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“It’s a lot of neck to break”: giraffe surgery at the zoo is a delicate task

Very, very carefully. That’s what vets and zookeepers did, bringing down Como Zoo’s male giraffe, Skeeter, on Thursday. University of Minnesota vet Dr. Fausto Bellezzo shot him in the right hip with a dart gun, loaded with a dose of drugs so powerful that staff had to have an opioid antidote within reach. hand in […]

One-eyed rescue dog reacts with pleasure after learning she is being adopted

An animal rescue center worker captured the joyful moment when a disabled dog, who survived a puppy mill, learned she was adopted. Joe Kay, who works as a Dog Adoption Coordinator, helping to save, train and welcome dogs, shared the emotional clip on TikTok under Handful of Dog Adoption where it was viewed 1.1 million […]

Animal Lovers See Red As Dog Dealers Now Trade “Colorful” Puppies

Unscrupulous dog dealers are now selling ‘colorful’ puppies in an attempt to cash in on a craze that has seen puppy prices skyrocket in recent years, can reveal. ‘Rainbow colored dachshunds’ and litters of blue and gold French Bulldogs with ‘squashed faces’ are currently on sale for up to € 5,000 per puppy in […]

New research suggests cats and dogs’ ‘moms’ and’ dads’ really take care of their pets – here’s the evolving explanation why

Have you noticed more cats in strollers lately? Or bumper stickers that say “I love my big dogs”? You can’t imagine it. More and more people are investing a lot of time, money and attention in their pets. It sounds a lot like parenthood, but pets, not people. Can this kind of animal care really […]

Here are the 12 fastest fast dog breeds – lightning-fast Olympian puppies

Dog ownership soared nearly eight percent last year, according to the Kennel Clubbecause the lockdown meant people felt more able to open their homes to a new puppy. The popularity of puppies now appears to be slowing, as prices continue to rise as demand exceeds supply. There is a huge selection of 221 dog breeds […]

Animal rights group calls for justice for Monterey breeder’s cats

MONTEREY, CA – A San Rafael-based animal rights organization is seeking justice for dozens of purebred cats who fell victim to a kitten mill in southern Monterey County, where 43 Scottish Fold cats were found last month. The organization, In Defense of Animals, said in a press release that a deadline on Saturday was quickly […]

Puppy mill owner agrees to donate 304 dogs to Animal Rescue League

The operator of a Wayne County puppy mill has agreed to return all dogs to its possession and reached an interim settlement agreement with the federal government, according to the US Department of Justice. Court records indicate that Daniel Gingerich, owner of Maple Hill Puppies, has permanently surrendered all the dogs he housed at three […]

Business of the Week: Peaceful Pines Pet Memorials and Family Sanctuary

Pilot and review of Wausau Editor’s Note: Company of the week is a sponsored article that shares the stories of locally owned and operated businesses in the Wausau area, highlighting the products and services they offer and how they contribute to the unique flavor of the metropolitan area. Learn how to present your business by […]

EWC Community Education Announces New Canine Obedience Class | Local

TORRINGTON – The Community Education Office at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington is announcing by popular demand a special Level I Canine Obedience Class session for SMALL DOGS ONLY. Small dogs are the ones that typically weigh less than 30 pounds as adults. Examples of small dogs would be the miniature dachshund, chihuahua, pomeranian, most […]

More pets, fewer vets: veterinary clinics face backlog

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Local vets recommend that pet owners book health checkups for their pets well in advance as they face a backlog of appointments. The industry, like many others, faces the continuing impacts of COVID-19. Some offices say their calendars are booked for next month. They say before the pandemic they say […]

Why pet store puppies shouldn’t be on your holiday gift lists

As the holidays approach, the Humane Society of the United States has launched a new advertising campaign to warn the public about the risks of buying puppies at pet stores. HSUS It’s a sad truth that the cute puppies frolicking in pet store windows so often come from the creepiest facilities: puppy mills, where their […]

These are the 10 strongest adorable dog breeds that make perfectly powerful pets

Many of us have decided to welcome new puppies to our homes in 2020 – Kennel Club figures show dog ownership has climbed nearly eight percent – and demand for four-legged friends after the lockdown remains high. There is a huge selection of 221 different purebred dog breeds to choose from, as well as plenty […]

Horrible proposal for the ducks (letter) | Letters to the Editor

I beg the officials of the canton of Colerain not to authorize the construction of the proposed duck barn (“Duck Farm Costume in Court,” Oct. 20 LNP | LancasterOnline). First of all, in my opinion, this is not a barn; it is an industrial farm. A barn would allow ducks to be outside, where they […]

Two months left to save the kittens by donating to Scruffy Paws

A Rhode Island organization with an inspiring mission is facing a crisis and needs help from the community. Tabby kitten. Getty Images. Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue, a Rhode Island Monthly Winner of the 2021 Best of Rhode Island for Animal Rescue Organization, provides abandoned, unwanted and stray animals with food, shelter, veterinary care and the […]

Here are the 10 adorable furry dog ​​breeds that shed the most fur – nightmarish puppies for allergy sufferers

Dog ownership climbed nearly eight percent last year, according to the Kennel Clubbecause the lockdown meant people felt more able to open their homes to a new puppy. The popularity of puppies does not appear to be waning, as prices continue to rise as demand exceeds supply. But with 221 different purebred dog breeds to […]

Meet the team at Donegal’s New Veterinary Clinic – Donegal Daily

Sponsored message A new state-of-the-art veterinary clinic welcomes patients of all ages from the Northwest. The Bluestack Veterinary Clinic has been John and Kathryn Mc Aloon’s dream for many years. They have always wanted to establish a mixed family practice with traditional values. They hope to provide quality, compassionate, personal veterinary care tailored to the […]

Daycare owner jailed for hiding 26 children behind FAKE WALL at her home

A daycare owner was tried and sentenced to six years in prison on child abuse charges. The Colorado woman was arrested after law enforcement officials discovered she was hiding 26 children behind a false wall next to her basement at an unregistered daycare. According to court documents, authorities found the children during a welfare check […]

Dozens of dogs and cats found in appalling conditions at Scottish farm will be relocated

The Scottish SPCA has won a legal battle against a dog safety company to relocate animals found in neglected and disease-infested conditions. The organization has been given permission to move “or eliminate” dozens of dogs and cats found in appalling conditions at a breeding center on a Perthshire farm. He was forced to take legal […]

New Brunswick school support dog aims to break down barriers and alleviate student stress

Timber Wilson, Brunswick Junior High School student, Desi the Black Lab and Kerry Wolongevicz, School Resources Manager. C. Thacher Carter / The Times Record. When Desi – Brunswick Junior High School’s new support dog – walked out Friday morning during recess, students of all levels rushed to pet her. “I see her almost every day,” […]

County Resident Welcomes Pets With Special Needs And Helps In Local Animal Advocacy | Community

In 2012, Dalynda Evans took in a black puppy mill dog weighing just 5 pounds with brown stained fur and most of his teeth missing. Evans, a Cleveland County resident who has volunteered with The Bella Foundation since 2011, brought home the dog, who would later be named Lupa by his daughter. Some thought Lupa […]

A gentle giant in captivity

Thanks to scientific advances, threatening / injured elephants in the wild are captured using tranquilizer guns under expert supervision, with minimal trauma to the animals Elephants are the largest land mammals on the planet that roam free in the wild. Yet the man captured. tamed and kept in captivity for a long time. Now the […]

Danielle Lloyd slammed for raising her 18-month-old purebred dog amid fears for her welfare

DANIELLE LloydFans criticized her for raising her beloved French Bulldog, Fendi. The 37-year-old pregnant woman showed off Fendi’s puppies by describing it as a “special” and “emotional” day. 5 Danielle Lloyd’s bitch Fendi gave birth to two small puppiesCredit: Instagram 5 But some fans criticized Danielle for raising her pedigree dogCredit: Instagram Speaking to Instagram, […]

Mom and daughter buy tent after being rejected by 70 rentals

A mother and daughter in Queensland have been forced to take extreme measures in finding housing, after receiving 70 rental rejections and being shut out of the Sunshine Coast rental market. Jayanne Hughes and her mother Dianne, 70, who is recovering from shoulder surgery, bought a second-hand tent to live in, in case they can’t […]

Ghostly image of deceased Kentucky dog ​​appears in bonfire flames

The loss of a loved one is always one of the most difficult things in our life. And, because our pets are as much a part of our family as any person, the loss is just as devastating. But, what if, as with people, there was a chance that they would never leave us, but […]

Shuswap Paws, Shuswap Vet Clinic Save The Day – Vernon Morning Star

Astro and Elroy (pictured) are the healthy cats whose blood was drawn to help the kittens Damaris, Eos and Theron build their resistance to disease. Astro and Elroy are owned by Shuswap Paws volunteer Audrey Torbohm. (photo by Audrey Torbohm) Veterinary Clinic and the Shuswap Paws Rescue Society. (Photo by Lynda Tyler)” loading=”lazy” srcset=” 2000w, […]

Dog Quiz: Can You Identify These Cuddly Dog Breeds From 12 Extreme Close-ups Of Adorable Puppies?

We are a nation of dog lovers and this has proven especially true over the past couple of years when thousands of us have welcomed a new puppy in our homes during confinement. It is estimated that over a quarter of all households in Scotland have a companion dog and those who wish to join […]

Humans of UK: Lindsay McSorely trains dogs to be different |

Lindsay McSorely, UK 4 Paws for Ability’s recruiting chair, can often be seen walking around campus with Emmy, her four-month-old Goldendoodle host family. UK 4 Paws allows UK students to get involved in the community by training assistance dogs. It’s one of three organizations on campus that train service dogs, and they focus specifically on […]

The Milwaukee vet has always loved animals. Now she is going to their house.

As far back as she can remember, Rebecca Feiring, 39, has loved spending time with animals. Choosing a profession that involved them was obvious. But the way she spends time with them sets her apart. Feiring was four years after vet school and working at a clinic in Milwaukee when she decided to make a […]

These are the 10 dog breeds that are tough to eat – cuddly but picky

A lot of us decided to welcome new puppies to our homes last year – according to Kennel Club the number of dog owners has climbed nearly eight percent – and demand for four-legged friends after the lockdown remains high. There is a huge selection of 221 different purebred dog breeds to choose from, as […]

Kentucky city seeks to ban use of puppy mills

Elizabethtown City Council has passed an ordinance regarding the sale of dogs and cats in puppy mills. ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. – Elizabethtown has passed an ordinance respecting the sale of dogs and cats. City Councilor Julia Springsteen said she was the first city in the state to make it a criminal offense to sell and buy […]

Dogtopia announces partnership with NutriSource Pet Foods

Dog daycares and treat machines will be stocked with healthy and nutritious NutriSource products in time for Pet Welfare Month Posted: October 20, 2021 at 11:06 a.m. EDT|Update: 33 minutes ago PHOENIX, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – To celebrate Pet Welfare Month in October, Dogtopia renews its commitment to keep its furry family […]

Spaying pet rabbits has medical and behavioral benefits [Ask the Vet] – Reading eagle

Question: Our children received two rabbits and they would like to know the sex of each rabbit before naming them. We parents would like to know too, so as not to end up with a house full of rabbits.How do you know what sex each rabbit is? If one is a woman and the other […]

Evansville Police K9 Unit Needs Your Vote To Make Money

The four-legged officers of the K9 Unit of the Evansville Police Department need your help to score a game of a $ 25,000 grant. The unit is currently competing with other K9 units in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia and Michigan for the grant from Aftermath, a company specializing in “professional biohazard, the coronavirus (COVID-19) […]

Dozens of cats rescued from Muncie’s house

MUNCIE, Ind. – Authorities are working to save dozens of cats in what the Humane Society has called a “situation of gross neglect” in Muncie. The Humane Society of the United States is helping the Muncie Police Department deal with the situation, and the Indiana State Board of Health and Muncie Animal Services are also […]

Last call: Flying Crow Coffee Co. to close downtown café | New

SPRINGFIELD, Vermont – Local coffee roaster Flying Crow Coffee Co. will close its downtown café at the end of the month due to a combination of financial burdens, the owners said. As the young company will continue to roast, deliver and ship its popular coffee, the owners of Flying Crow Coffee Co., Ben and Samantha […]

LA Animal Hospital alerts public of emergency veterinary services overload – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – An increase in the number of pets adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in activities at veterinary hospitals, resulting in longer wait times, staff shortages and frustrated pet owners, Southland veterinary hospital company officials said Monday. “The veterinary industry is under tremendous pressure to meet demand, […]

‘No way I’m letting him be shot’

A couple’s bittersweet story about how they got their dog To won hearts of TikTokers. Decode and Demystify the Latest Gen Z Online Slang Terms with the new In The Know glossary. When Ashton hart learned that his grandfather died of COVID-19, he wondered if there was any pets were left behind. Hart was estranged […]

Towson Pet Store banned from selling dogs, fined $ 500,000

TOWSON, MD – Just Puppies, a pet store located in Towson and Rockville, will no longer be allowed to sell dogs in Maryland following allegations it sources dogs from puppy mills, a violation of state law. The store also agreed to pay a civil fine of $ 500,000 on Friday, according to Maryland Attorney General […]

Carson City Rotarians to Learn About ‘Feeding Homeless Pets’ | News from Carson City, Nevada

Event date: October 19, 2021 – 12:00 p.m. Denise Clodjeaux, Carson City Rotary Club Genevieve Frederick, founder of Feeding Pets of the Homeless, will be the guest speaker at the next Carson City Rotary Club meeting. The reunion will take place on Tuesday, October 19 at noon in the Grand Ballroom of the Brewery Arts […]

Marshmallow Animal Shelter Needs Foster Homes, Volunteers

“We saw a pretty large influx of animals and a constant inflow,” says shelter manager Cassi Ohman. “We’ve been a lot busier lately.” As an example, Ohman said, they’ve had five wild pregnant pussies this year, while in years past they’ve seen maybe one or two at most. She attributes at least part of this […]

City of Huntsville: Find Your BOO: ‘Spooktacular’ Adoption Campaign Seeks Forever Homes for Shelter Dogs

This week, adoptable dogs Paco, Reno, Isabel and Casey spent a sunny afternoon outside the shelter for a Halloween-themed photoshoot in historic Twickenham, Old Town and Five Points in Huntsville. . “Our historic neighborhoods are full of character and they look even more charming when decorated for holidays like Halloween,” said Katie Stamps, Huntsville Preservation […]

British Columbia veterinarian shortage causes regulator to worry about mental health of those who work

British Columbia urgently needs more veterinarians and the industry regulator is sounding the alarm about the mental health impact of heavy workloads on those currently trying to respond to the growing demand for their services. According to the College of Veterinarians of BC, the shortage is expected to continue for years depending on the expected […]

A new list of the most popular dog breeds of 2021 has been announced – which one is right for you?

Following a new UK pet industry report on the lockdown by Pets4Homes, has announced a list of the most popular dog breeds in Britain during the pandemic. The report compares the June 2021 ranking to a year ago, based on demand by dog ​​breed by measuring the number of buyers looking for that breed […]

Brooklyn man charged with therapy dog ​​hijacking 73-year-old grandmother – NBC New York

The man accused of dragging a grandmother down the street in a violent carjacking near a city park over the summer has been charged in Brooklyn Supreme Court. Kamani Romain, 21, of East New York, is accused of removing the 73-year-old victim from his car on June 6 and accelerating with his toy poodle. He […]

Puppy mill owner now wants to get rid of 189 dogs

Wayne County dog ​​breeder Daniel Gingerich is asking a federal judge for permission to transfer the 189 dogs still in his possession to an organization in Indiana that claims to be an animal rescue charity. Earlier this week, U.S. District Court Judge Stephanie Rose ordered Gingerich, accused of more than 100 animal welfare law violations, […]

Pet costume contest you can enter with just a photo

As long as you’re going to humiliate your pet with this thrilling Halloween costume, you might as well give them a chance to win some awesome treats and maybe even some cash! The Prosser Animal Hospital will be holding its second annual Halloween costume contest. Submit your photo and the winners will be announced on […]

Qualitative analysis of key players and competitive industry scenario, 2025

Abstract: The recent study on the Veterinary Welfare market offers a comprehensive review of this business area, with an emphasis on the factors and restraints driving growth, along with the opportunities and limitations that will influence the growth matrix during the analysis period. According to credible estimates, the veterinary welfare market is expected to register […]

Anderson: Ahead of Saturday’s opener, ringneck hunters have pheasants in mind

The rooster pheasant hunt has bewitched hunters since at least the Stone Age, and those many millennia later, wing shooters in Minnesota remain just as enthralled. Saturday is opening day for these flowering birds, and ahead of time, highlanders reflect on surveys of beetle populations, corn and soybean crops, dogs by their side and, ultimately, […]

Texas AG’s weekly roundup includes puppy mills, child trafficking, mask warrants and Facebook child exploitation – Corridor News

Staff report TThe responsibilities of the Attorney General’s office are to serve as legal advisor to all state government boards and agencies, to provide legal opinions at the request of the governor, heads of state agencies and other officials and agencies, in accordance with Texas laws. Texas AG sits as an ex-officio member of state […]

6 ways to improve your personal care routine

– Self-care can be loosely defined as the art of taking care of yourself. You’ve probably seen this phrase popping up everywhere in recent months. Self-care can (and should) include all of the other important indicators of health – physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, psychological and relationship. While it is nothing new to stress the […]

Pueblo veterinary clinic forced to cut services following COVID outbreak

PUEBLO – The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for Colorado vets. This week, a COVID-19 outbreak at a veterinary clinic in Pueblo forced them to drastically cut services due to a staff shortage. Dr Tiffany Barr-Ashby said her father and another veterinarian founded the Mesa Veterinary Clinic in 1978. She said the clinic has […]

These are 10 of the least affectionate dog breeds most likely to refuse hugs and cuddles

A lot of us decided to welcome new puppies to our homes last year – according to Kennel Club the number of dog owners has climbed nearly eight percent – and demand for four-legged friends after the lockdown remains high. There is a huge selection of 221 different purebred dog breeds to choose from, as […]

Montgomery County Animal Care and Control will close Oct 23 for floor renovations

Montgomery County, Tennessee – Montgomery County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) will be closed on Saturday October 23, 2021 for resurfacing of the grounds at the refuge. The office will resume normal business hours on Monday, October 25 at 8:00 a.m. For more information on animal adoptions and other services available at the Montgomery County […]

Puppy Mill Owner: It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine | Waverly Newspapers

A federal judge told a contrite Daniel Gingerich on Friday that she would take “all necessary and legal steps” to end the type of neglect the Wayne County dog ​​breeder is accused of committing. Gingerich appeared before U.S. District Court Judge Stephanie Rose on Friday for a hearing on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s injunction […]

Name That Dog: New York Islanders Adopt 3rd “Puppy with a Purpose”

UNIONDALE, Long Island (WABC) – New York Islanders have drafted their third “Puppy with a Purpose,” the team is asking for your help in finding a name. The adorable black lab will be training for the next 14-18 months to become a guide dog in the hopes of someday helping a blind or visually impaired […]

Work is progressing on the dog park in Mount Gilead

Work crews from the Village of Mount Gilead installed several benches and other items for the agility course at the newly constructed dog park at the former Fort Gilead location. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the month. The open space began to transform into a large and small breed […]

Northwest Indiana Cities Adopt Puppy Mill Policies

DYER, Ind. (AP) – Communities in Northwest Indiana are considering cruelty-free pet store policies that ban the sale of pets raised in puppy and kitten factories. The towns of Dyer and Highland recently passed similar ordinances that ban the sale of puppy mill puppies, The (Northwest Indiana) Times reported. They are among the first municipalities […]

Puppy Mill Owner Tells Judge ‘It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine’ | New

A federal judge told a contrite Daniel Gingerich on Friday that she would take “all necessary and legal steps” to end the type of neglect the Wayne County dog ​​breeder is accused of committing. Gingerich appeared before U.S. District Court Judge Stephanie Rose on Friday for a hearing on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s injunction […]

These are the 13 most popular adorable dog breeds in the UK – according to the Kennel Club

While there is a huge range of diverse breeds across the country, some are rarer in parks than others, according to research from outdoor clothing and gear retailer Millets. Only one Azawakh was registered with the Kennel Club in 2020, while fewer than 300 new Deerhounds, King Charles Spaniels or Cardigan Welsh Corgis were registered, […]

Canine companions travel to Billerica via Bedford

The Canine Companions puppy plane landed safely on Laurence G. Hanscom Field in Bedford and handed over five of its most recent service dog training to local volunteers, including a daycare owner from Billerica. Canine Companions provides trained assistance dogs for children, adults and veterans with disabilities. The puppies delivered to Bedford came from a […]

Madonio Family Trust helps APL with neglected horses

By David E. Dix The Portage Animal Welfare League recently received a $ 1,000 donation from the Madonio Family Animal Welfare Trust, Chas Madonio of the Brimfield Insurance Group told me earlier this week. The money, Chas said, was intended to help pay for expenses incurred by the Portage PLA, which rescued six abused and […]

Be the game changer | Benoni City Times

The anonymous owner of Impala Park writes: Game changer, the very thought reminds us if our current ways of caring for our animals are in and of themselves effective. If not, is it time for further new changes or are we improving the current methods? If the latter is needed, then who is responsible? The […]

Zagreb cat shelter promised by Mayor Tomislav Tomašević

October 9, 2021 – The Zagreb Cat Shelter Project is part of the necessary strategic documents of the City and is on the list of initial projects from 2021 to 2027. The mayor of Zagreb, Tomislav TomaÅ¡ević, announced the construction of a cat shelter during a visit to the Zagreb shelter for neglected animals. There, […]

The dogs of the hoarding case are on the mend | Local News

The 27 dogs that the Hopkins County Humane Society recovered from the Caldwell County hoarding case are on the mend. Humane Society executive director Dustin Potenza said of the original 27 dogs, the shelter now houses 18. “They are all doing very well,” he said. “They have shown signs of drastic improvement.” The hoarding affair […]

Well done to the members of the board of directors ready to discuss dog breeding | Opinion

From: Rita J. Jessen Winona County Council should have a thorough and informed discussion of the Winona County Dog Breeding Ordinance and the Dog Breeding Industry. I had the pleasure of reading last week that some commissioners were in favor of this. I said: “Well done to these commissioners! County Council should better understand how […]

Puppy Mill Owner Tells Judge “It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine”

A federal judge told a contrite Daniel Gingerich on Friday that she would take “all necessary and legal steps” to end the type of neglect the Wayne County dog ​​breeder is accused of committing. Gingerich appeared before U.S. District Court Judge Stephanie Rose on Friday for a hearing on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s injunction […]

County must act on kennels | Opinion

From: Karin Raile Winona Why aren’t we known as the humanitarian capital of Minnesota? I read the recent article on dog breeding kennels in Winona County and that a moratorium is still “on the table”. Marvellous! I support a moratorium on other authorizations for dog breeding kennels which will allow a real discussion. I have […]


Last week, we shared a long list of red flags in advertisements for dog training services that should warn potential clients to be wary. This week, we’ll be covering online dog training company claims and offers. Why worry about offending others in your chosen profession when you can demean your competition with empty promises and […]

How this founder paves the way for feline DNA testing to improve the lives of cats around the world

Anna Skaya, Founder and CEO of Basepaws, pioneers in-home feline DNA kits to supply cats … [+] owner data on improving the lives of their cats. Courtesy of Basepaws There’s one thing animal lovers all have in common – they want the best for their four-legged friends. In March, the American Pet Products Association announced […]

Veterinary practice obtains prestigious accreditation from animal hospital after overhaul

A veterinary practice in Worcester celebrates becoming one of the city’s two full-fledged veterinary hospitals. Severn Vets, who has practices in St John’s and Warndon, has been granted veterinary hospital status by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). This, according to the RCVS website, makes him one of only two in town to have […]

Richmond vet overwhelmed with shortages, unprecedented cases

RICHMOND, Virginia – A 24-hour emergency vet in Richmond reported reaching capacity on Tuesday evening, saying it had become a weekly event due to a staff shortage and an influx of sick animals and wounded. “We have a workload unlike anything I’ve seen in the 17 years I’ve been here and the 20+ years I’ve […]

Riverhead passes pet store restrictions unanimously

A ban on the sale of commercially farmed dogs, cats and rabbits in Riverhead Town was passed unanimously by city council on Tuesday, to the celebration of animal rights activists and an owner’s wrath animal facility present. The new law, introduced by City Councilor Ken Rothwell, requires stores with dogs, cats and rabbits for sale […]

“I can’t wait to share a good link”

Chase Bryant with dogs Chase bryant Chase Bryant has added another pet to his family. In mid-September, the “Little Bit of You” singer welcomed a puppy named Goose, and he didn’t hesitate to show her off by posting an adorable photo of the animal on Instagram. “I’ll leave that here,” the country star captioned the […]

Landlord assaulted after exposing horrific puppy mill in tenant’s apartment

DISCLAIMER: Content may be sensitive to some readers. For nine months, Dr Kennisha Gilbert contacted authorities about a case of animal neglect in his tenant’s apartment upstairs. But even with video evidence, no one came to help the owner and OB-GYN doctor. The situation has only worsened over time. She reported excessive barking, a smell […]

Photos of Huntington Beach oil spill show just how serious the mess in California is

The oil is so thick on the shores of Huntington Beach in California that you can scoop it up in gooey black handfuls – and the cleanup is just beginning. Crews have been trying to clear the shore for days now, after more than 126,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from a pipeline off the […]

Welcome to THE COMMONS – News and Views for Windham County, Vermont

By Virginia Ray /The cities BRATTLEBORO — Maya Richmond will be the new Executive Director of the Windham County Humane Society (WCHS). Richmond succeeds Annie Guion, in office since 2008. COO Keri Roberts, a 19-year WCHS veteran, will continue in her role, as will board chair Julie Hamilton. “We feel very lucky to have hired […]

These are the 10 adorable dog breeds most predisposed to developing hip dysplasia and joint problems

A lot of us decided to welcome new puppies into our homes last year – according to Kennel Club the number of dog owners has climbed nearly eight percent – and demand for four-legged friends after the lockdown remains high. There is a huge selection of 221 different purebred dog breeds to choose from, as […]

Woman burned in Yellowstone while trying to retrieve dog

The National Park Service reported another injury to a Yellowstone National Park guest who was burned in a thermal feature on Monday (10/4). According to the press release, a 20-year-old Washington woman was visiting the Maiden’s Grave spring near the Firehole River in YNP with her father when the dog jumped out of their vehicle […]

Sudbury group collects dozens of dogs found in appalling conditions

Sudbury – An animal rescue group in Sudbury collects 30 dogs that were found in appalling conditions in another part of Ontario. According to information shared on social media, more than 45 dogs were found inside a house, and they were reported to be hungry, sick and arguing. A Facebook group has been created to […]

The 5th edition of Paws in the Park takes place Saturday in Hawthorne

NEW | CHARACTERISTICS | OVERVIEW | EVENTS originally published: 05/10/2021 (HAWTHORNE, NJ) – The Passaic County Board of Commissioners, Passaic County Sheriff’s Office and Passaic County Paws, Inc. will host the 5th Annual Paws in the Park on Saturday, October 9 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Goffle Brook Park in Hawthorne. Paws in […]

City council unanimously approves puppy mill law

Helen Camlakides, owner of Sportsman’s Kennels in Manorville, addressed city council on Tuesday. (Credit: Tim Gannon) Riverhead City Council on Tuesday approved a law banning the sale of commercially farmed dogs, cats and rabbits, completing an effort to curb what some residents have called “inhumane” and “cruel” practice. The law aims to break the “puppy […]

Fromm Family Foods Recalls Dog Food Breeds That Have Been Shredded Due To Excess Vitamin D. Product Collection

Mequon, Wisconsin-Fromm Family Foods has announced a voluntary recall of approximately 5,500 Fromm Shredded Can Starter dog foods due to a possible excess of vitamin D. Dogs taking high levels of vitamin D may experience symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss. Vitamin D, when taken […]

Zoom Room achieves record growth

Through: Zoom Room | 0 Actions 44 readings Dog training organization shows impressive expansion REDONDO BEACH, Calif., October 4, 2021 // PRNewswire // – Zoom Room, the revolutionary, company-backed indoor dog training room, has reported strong growth since the start of the pandemic. Zoom Room entered 2020 with nine locations in four states and now […]

‘Stop health problems from happening’: local vets stay busy and share tips for new pet owners

New Northeastern Nebraska vets are encouraging people to make their pet’s health a priority because it’s National Pet Welfare Month. Monday, October 4, 2021, 7:55 p.m. CDT Update: Monday October 4, 2021, 8:21 p.m. CDT NORFOLK, Neb. – Local vets share tips for new and old pet owners. The pandemic has driven up pet adoption […]

State hits puppy mill owner with $ 20,000 fine and license suspension

In a rare move, Iowa regulators are fining a dog breeder whom federal officials have called one of the nation’s biggest repeat offenders. The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship is fining Wayne County breeder Daniel Gingerich $ 20,000 and suspending his Iowa license for 60 days, the report said Monday. ministry. Gingerich does […]

Pet owners let dogs out for Salisbury Woofstock – Salisbury Post

By Natalie [email protected] SALISBURY – Local pet owners let the dogs out on Sunday at Pitner Dog Park during Woofstock 2021. The Woofstock Festival, which began in 2017, raises funds for the Pitner Dog Park, located behind the Salisbury Civic Center on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. Event coordinator Alyssa Sides said profits from Woofstock […]

Emergency veterinary clinic planned for the south side | Cover page

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Therapy dogs delight students |

ELKTON – When Wendee Constable was a student at Harrisonburg High School, she volunteered at a veterinary clinic across from the old high school. The agent walked on Tuesdays and Fridays and accompanied the veterinarian on home visits. During her volunteer days, she was introduced to the mastiff dog breed and fell in love. She […]

Northwest Indiana Communities Consider Ordinance To Ban Pet Puppy And Kitten Stores | Local News

Anyone who violates the order is liable to a fine of no more than $ 500 for each violation, or $ 500 per day for a continuing violation, the order says. “We’re more or less just saying, ‘We don’t really want it in town,’” Starkey said. “Again, one of the fears was that if they […]

Dog used for puppy breeding reveals incredible weight loss transformation

A dog used to raising puppies has experienced incredible weight loss after tipping the scales at 26 pounds, while his loving new owners put him on a special diet. Rosie, a Cavalier King Charles, was at a puppy mill in Pennsylvania when the owners cruelly chased her away after she could no longer carry litters. […]

Are cats or dogs smarter?

Dog and cat owners make a lot of assumptions about the intelligence of their four-legged companions. Of course, we all like to imagine that our Fido or Felix is ​​the smartest animal that has ever picked up – or jumped on – a ball. Can we then settle the secular debate? Which species is smarter: […]

For Carly Werle, running a rescue, kennel and sanctuary is a true labor of love

Carly Werle knows full well how difficult it can be to deal with a dog rescue. To start, veterinary care for rescued animals can be expensive, and not all dogs are adoptable. This is why Werle, who founded the rescue of Coveted Canines in 2016, proposed a unique solution: she brought in more and different […]

Does your dog limp or have difficulty walking? Supplements can help

There can be many reasons why a dog shows problems while walking. In young dogs, there is a condition known as hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is more common in large breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Great Danes, and Labradors. It is linked to the abnormal growth of the hip joint. The hip is a […]

Minuteman launches animal science program

Veterinary jobs to increase 16% nationwide by 2029 Minuteman High School has added animal science to its list of vocational technical education (CTE) specializations for the 2021-22 school year – meeting the needs of the rapidly growing nationwide veterinary industry. With the addition of the Animal Science curriculum, Minuteman now accommodates a total of 19 […]

Ave Maria named Community of the Year at the 2021 CBIA Sand Dollar Awards

Ave Maria, Florida is the recipient of the prestigious Community of the Year award presented annually by the Collier Building Industry Association. This is the seventh consecutive year that Ave Maria and its developer, Barron Collier Companies, have won the award in the under $ 500,000 category. The independent panel of judges ranked the communities […]

Pet Anxiety Problems: Is Your Dog / Cat Feeling Anxiety

Anxiety Problems in Pets: Humans suffer from anxiety, animals too! Anxiety affects a dog’s mental and physical health and well-being and can have a serious impact on their lifestyle. Stress, fear or trauma in pets are the possible culprits. Anxiety in pets can lead to many reactions such as excessive barking, whining, restlessness, lack of […]

Owner of kennel where 29 dogs died in fire found guilty of negligence, cruelty

The operator of a west Chicago-area kennel where 29 dogs died in a fire in 2019 has been convicted of animal cruelty and failing to take care of the dogs. Garrett Mercado, 32, of Woodridge was convicted Friday on three counts of animal cruelty after a five-day trial before Judge Robert Miller. Mercado was also […]