2022 Dog Jog winners announced

Scene from 2021 Dog Jog. Courtesy picture


Los Alamos Dog Jog organizers thank their ever-supportive, pet-loving community for participating in the 2022 Los Alamos Dog Jog.

Despite the smoke associated with nearby fires, Saturday April 30 dawned sunny, clear and calm. To celebrate the beautiful morning, about twenty runners and more than 100 walkers accompanied by dogs moved for the Los Alamos Dog Jog.

All funds raised will go to support Friends of Shelters and Companion Animals (FOSCA) and its sterilization and catastrophic veterinary care programs. Through these programs, FOSCA helps reduce pet suffering and overpopulation and helps pet owners care for their beloved cats and dogs.

This year, Dog Jog was dedicated to the memory of wonderful Los Alamos citizen and lifelong animal lover, Kent Pegg, who passed away last year. Pegg supported Friends of Shelter and Companion Animals and the Los Alamos Dog Jog each year he lived in Los Alamos and is fondly remembered. Pegg’s widow, Carrie Montoya-Pegg, spoke about what an amazing person Pegg was and his dedication to helping people through training and coaching as well as his dedication to his friends, family and pets well. -loved. Pegg’s “theme song” “The Best of Buddies” played to a grateful crowd.

Additionally, this year’s t-shirt was designed by fourth-grade Chamisa student Taylor Schwerdt, and its design incorporated a tribute to Kent Pegg.

Thanks to the reduced cases of COVID-19, FOSCA was able to organize a post-race awards ceremony where many dogs received special prizes for their cute ears, their adorable wags or simply for being the special puppies that ‘they are. A special prize basket was given to the oldest dog to participate this year, 16-year-old Sassy, ​​and 13- and 14-year-old dogs Fido, Zoey, Chaco, Frankie and Bronco were honoured.

The fastest runners on the 5k course were Adrienne and Luke Hetrick who crossed the finish line with dogs Amber and Koa and baby Ryder in the stroller – a real family effort! The fastest kid on the 5k course was Annette Preston with Bon Jovi flashing her fancy purple tail. Second place prizes went to Andre Sison and Pike and Ayva Preston with Pink-Tailed Kiss, while third place was Mike Salmon and Chester, and Steph Sitarz with Peanut. On the 5km course, special prizes were awarded, including one for the most determined dog, Ripley, who despite still sporting stitches from an unfortunate encounter with a porcupine, finished the race in style !

Finish line dog toys, donated by Pet Pangea, were given to each dog – many four-legged finishers enjoyed deliberating over the many toy choices and choosing that special toy for themselves. Gracie the yellow lab was not registered this year, but since she lives in the neighborhood and was passing by, she was encouraged to choose a toy to take home, and she did!

On the walking course, everyone had fun. Dogs with lots of spots, dogs with fluffy coats, dogs with adorable ears, dogs just having fun were spotted on the course and the Dog Jog organizers really enjoyed watching everyone having fun. The whole photo gallery will be published soon on https://www.flickr.com/photos/fos_losalamos/sets

Dog Jog organizers thank their sponsors and donors, including titanium sponsors Jeremy Campbell/Ameriprise, Pet Pangea, and Ridgeview Veterinary Hospital as well as platinum sponsors, Blue Window Bistro, Lou Santoro State Farm, and Hartway and Breshears, CPA, LLC, and gold sponsors Rendija Dog Hikes, Atomic City Roadrunners and Los Alamos Doghouse, as well as silver sponsors, Los Alamos Medical Center, Santa Fe Sports and Images and Los Alamos Chiropractic.

And another thank you to all of the prize sponsors who donated gift cards for the fastest runners, random walkers, happiest kids and very special dogs: Pet Pangea, the Running Hub, Los Alamos Coop Market and Papa Murphy’s Pizza.

And a big thank you to all the participants who make you happy and appreciate you so much!

5K Finishing Time

  1. Adrienne Hetrick 22:02
  2. Luke Hetrick 22:03
  3. Andre Sison 25:34
  4. Garrison Sison 27:04
  5. #294. 28:05
  6. Marcus Kolman 28:07
  7. David Kolman 28:08
  8. Mike Salmon 28:10
  9. Ayva Preston 29:42
  10. Annette Preston 30:35
  11. Stephanie Sitarz 34:30
  12. Emmitt Tibbetts 38:15
  13. Denise Robertson 39:05
  14. Ben Barhardt 40:01
  15. Jeanette Trujillo Rondeau 46:20
  16. Linda Vance 46:30
  17. Tamara Jurado 46:31
  18. Ted Williams 50:55
  19. Lisabeth Fogarty 51:03