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Episode 65: Promoting a sustainable profession

It’s no secret that the pandemic has brought an influx of new patients to veterinary clinics around the world. With the increasing demand for animal health services, many professionals must come to terms with the signs of burnout and stress. According to Nick Nelson, DVM, MBA, President of BluePearl Specialty + Emergency Pet Hospital, the […]

NH NOW Opens at Belknap Mill, With Iconic Photos of New Hampshire Life, Many in the Lake District | Local News

LACONIA – Drysuit firefighters practice rescue in icy water on a sub-zero day, alongside M / S Mount Washington docked for the winter. North Country High School cross-country skiers run in the shadow of the state’s highest peak. A cog railway car driving up one of the steepest tracks in the world. Two beer drinkers […]

How influencer Katie Sturino created her own corner of the internet

Jamie magnifico Im ELLE.comIn the monthly Office Hours series, we ask people in powerful positions to tell us about their first jobs, their worst jobs and everything in between. TThis month we spoke with Katie Sturino, who started her career in fashion public relations before taking charge of his own corner of the internet as […]

The settlement of the class action requires time out of cells, common meals and leisure for those condemned to death

A settlement agreement was finalized this week in a class action lawsuit brought in 2017 by death row prisoners in Louisiana who accused of being held in solitary confinement – limited to one cell for 23 hours per day, without significant social interaction – for years or decades violated their constitutional and civil rights. The […]

The SQSPCA announces the “fall” of the puppy mill program

(contributed) STAFF REPORT • Special at As the season changes from summer to fall, the Susquehanna Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is asking the public to help educate consumers and lobby for changes that will lead to the ‘fall’ possible puppy mills. “September is National Puppy Mill Awareness Month, and there’s […]

The director of the shelter denounces the cruelty of the “puppy mills”

September 30 — September is National Puppy Mill Awareness Month and the Susquehanna Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants people to “step up” before buying a new dog. “A lot of people don’t know that puppy mills aren’t illegal in New York State,” Susquehanna SPCA executive director Stacie Haynes said Wednesday. People […]

Sarnia Humanitarian Society Resumes Fundraising Activities

Content of the article The Sarnia and District Humane Society hasn’t had much time to fundraise in the past 18 months. Content of the article “Because the demand on humanitarian society during the pandemic doubled and they just had no one,” said fund development manager Adelle Richards. Under-staffed and keen to meet a growing demand […]

Increasing pet ownership by companions, increasing spending on animal welfare, increasing product creativity, and integrating software are driving demand for the market

To share Tweeter To share To share E-mail The Global The veterinary software market is expected to reach $ 771.6 million in 2027. One of the major drivers for the development of this market is the increasing prevalence of zoonotic diseases. The increased prevalence of animal health diagnostic and surveillance services has spurred demand, which […]

director of the shelter denounces the cruelty of the “puppy mills” | Local News

September is National Puppy Mill Awareness Month, and the Susquehanna Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants people to “get their feet wet” before buying a new dog. “A lot of people don’t know that puppy mills aren’t illegal in New York State,” Susquehanna SPCA executive director Stacie Haynes said Wednesday. People can […]

Abused, abandoned dog dumped in Marshall County expected to make a full recovery

BOURBON, Ind. (WNDU) – A Marshall County dog ​​is taking action to recover after being abused and then left by the side of the road last week. Marshall County Humane Society Executive Director Nancy Cox believes Mango, a puppy just a few months old, was used as a bait dog to train fighting dogs. “He […]

Canine belonging to the community shot and injured; Humane Society of Louisiana offers $ 750 reward for arresting gunman

Lafayette, Louisiana – A wandering friend who was adopted by a neighborhood and fed and watered by several residents was found injured on Sunday, September 26. Someone shot and nearly killed the harmless dog, named Bullseye, who has been roaming the same neighborhood for two years on the Wilderness Trail in the town of Carencro. […]

San Mateo: dogs, chickens, and pets available for adoption at area shelters

If you’re looking to add a ball of four-legged love and affection to your family, you should check out these shelters in and around San Mateo for a pet to adopt. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 6.5 million pets and other pets are entrusted to animal shelters […]

SQSPCA Announces “Fall of Puppy Mills” Information Event | WIVT

Posted: Sep 29, 2021 / 10:07 AM EDT / Update: Sep 29, 2021 / 10:11 AM EDT From the Susquehanna SPCA: As the season changes from summer to fall, the Susquehanna Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SQSPCA) is calling on the public to help educate consumers and lobby for changes that will […]

moratorium on kennels still on the table | New

by CHRIS ROGERS Winona County Council is considering stricter regulations for commercial dog breeding kennels, possibly including a temporary moratorium on any new kennels. At the same time, board members seemed to agree on a solution to one of their main concerns: ensuring dog breeders receive the required state and federal licenses. The Minnesota Board […]

Laws every dog ​​owner must follow – or risk jail and £ 20,000 fine

Dog owners in the UK risk being sent to jail if they don’t follow 20 separate laws – or face jail time. If they break the rules, which include animal welfare laws, they could face a fine of up to £ 20,000 or even be sent to jail. A BirminghamLive report explains that although the […]

East Greenwich man abandons his dogs to RISPCA following animal cruelty investigation

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) – Several dogs removed from an East Greenwich home earlier this summer are now looking for a forever home. The RI Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA) rescued the dogs from the Downing Street house after utility workers reported two of them were left in the backyard without food […]

Trial begins against the illegal owner of the Kunkletown kennel. What we know

The deaths of two dogs and the disappearance of another have sparked grim allegations against the owner of the Kunkletown kennel in charge of their care. A series of court hearings starting this week will examine each charge against Autumn Dempster in detail. She was ordered from the county to stop taking dogs three months […]

Rogue Plymouth dog breeder faces legal battle to keep his money

An illegal dog breeder who bragged about selling puppies to celebrities in America faces a legal battle to keep his ill-gotten gains. Famous Michael Dawson, 49, sold dogs on Facebook and Instagram without a license for 16 months. Plymouth City Council has launched a judicial bid under the Proceeds of Crime Act to have him […]

Lawmaker calls for lifting ban on transporting dogs from 113 countries

On Monday, 57 bipartisan lawmakers, including Congressman Ted Deutch, sent a letter to the CDC director asking them to lift the July ban that prevents the importation of dogs from 113 countries. These countries include Afghanistan, Russia, Dominican Republic, Egypt. and parts of China. In the community: Boys and Girls Club sees increase in food […]

Animal Doctor: Emergency Veterinary Cost Problems | Lifestyles

Dear Dr Fox: I just read an article about the woman who was overcharged for the treatment of her sick dog. A similar thing happened to me this summer. My dog ​​was limping and I thought he had injured his foot, so we took him to the Blue Pearl Specialty Hospital late at night. When […]

Apparently everyone needs H3RO3S – TechBullion

To share Tweeter To share To share E-mail The blockchain connection platform H3RO3S has proven once and for all that its ecosystem of connections between real people in the gaming industry to win is the wave of the future. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the recent round of fundraising is […]

Rottweiler Facts: Here Are 10 Interesting Things You May Not Know About The Lovable And Popular Dog Breed

Over the past 18 months, many of us have welcomed a new four-legged friend into our homes, as the Kennel Club saw the number of dog owners increase by almost eight percent from 2020. But with 221 different purebred dog breeds to choose from, there is a lot of thought to be done before selecting […]

Woman left dogs in woods, abandoned puppy at vet, cops say

A Galloway woman has been charged by police in three towns after Galloway police found several dogs tied to a tree in the woods. Galloway Police said they received a call on September 16 regarding five adult German Shepherds / Belgian Malinois dogs tied to a tree and left in a kennel without water or […]

Animal Planet’s “The Zoo” series returns for a 5th season, chronicle of activities at the Bronx Zoo

By SÍLE MOLONEY Monkey Photo courtesy of the Bronx Zoo In a brand new season, “The Zoo” returns to the Animal Planet network for season 5, with a two-hour special premiere on Saturday, October 9 at 8 p.m., season 5 plunges into what is described by Bronx Zoo like the hard work and heartwarming moments […]

Learn more about our 4-legged Latin friends

When you think of dog breeds from Latin America, your mind might automatically turn to a yelping Chihuahua from Mexico. Well, Latin America includes Central America, South America, and many islands in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and they are home to many wonderful dog breeds that you may not be familiar with. […]

Tales of a Puppy Kindergarten Dorm Volunteer

In season two, episode two of the North Irish comedy “Derry Girls”, the character of Ms. De Brún is introduced. A spirited and passionate English teacher, she inspires her students to new creative heights through a healthy program of hitting objects with bats, cigarettes and wine parties. In one of her first scenes, Ms. De […]

Five neglected dogs receiving treatment at Tacoma shelter after animal cruelty case – The Suburban Times

A press release from the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County. As of September 22, five dogs were confiscated from a Federal Way residence due to animal neglect and were brought to the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County for treatment. A Federal Way animal control officer discovered that the dogs and their […]

Kelpie sells for $ 29,000 at SA’s first working dog auction

A kelpie at a sheep station in Victoria landed the first dollar at South Australia’s first working dog auction, selling for $ 29,000. Key points: The national working dog sales record is $ 35,200 Lucindale auction has the potential to become a bigger event, breeder says The inaugural event received a lot of support from […]

UPDATE: Dog found! Aspen returns home after nearly a month on the run | Local

Aspen, it seems, is home. Jim Mital from Moscow posted on his Facebook page on Sunday morning that Aspen, an American Eskimo who fled in late August and has since escaped capture, has been found and has returned to Mital’s home at the foot of the Moscow mountain. “My little girl is at home !!!!” […]

Summer House’s Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Married: Photo

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cook. Melissa Marshall They do! Summer house stars Kyle cooke and Amanda batula married! The couple, who originally planned to tie the knot in September 2020, had to delay their nuptials due to the coronavirus pandemic. The reality stars, who shared their first exclusive wedding photo with Us weekly, got married […]

7 mistakes to avoid when introducing cats and dogs

Cats and dogs have very distinct tendencies, traits, and personalities. So, is it impossible for these furry friends to coexist in a house or even become friends? Lovers of two animals can indeed enjoy the best of both under one roof. However, like all relationships, establishing and nurturing a positive coexistence takes work, and there […]

Here are 11 puppies from the San Francisco SPCA

Pand adoptions hit record highs in the midst of isolationws of COVID-19. (People also frequented exotic pet stores to buy exotic reptiles [think small geckos and snakes and the odd tortoise] in large numbers.) While that initial flow has admittedly slowed down, leading to an unfortunate increase in the number of people abandoning their “pandemic […]

Meeting Different Needs for Different Breeds at Vernon Dog Park | iINFOnews

Image Credit: September 25, 2021 – 1:00 p.m. Small dogs don’t always seem to know they’re small until they’re around big dogs. It’s often a source of tension when little Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers walk into a one-size-fits-all dog park with overactive Danes or Rottweilers, but the North Okanagan Regional District has found a […]

The clock is ticking for Illinois puppy mill suppliers

Puppy factory pet suppliers have lost their minds. They’re in freak-out mode, furious at Illinois’ new pet rescue policy. Many in our area may have seen their ridiculous propaganda fill their mailboxes as they launched a Chicago machine-made smear campaign against me for the simple act of bankrupting puppy mills. That’s right. I’ll admit it. […]

abandoned puppy dies after testing positive for parvo

PEACE REST Liam: Abandoned puppy dies after testing positive for parvo The Kentucky Humane Society reports that abandoned puppy Liam has died after a week of fighting for his life. Updated: 7:23 AM EDT Sep 25 2021 After fighting for his life for a week, Liam is no longer in pain after passing away peacefully […]

30 dog breeds most likely to get ear infections

Labradoodles, Basset Hounds and Border Collies are among the breeds of dogs most likely to suffer from ear infections, researchers at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) have found. According to their analysis of 22,000 dogs, breeds with floppy, long ears are much more at risk of infection compared to dogs with pointy ears, due to […]

Pet businesses tackle pandemic | Local News

CONWAY – The U.S. pet industry is estimated to have grown from $ 97.5 billion in 2019 to $ 99 billion in 2020, and the pandemic has obviously played a big role in more people adopting pets. That’s an astonishing growth of $ 1.5 billion in one year. It was a year in which pet […]

Animal shelters adapt to ‘the new normal’ | Local News

FRYEBURG, Maine – At the start of the pandemic, Harvest Hills Animal Shelter adopted a new way of adopting pets by requiring all prospective adopters to make an appointment. They always demand that, according to longtime executive director Joan McBurnie, as they’ve found when people make appointments they’re more likely to return home with a […]

CROW Announces the Return of Taste of the Islands | News, Sports, Jobs – SANIBEL-CAPTIVA

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic has announced its upcoming 40th Taste of the Islands. Last years “re-invent” fundraising was so successful that CROW adopted the new format for this year. The event will continue at participating restaurants and will last throughout November. Bank of the Islands / Edison National Bank will serve as the Grade 12 […]

Tech for Pets and Owners – What’s Available? – Forbes Advisor UK

Last year, as the reality of the lockdown began to bite, the number of pet owners increased by 20% and a staggering 3.2 million Britons became pet owners. Many of them were from younger age groups, possibly working from home and having the time to properly care for a pet. Unsurprisingly, the emergence of a […]

people for cats | Falmouth Columns

Country united states of americaUS Virgin IslandsMinor Outlying Islands of the United StatesCanadaMexico, United Mexican StatesBahamas, Commonwealth ofCuba, Republic ofDominican RepublicHaiti, Republic ofJamaicaAfghanistanAlbania, People’s Socialist Republic ofAlgeria, People’s Democratic Republic ofAmerican SamoaAndorra, Principality ofAngola, Republic ofAnguillaAntarctica (the territory south of 60 degrees S)Antigua and BarbudaArgentina, Argentine RepublicArmeniaArubaAustralia, Commonwealth ofAustria, Republic ofAzerbaijan, Republic ofBahrain, Kingdom ofBangladesh, […]

What’s New This Weekend At Sooke – Sooke News Mirror

Looking for something fun to do in the Sooke area? We have what you need. FESTIVAL – The sixth annual Sooke Apple Festival is celebrated on Sunday, September 26 at Sunriver Community Gardens. The festival celebrates everything about apples, including apple sales, children’s activities, apple pressing, and the pie auction. Details: Send an email to […]

Elk River couple convicted of murdering 8-year-old girl

ELK RIVER – An Elk River couple who pleaded guilty to murdering an 8-year-old girl have been sentenced to 40 years in prison each. Thirty one years Brett Hallow previously, he had pleaded guilty to endangering children, threats of violence, assault by strangulation and second degree murder. Twenty-nine years old Kay sanctify previously, he had […]

Local animal rescues see increase in dog surrenders

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – After seeing an initial increase in pet abandonments, followed by adoptions, a local animal rescue group says the current state of the pandemic has caused a recent increase in animal abandonment of local puppy mills. Lisa Kime runs Golden Retrievers in Need, a nonprofit foster care rescue known as GRIN. “This has […]

Billionaire Jared Isaacman made a video for his kids in case the SpaceX mission didn’t go as planned

jared isaacman PATRICK T. FALLON / Getty Images Jared isaacman NASA called the SpaceX Dragon “probably the the safest vehicle astronauts have ever launched on“, but spaceflight continues to pose risks. This is why the billionaire Jared isaacman made some preparations before leaving the planet last week. In Inspiration4’s first interview after returning to Earth […]

Tom Shelby’s Dog Charmer: Does My Pit Bull Really Need a Muzzle?

Dear Tom,My husband and I recently adopted a seven year old pit bull from our local shelter. He is a cheerful, sweet and friendly dog ​​who loves everyone and everyone he meets. Sadly, in one of his old homes, he and another dog escaped from the backyard and managed to seriously injure a neighbor’s pet […]

Livingstone finds strategic partner for Shor-Line

CHICAGO, September 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Livingstone is pleased to announce the sale of Schroer Manufacturing Company (“Shor-Line”), a leading manufacturer of animal health equipment, to Midmark Corporation, a clinical environmental design company and a global manufacturer of veterinary, medical and dental products. The combined company positions itself as a preferred design partner […]

Lou the coonhound breaks record for longest ears on a dog

Lou, three years old, is a black and tan coonhound dog. He is a sweet, sassy, ​​intelligent and now record breaking puppy. It was love at first sight for its owner Paige Olsen (USA). She just couldn’t say no to her adoption! Paige always joked that Lou’s ears are “wildly long”. However, it was only […]

City council will likely vote on “puppy mill” law at October 5 meeting

The owner of Puppy Experience spoke at a public hearing in September and said his business is already subject to frequent inspections and does not deal with puppy mills. (Credit: Joe Werkmeister) The Riverhead Town board plans to vote on a proposal to ban the sale of commercially farmed dogs, cats and rabbits by pet […]

Horse Shelter fundraiser aims to help pay the hay bill | Paws

The drought has increased The Horse Shelter’s cost of hay by 21% this year, and with the shelter close to capacity with 78 horses and an annual food bill of $ 120,000, the goal of a fundraiser and of an auction is to bring in $ 50,000. The online auction runs until 5 p.m. Sunday. […]

WAGNER TAILS: Léo and Ellis

CHIPPEWA AND BUFFALO COUNTIES, Wisconsin (WEAU) – Leo is smiling now, but before coming to the Chippewa Humane Association, Leo has spent his life chained with little to no socializing. Chippewa Humane staff say that while still unsure of the world, Leo shows significant improvement and even likes to attract attention. Leo would do better […]

Why do dogs wag their tails? Scientists reveal complicated answer

It’s easy to assume that a dog is overwhelmed with joy if it squirms, it’s behind back and forth. What better symbol of happiness than a dog wagging its tail? However, science suggests that reducing a dog’s tail wagging to a mere sign of happiness is an oversimplification of the way dogs use their tails […]

Barrett convicted of human trafficking | New

A Hunt County woman has been convicted of using her adopted children as slaves in a puppy mill. Jurors at the 354th District Court convicted Barbara Barrett of Greenville on Tuesday afternoon on an indictment of continuous human trafficking. The sentencing phase of the trial was reportedly underway in court on Wednesday morning. Barrett’s husband […]

Dedicated honorary route: Dr. Gary Stamp Way | New

MONTICELLO – If you didn’t know why the K-9 dogs barking in the background were very appropriate at the Dr Gary Stamp Way dedication in Monticello on Friday, you knew at the end of the ceremony which saw speakers recounting the illustrious career of the local graduate, Vietnam War veteran and renowned veterinarian. Stamp has […]

Why nutrition is crucial for your dog’s behavior

Image by @ chiemsee2016 via Pixabay A Filipino veterinarian urged pet owners to feed their dogs a healthy, balanced diet, as this is crucial for their growth and development. Dr Saza Curaming, technical advisor of Mars Petcare Nutrition, said that with dog ownership comes greater responsibilities. “Whatever stage of life, a dog will need the […]

These Are The 9 Best Dog Breeds Around Kids And Kids According To Pet MD

With over 200 dog breeds available for adoption in the UK alone, this tricky choice may leave aspiring owners confused as to which dog is right for them. Often times, smaller breeds are perfect for a home with young children, while larger breeds are ideal for an active family that wants a dog that can […]

NH Humane Society Hires MVER to Provide Medical Services and Ensure Continuity of Care | Local News

LACONIA – Following the recent departure of the Medical Director of the New Hampshire Humane Society, Meredith Place Veterinary Emergency was hired to provide veterinary services to care for animals currently in the care of the Humane Society. “At NH Humane, we thank all current and past staff and volunteers for their selfless commitment to […]

A Lifetime of Service: Angels K9 Camp Police Known for Bravery and Kindness | Calaveras County’s Most Trusted Source of Information

The Camp of Angels Police Department (ACPD) mourns the recent loss of their comrade K9, an 11-year-old Dutch Shepherd named Thor. The retired police dog was buried following a sudden illness that made him unable to walk, but not before being whisked away for a final ride in a patrol car with his partner and […]

Jonas and Jeanette are available for adoption

(Posted on September 21, 2021) The following animals are among the pets for adoption at the Humane Society of Madison County. If you would like to adopt a pet, complete an online application at or call the shelter at (614) 879-8368. Jonah JonahJonas is a big, wacky darling who is now available for adoption. […]

Knowing Your Dog’s DNA Can Help You Become a Better Owner

Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs. You love your four-legged best friend and, chances are, your coworkers too. Most of the time. Bringing your dog to work can be a good thing, but it can also be a little awkward. While there is no shortage of products you can invest in to improve […]

The ecological health company Dassiet revolutionizes

ESPOO, Finland, September 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Today, materials company Dassiet launches UCAST – a line of products for hospitals and health centers, making fracture treatment faster and safer at home. both for the patient and the nursing staff. UCAST thermoplastic plaster takes only about 5 minutes to apply, while a traditional plaster can […]

Toledo Humane Society Removes Tags for Mixed Breed Dogs

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The Toledo Humanitarian Society recently received a special grant to help find homes for even more shelter dogs. The money will be used to continue efforts to remove tags from mixed breed dogs. Experts say guessing a dog’s breeding can sometimes make it difficult to find a home. Kristen McCann is […]

NH Nonprofit helping with expenses for assistance dogs looking for clients

The founder of a Dover nonprofit that helps people pay for expenses associated with caring for service dogs says he takes requests from clients. Brendan Madden filed the New Hampshire Coalition for the Support of Service Dogs with the Internal Revenue Service as 501 (c) (3) in 2018 and says he’s now starting fundraising again. […]

Lac La Ronge Indian Band member opens pet store and dog training center in La Ronge

Residents of the three communities now have a store near them to buy treats for their pets and get help with training. Lac La Ronge Indian Band member Jayme Woodhouse-McKenzie, owner of Pawsitive Attitude Dog Training, hosted the opening of his new store in La Ronge on Friday and Saturday. Woodhouse-McKenzie said she received a […]

“Growing threat to public health” caused by disease found in puppies in pet stores · A human world

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson One of many HSUS investigations into Petland found a purchased blue merle goldendoodle that was infected with Giardia and Campylobacter, two bacteria that cause infections that can be passed to humans. HSUS By selling puppy mill dogs, some pet stores spread serious illnesses that are dangerous to the public. […]

Dog licenses are public documents that cities must publish, NJ Supreme Court finds

The names and addresses of resident dog licensees are public records that people can request through the state’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA), the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled on Monday. The decision of Jersey City is another victory for Ernest Bozzi, a Burlington County businessman who uses OPRA to obtain information on dog owners […]

Emaciated horses removed from property by ministerial order, Ballarat court said

A court heard concerns about the welfare of ’emaciated’ horses on rural Victorian property intensify until the state’s agriculture minister issues an order for the animals to be seized. Key points: Court hears emaciated horses found on property with carcasses and skeletons Christine Weisheit, 64, has pleaded not guilty to 65 animal cruelty charges Animals […]

Cruella of 101 Dalmatians? British woman makes dog fur scarf

The biggest problem that a pet lover or pet parent encounters is their pets’ fur, which ends up getting stuck on their clothes or on furniture in the house. A number of equipments have appeared in the market, which help to clean the fur of clothes as well as in the house. However, a British […]

Blind marathoner who raised millions waited over 3 years for guide dog

Exclusive: Dave Heeley, 63, was named OBE after running seven marathons across seven continents and diving into the sea at Alcatraz to raise money for charity just three months after learning to swim. Blind runner Dave Heeley at the Great Birmingham 10k Run A blind marathoner made an OBE in New Year’s honors after raising […]

North County Business Records, September 19

ESCONDIDO Raising Cane changes the opening date Raising Cane’s has postponed its official opening date to 8 am Tuesday at 1280 W. Valley Parkway (the former Coco site). This is the second establishment that the Chicken-Fingers chain has opened in North County this year; a San Marcos restaurant opened in July. Go to FALLBROOK […]

San Antonio nonprofit train provides guide dogs for visually impaired Texans

San Antonio – Since 1989, Guide Dogs of Texas, a non-profit guide dog provider, has worked to train and provide guide dogs for the visually impaired in Texas. This group professionally breeds, trains, and pairs guide dogs with owners throughout the state. It is a service that brings friendship, freedom and mobility to those who […]

Waldo’s rescue pen left dogs dead in dumpsters – the Madison Leader Gazette

An aerial fight has erupted between a Manhattan animal rescue and a former employee who claims the group left vulnerable puppies to suffer. Waldo’s Rescue Pen founder Emily Dyson has reportedly raised critically ill animals, and several have died under her watch, sources said. In one case, four puppies died together from the highly contagious […]

Here are the most popular dog breeds and names in the Brockton area

Mixed-breed dogs are the most popular among pet owners in the Brockton area, accounting for over a third of dogs allowed. Dog owners have listed approximately 1,000 of their pets as mixed breed and have specified what type of mix for approximately 5,000 dogs. The best mixed breeds are Labrador retriever mixes, terrier mixes, and […]

Ave Maria sets a new record with more than 450 new home sales

Ave Maria, an award-winning Southwest Florida master plan community, has taken an incredible milestone with over 450 new home sales for 2021 in the development of Barron Collier Companies. With a 55% increase in home sales over the same period in 2020, Ave Maria is on track for a record year. Ave Maria was recently […]

Copley woman mourns lost service dog Benny

Three months after Benny’s disappearance, Grace Kolich is still looking. Not for Benny – she now knows she’ll never find him. Now the search is to find answers to her service dog’s disappearance and what happened at the Stark County kennel where she took Benny in mid-May. All hope that she will find her beloved […]


Awareness day on the history of the puppy mill Those who love dogs can’t even imagine a puppy and its parents living in a small, dark and dirty crate. They cannot move or play, they only have to play the role of giving birth. This is the reality of puppy mills. In large mills, thousands […]

During World War I, Horses and Vets Led Difficult Lives | Local

In World War I, more people died from illness than from injuries. The same thing happened with the horses used. Horses were the main means of locomotion for all war material. The so-called “caissons” which “rolled” were piled up on horse-drawn wagons. Like the soldiers by their side, the horses suffered from insufficient and insufficient […]

Puppy Camera Lets Public See Denali National Parks’ New Sled Dogs

September 17, 2021 | Colleen Coulon Amour Photo courtesy of Denali National Park and PreserveTop row, left to right: Jolie, Merlyn, Gus, DargoBottom row, left to right: Apollo, Sage, Blitz, Boomer Denali National Park introduced the new members of its sled dog team in recent days. Eight puppies were born at the park’s kennel last […]

Rally in support of the Puppy Mill Pipeline bill scheduled for Saturday, September 18 at Colonie Center

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Justicepourlescent, a local group that tries to raise awareness about animal abuse, according to its Facebook page, is organizing a peaceful protest on Saturday, September 18 at the Colony Center. The rally is intended to show support for the Puppy Mill Pipeline Closure Bill. Pittsfield to vote on puppy mill ban […]

Sweet Lost Pup from Rye, NH Needs Help Finding Her PAWrents

If you’ve ever seen a pet escape, you’re familiar with the horrible feeling that comes with it. It’s like a hole in the stomach combined with a heaviness in the heart. You cannot eat, sleep, function, until you find your furry baby unharmed. I will never forget when my cat Seymour came out of our […]

Bear and foxes rescued from roadside zoo in Tawas City head to Colorado Sanctuary

TAWAS CITY, Mich. (WJRT) – After years without proper veterinary care at a Michigan roadside zoo, a bear and foxes are safe in their new home at a Colorado sanctuary. In a report from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, it was stated that various animals were kept at the Sunrise Side […]

Pet adoption in the Reston area: discover new dogs, cats and more

If you were hoping to add a ball of love and affection to your life, look no further than these Reston area animal shelters for a pet for adoption. Across Virginia, there are thousands of homeless dogs, cats, and other pets of all ages – and many of them can be found in your area. […]

ECSU to find new puppy business after allegations surface

September 17, 2021 After learning of allegations against a New York City company that brought puppies to Eastern Connecticut State University for a puppy therapy program, university officials said they would no longer hire the ‘business. The allegations against the company,, were made by the Companion Animal Protection Society, which investigated the company in […]

Eileen Rosekrans | Death notice |

Eileen Rosekrans September 22, 1922 – August 15, 2021 Eileen Rosekrans, 98, of Columbus, Nebraska, died on Sunday August 15, 2021 at Brookestone Acres in Columbus. A private memorial service will be held at a later date. Eileen was born in Valparaiso, Nebraska, on September 22, 1922, to Oliver A. and Eva (Carlson) Fox. After […]

The four-legged defenders of the JBSA> Air Education and Training Command> Post display

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas– Members and dogs of the 902nd Security Forces Squadron of the Military Working Dogs Section train daily together to practice operations such as drug and explosives detection, arrest of assailants, specialized missions and daily base patrols. The training forms a link between MWDs and their managers to ensure the safety […]

Column: Chapel Hill’s Best Restaurants for Plant-Based Food

In college, food is as much a social event as it is a sustenance. When asked if I wanted to join friends on their midnight trip to Insomnia Cookies, I came for the camaraderie – not the cookies. As a vegan, I knew there was no option at Insomnia that matched my dietary restrictions. Or […]

Q&A with writer Catherine Hernandez, whose film about Toronto’s most famous suburb hits TIFF

“There are Scarboroughs all over the world”: A Q&A with writer Catherine Hernandez, whose most famous Toronto suburb film sweeps TIFF Twenty years ago, Catherine Hernandez was a single mother, barely able to put food on the table and run a home daycare so that she could make a living while looking after her child. […]

SQSPCA announces the formation of the Helping Paws Society | WIVT

From the Susquehanna SPCA: Still in festive mode after moving to a state-of-the-art animal shelter in mid-July, the Susquehanna Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SQSPCA) is already looking to the future. In order to meet the growing need for SQSPCA services and continue to cover ever-increasing recurring costs, SQSPCA officials announced the […]

Festivals, dog show & St. Patrick’s Day parade: 5 events not to miss in the fall

After the hustle and bustle of summer on Cape Cod, usually come the fall festivals which, even without COVID-19 issues, draw people outside in September weather. This weekend is jam-packed, whether you’re a fan of music, crafts, food, beer, or games. Or dogs – over 900 are expected to compete at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds […]

The most expensive animals in the world

Some oppose this approach, arguing that it fails to capture unquantifiable traits of the natural world, such as the psychological well-being it provides. Others say that living things are priceless. But the idea is that it can motivate people to see natural ecosystems in a whole new way – especially people who only think about […]

Celebration of the 2021 Festival for September 18

The Northern Oklahoma Humane Society and the Northern Oklahoma Regional Animal Care came together for an event at Ponca Lake Park to celebrate Ponca City becoming a community without death by 2025. Earlier this year, the Ponca City Council of Commissioners approved a resolution to set a goal for the northern Oklahoma regional animal care […]

Largo adopts new rules for pet shops | Largo

LARGO – There will be no new pet stores in the town of Largo, and the two currently operating have new rules to follow. On September 7, the Municipal Commission voted 6-1 on final reading to pass a long-debated ordinance that promulgates new regulations for the commercial sale of dogs and cats within city limits. […]

Pink with Starry Ceiling Genesis GV80 on Forgiatos was designed for puppy lovers

Little question: can puppy love generate significant income when transformed into a profession? Well, if you’re scratching your head with this one, take a look at this lavishly modified GV80 luxury SUV to find the answer. And we can easily take Tae Dove from exotic bullie breeding brand HellaBands for example after recently finishing work […]

order could limit sale of cats and dogs in E’town | Local News

A proposed ordinance could limit the sale of dogs and cats in Elizabethtown retail stores and parking lots. Moved at the Elizabethtown City Council working session on Monday by City Councilor Julia Springsteen, she said: “The main objective is to encourage adoptions and to enable legitimate breeders in our community to operate and to try […]

Ban on “puppy mill” faces criticism from pet shop owners, hearing on moratorium on solar farms

The owner of Puppy Experience spoke at a public hearing last week and said his business is already subject to frequent inspections and does not deal with puppy mills. (Credit: Joe Werkmeister) The Daily Update is a podcast briefing on what’s happening across North Fork. Get the daily update straight to your inbox every weekday […]

Aspiring vets trained in pet care

The Dunlop sisters learned about animal care. Kamal Kassim / Gulf today Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior reporter One day with the family, five girls were treated at a clinic where they learned about pet care. They had the opportunity to be veterinarians. For about half an hour, sisters Freya, Phoebe and Charlotte Dunlop and later friends […]

14 animal love lessons we need to learn | Ava cadell

Animals can teach us some of the most valuable lessons in life and love that can have a big impact on our relationships. From the lifelong loyalty of elephants to dolphin rescue efforts known to save humans from sharks, the lessons of animal love are abundant. Here are 14 lessons of animal love that we […]