2-year-old lab injured at Tampa-area dog daycare; the owner faces $ 8,700 in bills

BRANDON, Fla .– For dog owners, a return to work in person may involve finding a doggy day care center. But, these daycares carry risks. A pet owner whose dog was injured at a facility shared his story with ABC Action News’s Jackie Callaway.

Months after suffering a serious injury at the Brandon Puppy Palace, Cali, a chocolate lab, was still limping and wearing an orthopedic brace on his hind leg.

Cali’s owner Lisa Wysong said she dropped her puppy off at the facility on the morning of April 8, as she had done on several occasions over the past two years.

“I always took her there once or twice a month so she could swim in her pool,” Lisa said.

An hour after watching live video of Cali swimming, Lisa said the Brandon Puppy Palace called to say Cali was injured and needed to be picked up immediately.

Veterinary records indicate that the two-year-old dog suffered a laceration and possible tendon rupture that required surgery. In May, the cost of veterinary care, surgery and orthotics placed on the injured back leg exceeded $ 8,700.

Lisa said the owner of the Brandon Puppy Palace emailed her on May 18 about the situation. The email read: “We’re sorry this has happened, but our contract specifies that we are not responsible for veterinary bills related to injuries at our facility.”

The contract signed by the owner states: “I take and accept responsibility for the injury suffered by my dog ​​… I agree that BPP will not be held responsible for any injuries …” Lisa stated that the establishment had sent a reimbursement check for the unused daycare.

Becky Laplant, a former dog daycare manager, never worked at Brandon Puppy Palace. She warned all pet owners that they could have to pay vet bills, regardless of who is at fault if their puppy is injured.

“They should read what they are getting into by leaving their dogs in these facilities,” Laplant said.

So how did Cali get hurt? Brandon Puppy Palace owner George Conda did not respond to multiple calls and emails. ABC Action News’s Callaway shut down in June. An official told Jackie she couldn’t comment, but said Cali was injured as she and other dogs walked through an open door.

Laplant suggested that owners take a tour of the entire facility before dropping off their pets at a boarding house. The state does not regulate dog day care centers and neither does Hillsborough County. It is therefore up to the pet owners to verify the installation. Next, Lisa Wysong said she was heading for arbitration with the Brandon Puppy Palace, which cost her an additional $ 1,700.

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