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Should I have a puppy, kitten, or older dog or cat?

I finally felt mature enough to have my own cat about two years ago. The hunt for my future feline started as most people do: by going through the kitten lists at my local shelter. By default, I started looking at kittens because I felt like it was the right thing to do – plus […]

Rusty James, retired police officer and chronic dog rescuer

Back in the days when Rusty James was in the police force, he enjoyed answering animal-related calls. James has a soft spot for all animals, especially dogs. For almost a decade, he and his (soon to be ex) wife, Caprice James, have rescued dogs – mostly Boxer breeds – from abusive homes, puppy factories and […]

Opening Ceremony of the 2021 Olympic Games live streaming at 4 p.m.

An opening ceremony for the very first Olympic Dog Games hosted by the NH Dog Walking Club is scheduled for Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. The event will help raise funds for the club’s charitable partnership program, which supports Mary’s Dogs, Hero Pups and Live and Let Live Farm. The games lineup includes physical and […]

150 rescued dogs are doing well, according to humanitarian society

Shocked owner says a couple rented the house in Delater St. More than 150 dogs removed from a rented home in Niagara-on-the-Lake last week are doing well and will likely be adopted. The house on Delater Street now smells and has suffered dog damage, owner Arthur Scauzillo said. Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) staff rescued […]

Dogs available for adoption in Wichita

When looking at the makeup of American families today, it’s rare to see a home where a pet is not part of the family. According to the most recent data from APPA National Survey of Pet Owners, 67% of households, or around 85 million households, own a pet. Among these households, dogs and cats top […]

Kopernik presents the GeoCatching family scavenger hunt game

In search of summer family fun, find out what’s happening at the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center. Pandemic mitigation is giving families a chance to get out of the house and participate in some fun family time, and the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center has created a scavenger hunt game called geo-catching. The game which […]

Increased demand for pandemic pets has created increased demand for pandemic veterinarians | animal question | Pittsburgh

Click to enlarge Demand for pets has increased during the pandemic as many people have found themselves at home with more time and fewer activities. But with furry, scaled, and feathered new friends in people, vets have faced increased demand for services, while trying to navigate the CDC’s changing safety guidelines over the past year […]

New ‘Hops & A Hayride’ event is coming to Clarence

Buffalo loves a good drinking event. I mean, we have a party at the Hamburg fairgrounds and let everyone try hundreds of beers and the tickets go crazy. People love beer here and Kelkenberg Farm is having another fun event this summer. ‘Hops and A Hayride’ will take place at the farm on Wednesday August […]

How this adorable Vancouver dog found a forever home

“I didn’t want a puppy,” says its owner. Whether he’s wearing a rainbow bow tie, sticking out his pink tongue, or covering his eyes with his tiny paws, a local miniature schnauzer steals hearts with his adorable antics and teddy bear appearance. Owner Suzen Lülf recounts Vancouver is awesome that she feels lucky to have […]

Three Puppies Started Training To Serve Post 9/11 Veterans Via Caroline Nonprofit | Local News

The three puppies that arrived in Milford on Monday were delivered by retired Major Chuck Ziegenfuss, founder of Hero Labradors in Decatur, Texas. Ziegenfuss, who was seriously injured in action in 2005, received a service dog after the incident, but that companion died seven years later. Ziegenfuss’s difficulty in trying to locate another service dog […]

Victory! These American states have just made great strides for animalsA humane world

Red foxes became safer in Maryland after the state banned wild animal slaughter contests. Stock photo One of the ways we are making a difference for animals is by working nationally and locally to ensure laws are passed that prevent the cruel and inhumane practices that threaten animals – puppies born en masse. puppy […]

NH Dog Walking Club Hosts First Annual Dog Olympic Games

The NH Dog Walking Club – which brings dogs and their companions together for exercise, education and socialization in a positive, welcoming and fun environment – is hosting its first Doggy Olympics fundraiser from July 23 to 16 August, including the opening and closing ceremonies. . These Dog Olympics will give doggies of all shapes, […]

4 stocks that can make the average investor a millionaire

There are many ways to build wealth. You can put your savings under the mattress, invest in real estate, or buy bank bonds and CDs to generate interest income, to name just a few ideas. But of all the investment vehicles available, the stock market has been the most consistent creator of long-term wealth. Since […]

These are the 13 rarest adorable dog breeds in the UK

But while breeds like the Labrador Retriever, French Bulldog and Cocker Spaniel continue to gain popularity, others are much less familiar in UK parks. In fact, there are a number of breeds that have not been registered with the Kennel Club once in the past year. So if you have one of those canine friends, […]

Suspicious activity temporarily closes Six Flag Hurricane port

Very unfortunate things have been happening across the country lately. Over the weekend, the Washington Nationals stadium was completely closed due to a shooting just outside the stadium. Now it is reported by Jersey Shore Online that Six Flags Hurrican Harbor in Jackson, New Jersey was forced to close due to suspicious activity. We learned […]

Puppy in need of surgery highlights cruelty of puppy mills

Animal Rescue is raising money for upcoming puppy surgeries in Northumberland County. NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, PA – At first glance, seven-month-old Victor looks like an average Cocker Spaniel. But when he starts to walk, it’s hard to miss his birth defect. “He has no hips. His right knee is basically back and his left leg is […]

Fundraising for the new Bella Memorial & Runaways Animal Rescue Shelter

This post was written by a member of the community. On Sunday July 25, 2021, Runaways Animal Rescue and Flow Yoga / Pilates & Personal Training will co-host an event to honor the memory of Bella, their longtime feline mascot, and raise funds to support a new 7,100 square foot shelter. for homeless animals in […]

Butterfly Outing Event at WNY will be fun for the kids

If you have kids, Butterfly Release Day seems like a great activity to bring the kids this summer! There is a farm in the Clarence area that is having so much fun all summer long. This is Kelkenberg Farm and they are constantly having fun on the farm activities for families. Coming up, their sunflower […]

Man charged with animal cruelty after machete attack on dog in Volusia County – NBC 6 South Florida

A Florida man faces animal cruelty and other charges after investigators said he attacked and seriously injured a dog with a machete. An affidavit from a Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputy says Richard Nelson, 46, injured the dog in a confrontation earlier this month outside a New Smyrna Beach home. Nelson is also accused of falsely […]

These are the 10 largest dog breeds in the world – huge and adorable

Many of us have welcomed new four-legged family members during the lockdown over the past 18 months as the Kennel Club has seen the number of dog owners increase by almost 8% to almost 250 000 compared to 2020. If you are looking for a new furry addition to your home, choosing the right breed […]

Family fun: Parade of Paws promises to be a great fundraiser

The 18th Annual Spokane Humane Society Paw Parade promises music, shopping and furry fun for all ages. All pledges and donations collected will provide homeless dogs and cats with vital resources for permanent homes. The 2-4 mile walk begins Saturday at 10 am at the Humane Society at 6607 N. Havana St. “The trail begins […]

UPDATE: Barricade incident on Emerald Court ends peacefully

Update, 9:35 am: Officers have negotiated a peaceful surrender and the subject is in custody. No one was injured during the accident. The roads should be open soon. “The CPD appreciates the cooperation of the residents,” said Gill. Previously: CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – For the third time this week, Clarksville Police are attempting to […]

Local rescue sees significant drop in pet foster care and adoptions after peak of pandemic

“One of the great things about the pandemic, one of the perks is that everyone was at home, so everyone wanted to welcome or adopt a dog or a cat,” said Rachel Mairose, founder and Executive Director of Secondhand Hounds. At the height of the pandemic, the association was rescuing dogs from the Midwest and […]

Philadelphia Backyard Chickens Rise Despite City Law – NBC10 Philadelphia

A locked up herd of law-breaking Philadelphians continued to grow in number and thrive during the pandemic. Thousands of chickens are being raised across the city, according to one estimate, despite a 2004 ordinance designed to eliminate the practice. This particular trend in urban farming is becoming more and more popular, as parked residents view […]

First responders shouldn’t have to tackle tigers

The award-winning documentary film, “The Conservation Game,” for which our work served as the subjects, shows how people were able to buy tigers and other big cats, as well as other exotic animals, at auction. It also shows how some “conservative” celebrities – characters seen regularly on television and therefore trustworthy to tell us about […]

Renton pet store criticized for payment systems and puppy mills

Renton Puppyland receives complaints Puppyland charged with pushing confusing financial terms, deceptive payment systems, and obtaining puppies from out-of-state puppy mills. RENTON, Wash. – More community members are raising concerns after Q13 News published an article on Puppyland in Renton in 2019, where a couple accused the company of an expensive and confusing puppy rental […]

Albania animal lover: where do your donations go? – Go out

NGOs ask for money all the time. But where is this money really going? Transparency is at the heart of the work of JETA: Tier und Mench and, unlike large organizations, we have very little overhead. And – you can decide where to direct your money! Read on to learn more about our programs. CNVR […]

Five historic little towns that welcome four-legged backpackers | Lifestyles

Big cities are fast-paced and fun, and their museums and historic sites are world famous. But if you’re looking to explore history in a more personal and slower way, there are countless small towns across the country ready to welcome you. And most small towns are warm, family-friendly, and pet-friendly, so your furkid will be […]

How To Save On Some Of Life’s Most Expensive Items

The best things in life can be unnecessarily expensive for many preventable reasons. You may not be factoring in the local cost of living. Or you might not have a budget. Or you might be more likely to pay for brand names than you’d like to admit. Here’s how to save more money on the […]

Summer shindig and wagging tail

GREENVILLE – Remember the iconic 2000s chorus Baha Men classic— “Who let the dogs out? “ The Darke County Animal Shelter will be doing just that – and more – in their upcoming summer shindig for everyone, on two and four legs, with smiley faces and waving tails. Get off at the Shelter, located at […]

12 health problems labradors are prone to

MB PhotographyGetty Images Labrador retrievers are more likely to develop arthritis, stiffness, obesity and ear infections than other breeds, vets have warned. Research by scientists at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) analyzed the health data of Labradors, comparing them to Cockers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Shih-tzus. UK’s favorite puppy might be a great family companion, […]

Liberia: Humane Society International Celebrates Legacy of Care for Over 60 Laboratory Chimpanzees Abandoned During Liberia Civil War and Ebola Crisis

Monrovia – Animal welfare charity Humane Society International, and its Second Chance Chimpanzee Refuge Liberia, celebrate World Chimpanzee Day on July 14 with a moving tribute to colleague Joseph Thomas, who died in January this year after over 40 years of dedicated care for over 60 retired chimpanzees in Liberia that were previously used in […]

Lobby Blaine to ban pet stores from selling puppy mill puppies

BLAINE, Minnesota (FOX 9) – Community members and aid organizations are calling on the town of Blaine to stop selling puppy mill puppies in pet stores. In a shelter to kill, Maverick just needed a chance, and he got it with the Backes family – just like his sidekick, Kona. Advocates push Blaine to ban […]

New Bedford Police recover dog, charge two people with animal cruelty

We told you yesterday about what appeared to be an abandoned dog on Allen Street in New Bedford, not far from Betsey B. Winslow School. Now the dog is safe and those who abandoned him will face charges. New Bedford Police have recovered the Cocker Spaniel, which is currently in their possession and is said […]

Lower Bucks County hit by ‘century-old flood’ in heavy rains

The rain came and didn’t stop for hours. Neither did Casey South and first responders as heavy rains from the summer storm drowned his neighborhood of Croydon Acres. South spent most of Monday night helping rescue people further down the block of Spencer Drive who were stuck at home in what the National Weather Service […]

Complaints about dogs on off-leash trails on the rise

“The more people in parks who use them, the more incidents we get complaints about,” said Colin Heyens, Acting Enforcement Supervisor for the City of Medicine Hat. “We’re just trying to focus this month and hopefully try to curb some of this negative behavior so that everyone can use and enjoy all of the parks […]

2-year-old lab injured at Tampa-area dog daycare; the owner faces $ 8,700 in bills

BRANDON, Fla .– For dog owners, a return to work in person may involve finding a doggy day care center. But, these daycares carry risks. A pet owner whose dog was injured at a facility shared his story with ABC Action News’s Jackie Callaway. Months after suffering a serious injury at the Brandon Puppy Palace, […]

Why is the pitbull considered a dangerous companion dog?

Posted on Monday, July 12, 2021 at 9:50 a.m. Join AFP’s 100,000+ followers on Facebook Buy an AFP subscription Subscribe to AFP podcasts on iTunes and Spotify News, press releases, letters to the editor: [email protected] Advertising requests: [email protected] (© Lanier – Pitbulls have a bad reputation as dangerous dogs who are inherently violent and […]

Dog training during COVID went to dogs

A lack of clear direction from the province during the pandemic as to whether dog training is or should have been an essential service will lead to greater difficulties with dogs, according to local trainers. The problem is compounded by the increase in the number of dog owners over the past year and a half. […]

Baltimore County Animal Service closes evacuation center after outbreak of distemper virus – CBS Baltimore

Baldwin, Maryland (WJZ) – According to a county statement on Tuesday, the Baltimore County Animal Service recently seized 48 dogs from the Whitehall home after receiving animal welfare complaints. According to the statement, dogs of various ages did not have access to air conditioning and some dogs lacked water. Others showed signs of fever, pain […]

25 dog breeds that need a lot of exercise

Each dog enjoys a daily walk. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore, meet friends, and stay fit and healthy. Like humans, regular exercise can prevent obesity and relieve stress and tension in animals. But the exact amount of exercise needed depends on the breed, age, health, and personality of the dog. According to the American […]

Surface on track to pass the rally | News, Sports, Jobs

NEWTON FALLS – As reclamation work takes place at the junior / senior track complex this summer, school officials have discussed additional work for the complex in the coming years. Superintendent Rocco Adduci said the work currently being carried out by the Vasco de Massillon group cost $ 50,000 and will be completed in early […]

Richmondite recounts the challenges of raising a ‘COVID puppy’

Lack of socialization with other dogs, people during pandemic made it difficult to breed a puppy, says Richmond woman For many, the pandemic seemed like the perfect time to add to their family – or so we thought. Dog adoptions have skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic – the BC SPCA reported last year that some […]

Protect the dogs, the taxpayers | |

Until the state legislature finally passed tough law in 2008 to regulate dog breeding and kennels, Pennsylvania was known as “the puppy mill capital of the east coast.” Unscrupulous breeders kept dogs in squalid and inhumane conditions, endangering animal health and often ripping off people who didn’t know they were buying sick animals. The law […]

Farmington Animal Shelter in Need of Foster Homes as Kennel Population Rises – The Journal

The volunteer discusses the joy of work Stacie Voss, director of animal welfare at Farmington Animal Shelter, is keeping a puppy from a litter that will soon need a foster home on Thursday. (Jerry McBride / Durango Herald) FARMINGTON – With the Farmington Animal Shelter nearing capacity, animals that are too young or in need […]

Canine distemper outbreak closes Maricopa County animal shelter

A highly contagious canine distemper outbreak in Maricopa County Animal Care and Control has caused its western shelterin Phoenixclose some of its buildings over the weekend. On July 2, the shelter announced it had several confirmed cases of distemper – a highly contagious and deadly virus – at its western facility. Thursday morning, the refuge […]

Dogs have their day at the San Antonio Food Bank giveaway

Hundreds of San Antonio animal lovers collected bags of pet food from the San Antonio Food Bank during the non-profit organization’s first-ever pet food distribution to families in low income having pets. Residents lined up in their vehicles around the block Thursday morning at the main food bank campus on the West Side. In all, […]

Purdue shows vet school price freeze possible – News

Dean willie reed Purdue University photo by Kevin Doerr Purdue University isn’t the only institution to keep tuition flat, but it has been the case for the longest time, in a decade, says Dr. Willie Reed, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine (foreground) . There are two ways for schools to alleviate the crushing […]

Buying Weed Online: The Best Websites to Order Recreational Marijuana

As the legalization of marijuana has spread across the United States, getting weed has never been so normal. However, it is not as normal as traditional products and commodities. After all, marijuana is still illegal federally and in many states. On top of that, with the cannabis industry being so infantile, the regulations have been […]

Lodi’s new animal adoption center and sanctuary

Playful, furry, adoptable dogs and cats all await their new best friends at the new adoption center and sanctuary, PALS Haven (People Assisting Lodi Shelter). “It’s not just a dream for us, it’s a dream for the community,” said Stephen Curr, director of PALS. The new facility has been under construction for seven years, finally […]

In video, FDA urges reporting of adverse events

Anytime an animal drug is linked to an adverse event – in an animal or a person – Food and Drug Administration officials want to know. In June, FDA officials released a new video explaining to vets and pet owners why they should report any adverse events related to the use of animal drugs and […]

Feds Bust ‘Walnut Prairie Wildside’ after PETA push

For immediate release:July 8, 2021 Contact:David Perlé 202-483-7382 West Union, Illinois. – Following complaints from PETA, the US Department of Agriculture has inspected the local Walnut Prairie Wildside roadside zoo three times and slapped its owner, Thomas Edmonds, with a 21-day license suspension on a slew of federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) citations, including after […]

Two fresh forces for the next cycle

It has been difficult for many people, especially the unemployed, to access personal loans, mainly because lenders viewed the jobless applicant as a possible liability. Today, the situation is different because many lenders have developed loan products tailored to the unemployed. Just like employed people, non-employees can apply for payday loans and get approvals in […]

Fun events and exhibits planned for the coming weekend – The Madison Record

THINGS TO DOTN VALLEY HUNTING AND FISHING EXPOJuly 9-11Fri 3 p.m. – 9 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., Sun 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.South Room of the Von Braun Center700 Monroe StreetPaid entrywww.vonbrauncenter.comThis weekend entertainment experience is designed for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. This is a one-of-a-kind destination event for hunting, fishing […]

New Jersey Assembly Bill Seeks To Regulate Animal Rescue Organizations And Facilities Through Consumer Friendly Regulation | Fox Rothschild LLP

New Jersey Assembly Bill A5715 (the “Rescue Animal Disclosure Act” or the “Bill”) which would provide for the regulation of animal rescue organizations and facilities (“Animal Rescue”) in the New Jersey, was introduced in May, without a sister bill to date in the Senate. The bill would require Animal Rescue to provide consumers with an […]

Sebastian Is The Dog Gone The best dog you have ever seen

Allow us to introduce you this week Pet of the week of Vanderburgh Humanitarian Society.All these cute bunnies are for you to adopt! Fill out the adoption form on If you have a morning free during the week, come and do Mutt’s Morning Out! Or, on Saturday morning, Cardio for Canines! (It’s raining or […]

Why a financial boost for the office that exposes Pennsylvania puppy mills has stalled again

Spotlight PA is an independent, non-partisan newsroom powered by The Philadelphia Inquirer in partnership with PennLive / The Patriot-News, TribLIVE / Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and WITF Public Media. Sign up for our free newsletters. HARRISBURG – Partisan divisions are hampering legislation to increase funding for the Pennsylvania office responsible for exposing puppy mills and dealing with […]

Springfield’s Doggy Style Hot Dog Food Truck Goes Weird With Toppings

A revamped food truck that serves many types of hot dogs is gaining popularity in Springfield. Owners Jeremy and Tambera Mathis unveiled the new “Doggy Style” food truck in mid-April. Doggy Style offers traditional hot dogs, but it’s really known for loading hot dogs with crazy toppings. Jeremy Mathis has 20 years of restaurant management […]

East Haven: dogs, cats, pets available for adoption nearby

Do you want to add a four legged friend to your family? Look no further than these East Haven animal shelters for a pet available for adoption. Local shelters have dogs, cats and other types of pets ready and waiting for someone to bring them home. Millions of pets are donated to animal rescue organizations […]

Chatham Pet Adoption: Discover New Dogs & Cats

If you’re looking to add a ball of four-legged love and affection to your family, start at these Chatham-area shelters for a pet for adoption. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, more than 6 million pets are taken to pounds nationwide each year. Of these, approximately 3.3 million are […]

Pets in the Red Bank-Shrewsbury area that need a home: cats, dogs, etc.

If you’ve wanted to add a ball of love and affection to your family, you should check out these Red Bank-Shrewsbury area shelters for a pet you can take home. There are thousands of homeless dogs, cats, and other pets of all ages throughout New Jersey – and many are located within driving distance. For […]

Pet Adoption in the Kennesaw Area: New Dogs & Cats Added This Week

Want to add a new member to your family and give back to the Kennesaw community at the same time? Adopt a dog, cat or other animal from a shelter or local organization! Many animal shelters are still striving to find forever homes for dozens of cats, dogs and other lovable critters. According to the […]

Can you spot the REAL dog hiding from his master among this collection of teddy bears?

AN ADORABLE puppy has decided to hide from its owner among a massive collection of teddy bears. The owner had a hard time finding it because it got mixed up in her collection of stuffed animals. Can you spot the REAL dog? 5 A dog is hidden in the pile of teddy bears 5 Can […]

CM Punk and his dog Larry in the “Underdog to Wonderdog” promo

Photo by Robin Marchant / Getty Images for Queensbury Pictures / Dark Sky Films Professional wrestling fans are always curious about what CM Punk is up to. The former WWE Champion constantly attracts the attention of the wrestling world as fans hope to see him return to the ring. Today CM Punk is in the […]

Why a financial boost for the office that exposes Pennsylvania puppy mills has blocked again Spotlight PA

Featured sound system is an independent, non-partisan newsroom powered by The Philadelphia Inquirer in partnership with PennLive / The Patriot-News, TribLIVE / Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and WITF Public Media. Sign up for our free newsletters. HARRISBURG – Partisan divisions are hampering legislation to increase funding for the Pennsylvania office responsible for exposing puppy mills and dealing […]

Opening of a dog agility park in SM City Tarlac

The MALLING experience is now more enjoyable not only for “hoomans”, but also for dogs, as SM City Tarlac has opened its indoor Paw Park, a pet obstacle course for dogs for their essential exercise in as part of supervised socialization. Located on the lower ground floor near the SM food court, the paw park […]