Tips to save on the purchase of your plane ticket

Everyone likes to travel, but what they don’t like is to buy the ticket (if you chose a destination that is reached by plane) because it can be more expensive than normal.

However, there is a solution for everything!

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So here are some tricks that you can apply when you’re looking for the ticket for your next trip.

1. Choose low seasons: 

1. Choose low seasons: 

Planning a trip in advance is key to getting cheap tickets. Select a low season, that is, no Christmas, Easter or New Year because at that time it would be impossible to find very cheap flights.

2. Choose the best day to buy and travel: 

2. Choose the best day to buy and travel: 

The same trick, there are times when the tickets go up and others when they show you the cheapest ones. Some studies state that it is better to buy the tickets at least eight weeks in advance, that the best day to buy them is no longer Tuesday but Sunday and that it is better to travel on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday.

3. Purchase in incognito mode 

3. Purchase in incognito mode 

Select the “new window in incognito mode” option in your browser, as some airlines use your previous searches to show you more expensive tickets. Another thing you can do is clear your history before searching for your flight.

4. Use comparators 

Just as it is very important to compare financial products such as car insurance, housing loans, among others, it is also important to compare your flight, so that you see all the prices offered by the airlines. There are many available on the web.

5. Consider the scales 

In some cases, a direct flight is more expensive than one with stops, so it will be worth taking a little longer to reach your destination to save a considerable amount of money.

6. Consider nearby destinations 

If the place you want to go to is very expensive, try to choose a nearby city although not as popular. You will find that the ticket is cheaper and that you can then take a bus to the original destination. Mind you, you should compare the prices of the buses too, it will not end up being more expensive.

Finally, to finish taking advantage of the purchase, if you find the offer you were waiting for, do not miss it.