Animal advocate Holmes applauds IDOA action on pet stores circumventing new puppy mill regulations

AURORA – THE Illinois Department of Agriculture sent license revocation petitions to three Illinois pet stores operating in violation of the Animal Welfare Act, and State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora), sponsor of Bill 1711, commends this effort and issued the following statement:

“This new state law prohibits the sale of pets from unscrupulous breeders and puppy mills and instead requires these stores to help connect shelters or rescue animals with potential adopters. .

“Some store owners have attempted to circumvent the new regulations, but the Illinois Department of Agriculture has investigated and is acting to potentially revoke their licenses. The IDOA is working to ensure compliance with this law and to other laws that keep animals safe, and I salute their efforts in this regard.

“The recently updated business model is growing in the United States, and stores following this trend continue to succeed without selling ill-bred pets with myriad health issues and at exorbitant prices. All types of businesses must comply with regulations, including pet stores.

Holmes has a long and successful legislative record of measures related to animal health and welfare throughout his career in the Illinois Senate.