I’m missing money – What can I do

The washing machine breaks down, the car has to go to a workshop or an unexpected bill pops up by mail. These are just some of the unforeseen expenses you are missing out on, which can be difficult to guard against. For how do you get the money if you stand here and now lacking them?

Sell ​​the things you do not use

Sell ​​the things you do not use

If you are missing money here and now, a relatively quick way to scrape them together may be by selling things you have at home. Things that one does not immediately use or will lack. If there is some clothing that the children have grown out of, but which is really in good condition, or is there any electronics that are no longer used, then these are obvious things to try and sell.

Fortunately, today there is a tendency to buy 2nd hand, and many people are looking online for cheaper alternatives than buying things from new. In addition, there are several portals where you can sell things and where it is free to create sales ads.

If you do not stand short and lack the money now and then, you could possibly go a few pieces together to hold a flea market. Create ads that are set up in the neighborhood, attracting more people, thereby increasing the likelihood of having your items sold.

Take extra guards or find a temporary agency


If you are still missing the money for next month, another option might be to try and see if you can not get more hours at your current job. Investigate whether there is the opportunity to spend a few more hours during the week, or take weekend or night watches, to scrape together enough money.

If you have a job where you are not hourly, you can instead try to see if it should not be possible to enroll in a temporary agency. Many agencies lack employees who can be flexible with working hours and thereby work at night or at night. If only for a short period, this can be a good opportunity to get the necessary money together.

Borrow the money you need


A third option is to borrow the money you need. These can either be borrowed through your bank or a credit institution.

If the bank does not have the opportunity to lend you money, there are many places online that allow you to borrow the money quickly, and you will most often have them paid out on the same day.

These loans are usually a bit more expensive compared to a bank loan. Therefore, be aware of what you are signing and be sure that you can repay the loan within the agreed timeframe so that the loan will not be more expensive than initially calculated.

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Avoid missing money in the future

Avoid missing money in the future

Standing and missing money now and here is never nice, so it may be a good idea to guard against a similar situation in the future.

A rule of thumb is that you must at least have a savings equivalent to one month’s fixed expenses. That way, you can pay most of the bills that should come in the door, and you will not immediately be missing out on the unforeseen expenses.

If it can be difficult to see where the money for the savings should come from, then you can advantageously review your budget . See what is on fixed expenses and how you can. can cut down on them. If you have the big TV package, an expensive mobile subscription or if a lot of take away is purchased, these are obvious areas to cut back a little. If only a few hundred kroner can be spent from a month, it quickly adds up to a larger amount, in the longer term, which can guard one against the unforeseen expenses.