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Dear Dr Fox: I just read an article about the woman who was overcharged for the treatment of her sick dog. A similar thing happened to me this summer.

My dog ​​was limping and I thought he had injured his foot, so we took him to the Blue Pearl Specialty Hospital late at night. When we got there they told us my dog ​​had a broken bone in his neck! We were so upset to hear this as he seemed to be fine except for a sore foot.

I asked if they had taken x-rays to determine this. They said no, but they wanted me to take him to another doctor for a CT scan on Monday morning. So I called and made an appointment with this other doctor, who told me they could have him operated on – the cost would be $ 2,000 for the exam and $ 6,000 to $ 7,000 for the. surgery. I canceled this appointment because I could see he didn’t have a fractured neck.

Blue Pearl had given me some pills ($ 374) to give to my dog, but he wouldn’t take them. I brought him home crying, and we put him to bed with us.Come in the morning, the dog jumps out of bed, having never taken any pills, andseemed to be in great shape, no problem. A few neighbors came over and I told my story, and they were shocked – no one saw any problems with my dog. He is still doing very well.

I feel like something has to be done with that sort of thing. What this vet is doing isn’t right – just to make money with people who love their dogs. – JA, Bonita Springs, Florida

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