Adopt me Hank is a happy dog

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Hello everyone,

My name is Hank!

I’m an adorable “teenage” boy about 10 months old and already weighing over 70 pounds, I still have some growing to do so I might end up being a pretty big boy!

I arrived here at the GTHS Animal Center not long ago after some things changed at home and my humans could no longer give me the time and care they knew I deserved. So, they made the decision that was best for me, and that was for me to come here to Animal Center so the humans of GTHS could find me a fun new family to love!

Even though I’m as sweet as can be, I’m a little nervous and uncertain. Once I settled here at GTHS, the humans saw my true friendly personality begin to shine.

Once I feel comfortable with my surroundings, my happy attitude seems to win everyone over instantly hehe, I greet everyone with a smiley face and a wagging tail!

I also did a great job learning my basics of obedience and I already know “sit”, “down” and “paw”.

I am also a big water dog! I love the GTHS dog pool and hope my new family will allow me to treat myself by taking me on lots of swimming adventures or maybe having fun in the backyard with the hose and my own swimming pool.

I really hope my new family will be fun, outdoors and active like me! I love my time outside (and the water, don’t forget hehe) and I hope I will have lots of playtime in the garden and walks around my new home. Granted, I need a little work on my leash manners…hehe but with a little guidance and consistency, I know I’ll be your perfect walking buddy in no time!

Now, although the humans at the GTHS can’t be sure, they say they’ve seen signs of “prey drive”, so living in a house with small animals (like kittens) may not be- not be the best for a guy like me. I would also like to be your one and only dog, please. I can be a bit “picky” about my dog ​​friends, so being the only dog ​​in the house would be better for a guy like me. It would certainly be great if my new human or family had experience with dogs and I could help further my socialization with other dogs, ensuring proper, slow, positive introductions and interactions.

Now, speaking of being difficult with dog friends and being a little nervous, I have to let you know that my former canine doctor prescribed me a special medication to help me feel better. I think humans call them anxiety pills.

The GTHS humans kept me on my special medicine and it really helps! Don’t worry, they’ll give you lots of information about it and send me some home too, to make my transition as successful as possible! Hopefully down the road I might not even need them anymore, but for now they are helping me be a happy, calmer Hank!

I know I will pretty much fit in with an experienced family that wants to add a happy, friendly young dog to their family, as long as they don’t mind continuing to work with me for a bit. Remember, please be patient with me as I settle into my new home and give me time to learn our new routine together! In return, I promise you’ll have the best doggie friend, companion and sidekick you could ever hope for!

My adoption fee is $400 and includes my neutral and up-to-date vaccinations, my dewormer and a microchip.

Fluffy Wags,

xox hank

* If you are interested in adopting me, please visit our main adoptions page ( for instructions on our modified covid adoption process*


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