4,000 Beagles Have Been Rescued From a ‘Prison-Like’ US Facility and You Can Adopt One Now

Would you give a good home to a beagle intended for use in laboratory experiments?

Thousands of dogs have been rescued from a commercial farm in Virginia, where activists say the animals were living in “prison-like” conditions until authorities intervened.

Now a judge has order that the approximately 4,000 beagles will be adopted into new homes, which will spare them a lifetime of experimentation.

So if you love beagles and are thinking of adding a four-legged friend to your life, the universe might be beckoning you.

Beagles were bred by a scientific research organization called Envigo in Cumberland, Virginia. However, the facility was recently shut down after PETA went undercover and revealed what it describe like a “hell” of a puppy mill on the site.

US officials also inspected the site and found more than 70 animal welfare violations, according to US senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine from Virginia.

“After months of advocacy, we take comfort in knowing that nearly 4,000 Envigo dogs will be spared a lifetime of suffering and will instead go to loving homes,” they said in a joint statement.

Parent company of Envigo agreed to shut down the facility last month, saying it would take too much time and effort to fix all the problems discovered by authorities.

Some 500 beagles are already at the Return trails shelter in Fairfax, with many more expected to arrive as the facility is emptied over the next 60 days. Several of them are currently up for adoption.

“I am thrilled to tell the story of these dogs and what they went through,” said shelter founder Sue Bell. New York Times. “I really hope the public will step up and we can see this as the start of a pretty crucial change.”

So if you are interested in adopting and you are in the Virginia area, you can contact Homeward Trails directly. And if you are not nearby, the association also accepts donations on line.

“It will cost an average of $265 per dog to have them fully vetted and ready for adoption,” the shelter said in a statement. Facebook post.

“They deserve to live a life as part of the family and we are desperate to make sure that happens as soon as possible.”