2 dogs taken from home while owners slept

DENVER (KDVR) — A couple who rent a house in Wash Park woke up Saturday morning with their front door and backyard door open and their two large breed dogs missing.

“We went to the Nextdoor app to try and find them. We saw there was one at the shelter, so we went to get our car keys and realized our bags and wallets were missing. She ran down the street and saw the car was missing and that’s when we realized how bad it was,” said Chris Clark, whose dog was stolen.

Clark and his girlfriend, Elle Sample, realized someone had entered their home while they were sleeping. The couple said it was incredibly scary because their bedroom door was open and the suspect was walking through the house.

“She stole our dog while we were here. You can’t help but be mad at yourself for not hearing anything,” Sample said.

They found a dog – Mo an Anatolian Shepard at a local shelter in Denver on Saturday afternoon. But there were no leads on their 7-year-old German Shepard Shelby. At the time, the couple said they didn’t care about the stolen car or debit cards. They just wanted Shelby back.

“Cars and things are replaceable. I’ve had Shelby since she was a puppy,” Clark said.

The couple said they immediately filed a report with Denver police on Saturday, but received no update. In the meantime, Sample installed an app on his phone through Volkswagen to try to find the whereabouts of his car. She said the app was able to give her updates on the car.

“They could track the car in real time, but they couldn’t tell me,” Sample said.

The sample said Volkswagen was in contact with several law enforcement agencies.

The suspect is Victoria Adcock, 21. She is currently being held at Garden County Jail in Oshkosh, Neb, and her photo has yet to be released.

“I don’t think we could have found her without her,” Sample said.

It wasn’t until Sunday morning that Clark received an update that his credit card had been used at a Dollar General in Julesburg, Colorado. He called the store and the clerk confirmed that a woman had come in and shopped there and she had a German. Shepard with her.

“We thought, ‘Okay, yeah, that’s our dog,'” Clark said.

Hours later, Nebraska State Patrol contacted the couple and said they had their car with the suspected burglar.

“They had the car, the dog and the lady within an hour,” Clark said.

Following our interview on Sunday afternoon, the couple drove three hours one way to pick up Shelby. They said the car had dents and it had been ransacked. Shelby, the dog, smelled of cigarettes but she was fine.