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“It’s a lot of neck to break”: giraffe surgery at the zoo is a delicate task

Very, very carefully. That’s what vets and zookeepers did, bringing down Como Zoo’s male giraffe, Skeeter, on Thursday. University of Minnesota vet Dr. Fausto Bellezzo shot him in the right hip with a dart gun, loaded with a dose of drugs so powerful that staff had to have an opioid antidote within reach. hand in […]

One-eyed rescue dog reacts with pleasure after learning she is being adopted

An animal rescue center worker captured the joyful moment when a disabled dog, who survived a puppy mill, learned she was adopted. Joe Kay, who works as a Dog Adoption Coordinator, helping to save, train and welcome dogs, shared the emotional clip on TikTok under Handful of Dog Adoption where it was viewed 1.1 million […]

Animal Lovers See Red As Dog Dealers Now Trade “Colorful” Puppies

Unscrupulous dog dealers are now selling ‘colorful’ puppies in an attempt to cash in on a craze that has seen puppy prices skyrocket in recent years, can reveal. ‘Rainbow colored dachshunds’ and litters of blue and gold French Bulldogs with ‘squashed faces’ are currently on sale for up to € 5,000 per puppy in […]

New research suggests cats and dogs’ ‘moms’ and’ dads’ really take care of their pets – here’s the evolving explanation why

Have you noticed more cats in strollers lately? Or bumper stickers that say “I love my big dogs”? You can’t imagine it. More and more people are investing a lot of time, money and attention in their pets. It sounds a lot like parenthood, but pets, not people. Can this kind of animal care really […]

DÜRR Medical, Medecom, MYVET, OR Technology – Oehm und Rehbein, Scil Animal Care, Sound, Vieworks, – The host

Introduction and scopeComprehensive and sequential study of Veterinary Radiology Software market provides end-to-end, validated and well-documented study report gathering key aspects of Veterinary Radiology Software market including supply chain, sales and marketing , development and cost of products or projects. structure. The study effectively integrates a balanced qualitative and quantitative analysis of the overall Veterinary […]

Here are the 12 fastest fast dog breeds – lightning-fast Olympian puppies

Dog ownership soared nearly eight percent last year, according to the Kennel Clubbecause the lockdown meant people felt more able to open their homes to a new puppy. The popularity of puppies now appears to be slowing, as prices continue to rise as demand exceeds supply. There is a huge selection of 221 dog breeds […]

Animal rights group calls for justice for Monterey breeder’s cats

MONTEREY, CA – A San Rafael-based animal rights organization is seeking justice for dozens of purebred cats who fell victim to a kitten mill in southern Monterey County, where 43 Scottish Fold cats were found last month. The organization, In Defense of Animals, said in a press release that a deadline on Saturday was quickly […]

Puppy mill owner agrees to donate 304 dogs to Animal Rescue League

The operator of a Wayne County puppy mill has agreed to return all dogs to its possession and reached an interim settlement agreement with the federal government, according to the US Department of Justice. Court records indicate that Daniel Gingerich, owner of Maple Hill Puppies, has permanently surrendered all the dogs he housed at three […]

Business of the Week: Peaceful Pines Pet Memorials and Family Sanctuary

Pilot and review of Wausau Editor’s Note: Company of the week is a sponsored article that shares the stories of locally owned and operated businesses in the Wausau area, highlighting the products and services they offer and how they contribute to the unique flavor of the metropolitan area. Learn how to present your business by […]