All dog owners will be required to take a course, except in the case of hunting, herding or guard dogs

There are dogs and there are hunting dogs or shepherd animals. A distinction in which the breed has nothing to do, since thousands of dogs with pedigrees and hunting or herding instincts live as pets outside the fields and shotguns (also with owners who hunt and graze). They are the same animals, with the same ethology and the same needs, but this ancestral distinction between the dog that keeps company and the one that becomes an instrument, is included in the bill the protection and welfare of animals promoted by the government.

20 minutes had access to the full text of the bill, which began its journey this Friday after months behind schedule due to reluctance expressed by the Ministry of Agriculture. In the final wording There are two separate articles, with few differences between them, dedicated to hunting and herding dogs and animal guards.

In both cases requires that they be enrolled in the developing pet registryand they must also be linked to the responsible or owner’s hunting license or breeder’s registry. breed with them it will be mandatory to register in the register of breeders, the conditions of which are also awaiting change.

Herding or guard dogs with access to the outside, whose owner is not registered in the register of breeders and who may have uncontrolled access with other dogs, must have a tracking device. This is something that is not considered for hunting dogs, for which in the same situation, sterilization is required. What is included for both is that if there are dogs of both sexes in the same location that cannot be separated, at least all male or female specimens must be sterilized. What else, hunting dogs that change handsif they are going to arrest someone who is not in the future breeder registry, they will have to be spayed or delivered with the spay pledge

The biggest distinctions between these professional dogs and others it comes by being exempted from certain obligations. Section 33.2 does not apply to dogs tending livestock. And to none of them does section n of article 31 or sections 1 and 2 of article 35 apply. What are these points?

Here is how Article 33.2 reads: “The keepers or, failing that, those responsible for keeping pet animals that usually stay in open spaces and live or may interact with other animals of the same species and of different sex, will have to sterilize of their pets.

As for paragraph 1 of article 35, it refers to the fact that “persons who own or are responsible for dogs have previously completed an accredited training course for the possession of dogs, the content of which will be determined by regulation”. A course whose content, methods and management raise many questions today among owners.

Section 2 indicates that “All dogs must meet the classification criteria for sociabilityrespect the behavior validation and socialization mechanisms determined by the regulations”.

Hunting, herding and livestock guarding dogs that do not have sociability tests will be classified as “special behavior dogs outside the specific activity”.

This rule prepared by the Ministry of Social Rights, which began its journey after its approval this Friday in the Council of Ministers, could enter into force before the end of 2022.