How to get together the everyday economy – share and borrow! | Loans

We know that it is not always easy to get together the everyday economy. Unforeseen events and expenses can leave painful holes in your wallet – in addition, Christmas is approaching! Do you think that November’s salary will be enough for Christmas gifts? It may be wise to start keeping your money and plan your finances so that your account doesn’t go blank in January. Here are our top tips on how to make the everyday economy go together with the help of smart solutions and friendly friends and neighbors!

Today’s rapid technological development has resulted in a large number of apps and services borrowing, renting and sharing your belongings with others emerging in the market. It has never been easier to save and make some extra money in everyday life!

Rent out your home


Do you have a trip planned, or do your parents have an extra bed on weekends? Rent your home for short periods at, for example, Airbnb to get some extra money for the monthly checkout. Just make sure you get your condominium association approval first

Join a car pool

Get rid of expensive car insurance – sell the car and join a car pool instead (such as Sunfleet or DriveNow) and rent a car per minute only when you really need it. Affordable and available!

Buy and sell used

Buy and sell used

Sell ​​what you don’t use and buy what you really need. Block and Tradera are gold mines, full of nice finds at really good prices. Create a watch for what you are looking for and contact the seller as soon as possible to increase the chances at a real cash price. Don’t forget to try to bargain!

Services and gene services


Get in the habit of borrowing and lending things to others, instead of buying new ones. Do you have a large suitcase that you do not use? Lend it to the neighbor! The next time you need an impact drill, it’s the same neighbor that lends to you. Smart and completely free! There are many good sites and apps that convey various gadgets between people in your area, such as Neighbors and Shared.

PS! Are you good at assembling IKEA furniture, sewing pants or carrying moving boxes? Once you get in touch with your neighbors, you can take the opportunity to offer them your services for a symbolic sum. A great way to collect a few extra hundred notes for the Christmas gift box. Every little helps!

If there is a crisis in the cash register before or after Christmas, you can consider the possibility of taking out a loan to get the economy together. Our new mortgage loan serves as a credit loan, with a credit limit of up to SEK 15,000. Remember that a loan is a short-term solution until your finances stabilize. Find out how much a loan would cost you, make a plan and include the cost in your monthly budget. Here you will find tips on apps that help you make up and stick to your budget.