings and bond with their owner, which may ultimately help. long-term successful adoption.

“Time to decompress and socialize will really help cement the success of a pet adoption. When you bring a new rescue dog into the house, give it time to come out of its shell and get away from it all. ‘thrive,’ said Marissa Sunny, CPDT-KA, Canine Behavior Specialist at Best Friends Animal Society. “The experience can be overwhelming for a new dog, so socialization is important and giving your dog lots of praise and rewards while trying new things can build confidence.”

Forever project

The pet lovers behind ACANA pet food developed The Forever Project to support the launch of ACANA Rescue Care for Adopted Dogs, a new one-of-a-kind dog food in the United States formulated specifically for the unique needs of rescue dogs and their transition from shelter environments to their new homes forever.

The project includes official multi-year pet food sponsorship with Best Friends Animal Society, an organization that works with a network of more than 3,300 animal welfare and shelter partners, and community members at the nationwide. In reality, Jess sims adopted her dog from Best Friends Animal Society partner Muddy Paws.

The ACANA pet feeding team has also created a library of resources to help new pet parents rescue on their website.

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